Dinner with My Parents

After work, we went to dinner with my parents. We met them at Armstrong’s in Moon. I had a crazy day. It was just so busy, and I was trying to learn so much, and we had to mess with this TA/TF Allocation in the payroll spreadsheet, and then people didn’t have their signed letters in yet, and it was causing confusion. I was happy to get out of there and be on the bus. Drew was right. I just needed to get away from campus, and I would be better. Truthfully, I was much better.

At dinner, I really wanted a beer, but they don’t have a bar. I was shocked by that. Everyone has a bar! I ordered a pepsi, instead. When we sat down, my mom was asking me a bunch of questions. I said mom please it is been a really long day, let me just enjoy dinner and please don’t start. I just wasn’t in the mood for the inquisition. She had a look on her face, but I could tell she got my message loud and clear.

Dinner was so yummy. I had the baked ziti, wedding soup, and bread. I managed to eat half. I didn’t eat lunch today. I was so busy and just kind of forgot and wasn’t in the mood to eat, but damn did I eat at dinner. I took half the ziti home with me for lunch tomorrow.


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