At work, our work study’s last day was today, so Nancy brought in donuts. We had a donut party around 3:30pm. Everyone on my floor, came to my office area, and we gave Josh a card, and wished him farewell. Not everyone had a donut, but I did. I chose a light pink one with sprinkles. I shouldn’t have taken a donut. I had the rest of my ziti for lunch, but I couldn’t resist. My boss said I was the bubbliest one in the department. I even took the loudest donut. 🙂

After work, Andrew and I caught the bus, and then we went home. He said, that Zach cancelled on him for the video game conference, but he was going to go to dinner with his parents instead, they were going to the cafe. I was so bummed. I missed a cafe trip. I hate when that happens. I was jealous he got to go to the cafe. I had planned on having Anthony over, since Drew was supposed to be going to that video game thing, so I couldn’t break my plans with Anthony.

When Anthony came to our house, it was about 7:30pm, I hopped in his car, and we went to go pick up the Chinese food, and then to the wine store. He bought us boxed wine and I paid for his dinner. He got away cheap. When we got home, I got out some plates, poured the wine, and put the boxed wine in the fridge. We ate dinner, and watched Halloween. We made it through the first 15 minutes, then shut it off to bullshit, drink, and facebook live. We never make it through the whole movie, without talking and getting sidetracked.  We drank so much wine. I had probably about 7 glasses of wine, and so did he, maybe more.

When Andrew came home around 1:30am, he went to the movies with Zach to see Spiderman. I was glad he got to hang out with him, but I was happy to see him home. I was laying on the couch. A little tipsy off the wine. Anthony went home, and then we went upstairs to bed. I called my chiropractor and told him I was going to make it in tomorrow, and that I needed to cancel my appointment. All I wanted to do was sleep in for once.

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