A Day of Errands

This morning, when we woke up. We took our time and just had some coffee and breakfast. We wanted to take it slow. We had so much to do today, but we needed to wake up first. Around 11am, my parents came by and dropped off my Great Gatsby poster, that was delivered over the week. I was so glad to see it. I couldn’t wait to hang it in my office. The wall needs something on it.

When they left, we got showers and got ready to start the day. The first place we went to was Starbucks, we both got fraps. Then we went to the mall, and we got our rings cleaned, and he put down another payment for the ring that I want for my right hand. 🙂 then we went to Yankee Candle and browsed nothing exciting yet. Then we went to Victoria Secret, and I got a bra. I needed one so badly. The underwire in one of mine broke.

After the mall, we went to Ikea and got the slats for our bed. We had been wanting to get them for so long, but we just forgot about them. They are to go on top of the bed frame in a sense and give more support. Hopefully, this will make our brand new mattress a bit more firm. Ikea was packed. We both didn’t say much to each other while we were there, we were so annoyed with the number of people.

While he was in line, I went and got us 2 hot dogs for a dollar, bottled water, a drink for me, and a bag of chips for .75 cents. I figured let’s eat. We haven’t had anything since eggs in the morning. When he was done checking out, he looked annoyed at the lady in front of him. He told me she was taking forever, and there was something wrong with the register. I said, “I always pick the worse people to get behind.”

After we ate, we went to Target. We had to get Tricia and Ben a baby shower gift. We found three things on the registry, that we wanted to get them. We were walking down the aisles, and I noticed it was 400 for a breast pump! I was shocked. Drew said, Damn that is a lot of money. I said, “Maybe your insurance will cover it when it is time.” I didn’t realize how expensive they were.

After Target, we went grocery shopping, which wasn’t so bad. Then we went home, unloaded the car, and put the groceries away. Then we went out to dinner at Wings, Suds, and Spuds. It was yummy, but their prices have gone up. I know I may sound like a cheapskate in this entry. I am really not a cheapskate, but it was an expensive day. The food was good though. It had been a long time since we had been there, and it may be long before we got back.

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