Jim’s Cookout

Jim’s Cookout

This morning, we took our time getting ready. I made buffalo chicken dip again for Jim’s cookout today. After we got ready, we went to Kirklands first in Robinson Town Center. They had so many cute things for Fall. We bought a set of Halloween mugs that say, “Mr. Handsome Devil and Mrs. Wicked Witch.”

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I loved them. I blame his cousin Melissa for my love of Kirklands. We also saw this orange Pumpkin that had a white H on it. I said, we have to have this. I have been looking for this for our wedding. We have to get married again! We both laughed.
After Kirklands, we went to Bath and Body in the Town Center and looked for some fall soaps. They didn’t really have that big of a selection, so we bought two room refreshers. They are plug-ins both are houses. One is a fall house and  the other is a haunted house. they are so cute. Drew picked them out. He has good taste. We picked a few different scents, then we left.
When we got back home, we brought our purchases in and got ready to go to Jim’s. When we arrived at Jim’s, the party began, but I really wasn’t in the mood to be there. I was so tired from the long week. I just wanted to be home and on the couch.
For dinner, we had ribs, beans, potato salad, chips, and dip. Of course I filled up too much on the snacks before dinner. I didn’t really eat. I didn’t like the ribs, but I had one or two. I just wasn’t feeling it.
After dinner, we played whiffel ball. I think we won the game. I am not sure I can’t remember, that was fun. Of course we played cornhole too. I suck at cornhole, but I try. We stayed until 9:30, then it was time to go home and go to bed. We were tired.

Name Dropping

This morning, Linda walked into my office and said, you have been requested. I said, “I have been requested?” she said, “You have by Jacob Bacharch.” I said, “Oh?” She said, “Well Paula’s mom passed away and he asked if you would go over to Music this afternoon and watch the desk, while everyone attends the funeral.” I said, “Yes, I can do that if it is okay with you?” She said, “it is okay with me. I will let you know if that is what is going to happen.” He just said, “that you know the Music Department since you have worked there before.” I was flattered Jacob asked for me. He knows me!

After I spoke with Linda, I called Drew who took a personal day. I told him the news and he was happy for me and glad that Jacob knew he could count on me. I felt the same way.
Throughout the morning, I was wondering if I am going to get to go over to Music or not. Well it turns out that they didn’t need me to cover. They had someone in the building who could cover while the others went to the funeral. I was bummed, but still it is good news to be known.

At one point, I called Paula and offered her my condolences. I felt so bad for her. Her daughter answered the phone and I gave her my sympathies, she was so nice. She said she would let her mom know that I called, what a crazy day!

Sociology Grad Student Orientation

The day was finally upon us. I was hoping that I had all my stuff together. Yesterday, at 3pm, I realized that I forgot to give the Pizza place a day’s notice about lunch for today. I called them yesterday placed the order and it should be here by 12pm today we will see.
Around 9:30am, I went into the conference with Melanie to help her set up for today. I took the binders with me. For a minute there, we thought that no one was coming. I did take the holds off of two accounts, so perhaps maybe I should have done that, but they came to see me early, proactively and they already had their binders. I thought they weren’t coming.
Finally, they all showed up, except for Natalia. Natalia was due in tomorrow, but that is okay when she came to see me, I would lift her hold and give her, her binder. All will be well. After Melanie, went over the binder, and the role she plays along with everyone else’s role. We were able to go into the conference room. I went to set up the conference room while Melanie was talking. I was worried the pizza wasn’t going to get here on time. At around 12:15pm, I got a phone call from the Pizza place and they were having trouble finding out office. I had to go outside and guide him up. It was annoying.
Everyone was excited when I walked into the conference room with the pizza. I set down the pizza and opened the boxes.  Everyone started grabbing slices left and right. I opened the salads and set the bread sticks on a plate. When everyone else got settled, I got a couple slices and sat down. We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and the various types of faculty and their studies. It was nice.
After the pizza lunch, we had part two of the orientation, Chris from the library was coming in to talk to us about what the library had to offer by means of research. It was very informative. Around 3pm, I had to go to People Soft Financials training. I was hoping this was going to be how to use People Soft, not the financial part. When I finally found the conference room, and walked in they were just about to get started. However, I noticed a familiar face. It was the guy from Heinz Chapel that I met in the rain. The one that was telling me about the patients from Western Psych. He must have been hired on, in the position he was temping for. He looked at me, but wasn’t sure if he recognized me. You know that look like this person might be familiar, but I am not sure.
Well when the training got underway, it was about the financial side of Peoplesoft. I thought to myself, what? I don’t need access to this. I don’t deal with fiances, weird. What am I doing here? The first part wrapped up and then there was going to be second part, but he looked at the confused attendees and asked, “How many of you don’t think you need access to this?” I raised my hand and so did a few other people, including the man that I met in the rain. He said, “Alright well you can go if you want, but you have the packet that tells you how to do it, if you by chance do need it.”
So I left. I walked out into the hallway and so did the man from the rain. He turned to me and asked me if I was the girl who worked at Heinz Chapel? I said, “Yes, we met in the rain, congrats!” He said, “Thank you, but it’s not the position that I temped for.” I said, “Oh?” He said, “Yeah, it’s different, but sort of in the same department.” I said, “Very cool.” He said, “I knew you were that cute girl that I saw in the rain.” I smiled and said, “thank you.” I will admit I was flattered.  I know I shouldn’t be flirting but I was curious. It wasn’t like we had sex or kissed. It was just conversation. I didn’t even remember his name. I did hear him say his name in training. He congratulated me on my job and he asked how it was going. I told him it was going well there is so much to learn. I am just glad to be full-time at Pitt. He agreed.
When I arrived to the corner, he was going to wait for the bus and I was going to walk to my building. He was like well I will see you around then. I said, “Yea, see you around.” I walked away towards my building. I turned to look back at him. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. He was watching me. I smiled and so did he. I turned my head and kept walking. I kept saying don’t turn around, but I did.
That evening, I went to the Dietrich Arts and Science’s Happy Hour on the roof top of the UClub. I sat with Gene, Jessica, Andrew from IT, and another IT guy. I saw Pam the woman that I interviewed with at Theatre Arts, and who didn’t offer me the position, because she didn’t like me. I went up and said hi to her. I want to be the bigger person. She was surprised to see me I think. I saw Pat from Heinz Chapel. She and I talked for a bit. I saw Amy Janocha, she gave me a hug and was glad to see me. I also talked to Jacob Bacharach, who I met on my interview at Theatre arts. He welcomed me into the Department and was glad to have me. I was so happy he knows who I am. Nancy eventually joined the Happy Hour. I stayed for awhile after she arrived, but I was ready to get home. It was such a long day.

Staff Picnic & Thoughts of Grad School

This morning, I had a meeting with Erica in the School of Education. They are housed in the same building as Sociology. I just had to find their offices. Once, I walked into the office I told them who I was here to see, and took a seat. Erica came into the lobby and greeted me. We went back to her office, and I took a seat. She said, “So tell me a little bit about your background.” I told her about how I went to RMU for my bachelors in English, and I have my BA.  I told her about the temp pool at Pitt and where I am now. I also told her what I was interested in studying, Higher Education Management.
Additionally, she told me that she was in the same program and that she loves it. She said, she is finishing up soon, but the first semester is a bit dry, but once you get through your first semester, then you will do fine. I thought that was good to hear that she was being honest. She gave me some pointers and told me that in order for me to be considered for January of next year. I would have to get my application in by November 1st. She gave me a print out of the courses I could take. I was excited and nervous at the same time.
When I left the meeting and got back to my office, I put the papers in a file folder and put them in my bag.  I didn’t want to say too much to anyone, because I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but I was excited and so was Drew. I started the application online. I had no clue what I wanted to say in my Career Statement.  I had to think about it.
Around 11:30am, I heated up my buffalo chicken dip and went outside where the picnic was going to be held. I put my dip on the table along with the chips that I brought, and helped the ladies decorate the tables.

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When everyone arrived and the picnic got under way, Linda gave a speech, then we went and got food. I sat a table with Patty, Nicolette, Denise, Jessica, and Wynn. After we ate, Linda made another speech and gave Nicolette and I plastic pink flamingos that we could put our drinks in. It was so nice of Linda.
Then, we all went on a hunt to find solar eclipse glasses. The Hilman library had them, but wasn’t giving them out until 2pm. We went back to the office after trying everywhere, and then when it was time for the eclipse to happen, Nancy and I went up to Political Science, because Nancy M had glasses. We could see it from the conference room window with the glasses. It was alright, but nothing noteworthy and exciting.

Olivia & Izzy’s Birthday

Around 2:45pm, we arrived at Olivia and Izzy’s Birthday Party. The party was being held at my cousin Amanda’s house. We have been there once before. Last time we were there the backyard was torn up, and they were installing a french drain. The backyard is a back yard again. They had a bouncy house for the children. It was cool. It is nice to see my family all under one roof again and tolerating each other. It warms my heart a little.

At one point it started to rain, so everyone came inside. The house was crawling with children it was like daycare. There were snacks, veggies, and dip. Dinner was chicken nuggets for the kids, a chicken dish, and veggies for adults.

I love seeing my little cousins. I snap chatted with Olivia who is obsessed with the puppy dog face. It was cute. The children all wanted me to Snapchat with them and put the filters on for them. It made them happy. After the party was over, we went home and just relaxed and watched Entourage in the quiet of our house.

1-Month Review

This morning, I had my 1-month review with Linda. I was so nervous. I knew it was going to be okay, because I am still learning, and etc. I was anxious to see what all she was going to say.
When it was time for my review, I walked into her office, took a seat, and shut the door. She said, “Well you have been here for 1-month now..” I nodded my head and said, “yes, I have.” She said, “How is it going?” I said, “I feel like it is going well. I am finding that everyone is really welcoming, ready to help me, and etc.” She said, “Good. Well I haven’t heard anything bad about you. When I asked Phyllis, and Nancy they said you were getting along well, and doing a great job.” I said, “That is great news.”
Then she said, “Yes it is. I believe you are going to go far here at Pitt. You remind me of myself 20-30 years ago, so fresh and new, but I had to learn how to control my bubbly personality.” I nodded my head and smiled. I knew what she was saying. It is nothing I haven’t heard before. I have a bubbly personality, and it can sometimes come off too much, and it is often times borderline unprofessional. I am working on it, but it takes time and practice. I am not just saying that because I am not in a rush to fix it. I am saying this because it is how I have always been and never had to fix it, or had a chance to work on it professionally, but now is my chance and it is something I am working on.
After the review, when I got up to leave she said, “thank you for working hard and doing a good job.” I smiled and said, “You are welcome.” I left that review on such a high. I had to get ready to go to lunch with Frank. I was running a bit behind.
When I finally got to the Porch to meet Frank, I was still on a happy trip from my review. We ordered our food, and sat in a booth. I always get the grilled cheese and all he eats are chicken Cesar salads. We talked about Paula, Ora, the Jazz Seminar, and how he feels about the position since he has been in it now for almost a year. I can’t believe it has been a year since I was at the Music Department. Damn where did the time go?
When we left the Porch, we promised to make this a monthly thing. I think it is good to get together and give him an outlet to speak freely and clearly about all that he is going through. I doubt he will go to Paula for anything, so I am keeping communication open. There are some parts of me that miss Music and there are other parts of me that are so happy that I am gone, and I can meet up with Paula whenever outside of working together. Overall, it was a good day.

Myers Briggs

Earlier in the week, I had to take an online Myers Briggs test. I had taken the test when I was a teenager in high school. I think it is a very cool test.  Once we finished the test, we had to schedule a meeting with a woman in the Dean’s office to go over our results. I sort of already knew what I was. I knew that I was an “E.” I was curious to see whether or not the other acronyms were going to change.
At the meeting, Nicolette was there as well. She and I are were the two new hires for the department, and we are becoming really good friends. It is nice to have a friend at work. The entire time during the meeting we were anxiously awaiting our results.  We had to hear  about the history of the Myers Briggs and go over the background, etc.
Finally, we were able to get our results. I am ENFJ; Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. I am not surprised. I think this may be what I was back in high school. She said, Myers Briggs results typically don’t change over time.
Another cool thing, is that since I am extroverted, I receive my energy from other people around me. I thrive on the energy people give off, no surprise there.  Intuition, I tend to trust interrelationships and theories. I have always been told that I am a very intuitive person. Feeling, I tend to make decisions considering the person’s values. I do try to consider how the other person may feel. However, sometimes when I speak it is like a knee jerk reaction. I just say WHATEVER I am feeling; good, bad, or indifferent. Judging, I love this one. I tend to be organized, orderly, and make decisions quickly. Yes! Nicolette and I had to laugh, because we thought “Judging” meant like one judges people quickly. Well I do that too, but this was a different type of judging. I do make decisions quickly. I am pretty quick to jump the gun. However, I do love to judge people and people watch, so I guess for me it goes both ways.
At the end of the meeting, we had to schedule another session to discuss how we can effectively work well, considering our types. I was looking forward to that meeting. When we left the meeting, we wandered around the Cathedral. We both were allowed to go home after, so we wandered up to the 36th floor to check out the view. I have never been up there before. Nicollette is from Ohio, so I know she hasn’t seen the view. It was cool to show her the different buildings that we could see up there. She took some pictures, then we took the elevator down. I got off at the 7th floor to see Drew. I planned on bothering him until it was time to go home.
When I arrived at his cube, I told him about the Myers Briggs test. He knew my results were so spot on. He is an I, but he is still sociable, so he does border a bit, but I am more of an “E” than he is. It is hilarious how accurate my results are.