My Thoughts on Charlottesville, VA

When I first heard about what happened in Charlottesville, VA. It made me sick. I am so sick of the media. I am sick of the whining in this country, the bullshit. The cry rooms. I am sick of people thinking they need to be coddled, so I made a Facebook status. I never really like to post anything on Facebook that has to do with politics, because I am a Republican; the few and the proud. Also, I just don’t want to get into it with anyone, because it never does any good, but I did post something. I said something to the effect that I am saddened by what happened in Charlottesville, VA. The statue should have stayed. I am a nationalist that is for Historical Preservation. I stand by America and the history of our country, the good, the bad, the ugly. I put an American flag emoji and peace sign.
Throughout the evening, Andrew and I monitored the coverage on Fox News, and on CNN. Sometimes it is interesting to see what the other side is saying, but the media is terrible on both sides. Basically, if you are a nationalist then it’s a bad thing, and that makes you a white supremacist. Not true at all. They are not the same thing. The media wants the fight to ensure and continue on and on between both sides.

However, the way I understand the protest is this; the announcement was made to the public in Charlottesville that the statue of Robert E Lee would be taken down on such and such a date. Okay, so the people, who are not for this came together to protest. Now not all these people were not the Ult-Right People or white supremacists. They were Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. However, when you make something widely known, like a planned protest, and you open it up to the public be prepared for the extremists to start wanting to be involved in an extreme way. Now I am not saying don’t protest because then the extremists will get wind and do extreme things. I am saying that if you are planning to protest then be prepared for all that comes with it.

On the topic of the statue, yes Robert E Lee was a southerner who fought to keep the southern ideals alive, and one of them was slavery. Now slavery in any form is wrong. I am not condoning slavery. Slavery is part of history, not just here, but in the United Kingdom, as well. We can go all the way back to the Egyptians and tombs. Slaves built the pyramids, but yet they still stand? We cannot erase history no matter how painful it is.

The Holocaust was a terrible event that occurred, but yet we still have a museum dedicated to the Holocaust and it is a call to action and a symbol of what can happen if we let hate consume our minds. You can’t just go shutting down museums like the Holocaust museum, and tearing down statues, just because they make YOU feel uncomfortable. I am sorry but don’t look at them, and if they make YOU feel uncomfortable, then move, don’t look at them, or strive to become better than the man on the statue, or the man and men behind the Holocaust.

America has such a long way to go. We are a country of whiners, and cry, babies. It is sad. We used to be so badass, now we are a joke to so many people. As a nation, we need to wake up. We are going to rot from the inside out. How can we become a better nation? If we can’t keep it together in our states?

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