Myers Briggs

Earlier in the week, I had to take an online Myers Briggs test. I had taken the test when I was a teenager in high school. I think it is a very cool test.  Once we finished the test, we had to schedule a meeting with a woman in the Dean’s office to go over our results. I sort of already knew what I was. I knew that I was an “E.” I was curious to see whether or not the other acronyms were going to change.
At the meeting, Nicolette was there as well. She and I are were the two new hires for the department, and we are becoming really good friends. It is nice to have a friend at work. The entire time during the meeting we were anxiously awaiting our results.  We had to hear  about the history of the Myers Briggs and go over the background, etc.
Finally, we were able to get our results. I am ENFJ; Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. I am not surprised. I think this may be what I was back in high school. She said, Myers Briggs results typically don’t change over time.
Another cool thing, is that since I am extroverted, I receive my energy from other people around me. I thrive on the energy people give off, no surprise there.  Intuition, I tend to trust interrelationships and theories. I have always been told that I am a very intuitive person. Feeling, I tend to make decisions considering the person’s values. I do try to consider how the other person may feel. However, sometimes when I speak it is like a knee jerk reaction. I just say WHATEVER I am feeling; good, bad, or indifferent. Judging, I love this one. I tend to be organized, orderly, and make decisions quickly. Yes! Nicolette and I had to laugh, because we thought “Judging” meant like one judges people quickly. Well I do that too, but this was a different type of judging. I do make decisions quickly. I am pretty quick to jump the gun. However, I do love to judge people and people watch, so I guess for me it goes both ways.
At the end of the meeting, we had to schedule another session to discuss how we can effectively work well, considering our types. I was looking forward to that meeting. When we left the meeting, we wandered around the Cathedral. We both were allowed to go home after, so we wandered up to the 36th floor to check out the view. I have never been up there before. Nicollette is from Ohio, so I know she hasn’t seen the view. It was cool to show her the different buildings that we could see up there. She took some pictures, then we took the elevator down. I got off at the 7th floor to see Drew. I planned on bothering him until it was time to go home.
When I arrived at his cube, I told him about the Myers Briggs test. He knew my results were so spot on. He is an I, but he is still sociable, so he does border a bit, but I am more of an “E” than he is. It is hilarious how accurate my results are.

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