Olivia & Izzy’s Birthday

Around 2:45pm, we arrived at Olivia and Izzy’s Birthday Party. The party was being held at my cousin Amanda’s house. We have been there once before. Last time we were there the backyard was torn up, and they were installing a french drain. The backyard is a back yard again. They had a bouncy house for the children. It was cool. It is nice to see my family all under one roof again and tolerating each other. It warms my heart a little.

At one point it started to rain, so everyone came inside. The house was crawling with children it was like daycare. There were snacks, veggies, and dip. Dinner was chicken nuggets for the kids, a chicken dish, and veggies for adults.

I love seeing my little cousins. I snap chatted with Olivia who is obsessed with the puppy dog face. It was cute. The children all wanted me to Snapchat with them and put the filters on for them. It made them happy. After the party was over, we went home and just relaxed and watched Entourage in the quiet of our house.

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