Name Dropping

This morning, Linda walked into my office and said, you have been requested. I said, “I have been requested?” she said, “You have by Jacob Bacharch.” I said, “Oh?” She said, “Well Paula’s mom passed away and he asked if you would go over to Music this afternoon and watch the desk, while everyone attends the funeral.” I said, “Yes, I can do that if it is okay with you?” She said, “it is okay with me. I will let you know if that is what is going to happen.” He just said, “that you know the Music Department since you have worked there before.” I was flattered Jacob asked for me. He knows me!

After I spoke with Linda, I called Drew who took a personal day. I told him the news and he was happy for me and glad that Jacob knew he could count on me. I felt the same way.
Throughout the morning, I was wondering if I am going to get to go over to Music or not. Well it turns out that they didn’t need me to cover. They had someone in the building who could cover while the others went to the funeral. I was bummed, but still it is good news to be known.

At one point, I called Paula and offered her my condolences. I felt so bad for her. Her daughter answered the phone and I gave her my sympathies, she was so nice. She said she would let her mom know that I called, what a crazy day!

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