Coffee with My Mentor/Spring Courses

Finally Friday! around 11am, I met with my mentor, Jessica. She was assigned to mentor me in my job, if I were to need to talk about anything, or if I was stressed. This mentor-ship is a new thing that Linda is trying out with Nicollette and I since we are the new hires. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it’s okay.

Jess met me at my office, and we walked to Starbucks for coffee. We talked about my shingles, how I have been under a little bit of stress, my new office plans, and the job. We talked about how things are going for her, our plans for the weekend. She also told me about this 1 credit course that Freshman are required to take. It is an information session for Arts and Sciences. She said, she teaches this class once a week and gets paid $1,000. I said that is so cool! She said she would send me the e-mail regarding it, so I can apply for it in January.  I thought that was pretty exciting and good for my resume!

When I got back to my office, I got the e-mail regarding Spring Courses. The final proofs are up and we have until next Wednesday to submit any changes, so I pulled out the proofs that we had as rough drafts, and I went through and made sure each class was correct and the way we wanted it regarding times, classes, and locations. I found 2 errors that I needed to submit. I got the changes faxed over to registrar and I felt so accomplished. I was on a high. I had a huge relief off my shoulders when that was finished, but little did I know I wasn’t exactly finished.

After work, Drew and I made tacos for dinner and I told him about the A&S instructors position and he thought that would be pretty cool and supports me doing it. I said $1,000 extra dollars! Then we watched the movie My Cousin Rachel. It is a British movie, so you know I love British movies! It was a murder mystery type movie, as well. I was falling asleep. I am so tired from the week. I just wanted to go to bed. We decided to finish the movie tomorrow.

Long Painful Weekend

Even though, I had shingles we still had to dog sit for my parents. On Saturday, I cancelled my Dr. Bailey appointment, I just wanted to lay low. When we woke up around 10am, we made breakfast and took it easy. I wanted to get out for a little bit today, and go to the Hop House for dinner like we planned, but I was in pain. I did some laundry, and we watched a little of the Pitt game, but it was hard, because every so often the dogs needed to go out. I was getting frustrated with Drew during the Pitt game. He wasn’t really helping as much as he said he would. I am a control freak, but I was hurting. I sort of knew this was going to be the case, but the dogs really don’t respond to him and listen to him quite like they do me, and my dad. I think they can sense that he isn’t too crazy about them.
After we got ready, we went to the mall and put a payment down on my ring. Then, we went to Penney’s and he bought some button ups, and then we went back to my parents. It was almost a little too much for me. I needed to rest some more before going to dinner.
When we got home, we took the dogs out, hung out with them, and fed them. Then we got ready to go to the Hop House for dinner. I am not sure if it was just my subconscious but my stomach was starting to itch. I was hoping the shingles weren’t’ spreading. The enter time we were at dinner, I was conscious of the itch and a little bit of pain in my groin. I couldn’t wait for this to be over with, but it could be so much worse. It was the first time in a long time that I sat at a bar and sipped pop. I missed the taste of beer.
After dinner, we went home to the dogs and let them out one more time, and then I laid on the couch with them and we watched Entourage. I had to be conscious of the dogs laying on me, if they walked on me, it hurt, but once they got comfortable and we were laying down it was okay. Drew got up to move them, he can be a little rough when he is frustrated. I told him it was okay. I love my dogs, but tomorrow we were going home I couldn’t wait.
Today, we got all packed up in the morning, and he packed up our cars, and I double checked the house. I was glad to be going home. I just wanted to be in my house. I fed the dogs breakfast, and took the dogs out before we left. Then we were on our way home.
When we got home, he brought the stuff from the cars into the house, and I carried it up stairs. I took the dirty laundry downstairs and put a load in, so much for doing laundry at my parents, when I still had laundry to do at home. I wasn’t in so much pain today, but it was still there, and the bumps were turning into blisters and it was just a matter of them to dry up and heal.
After we brought everything in, I took a shower and then laid on the couch. I had a pair of Drew’s old basket ball shorts on, they were loose and comfortable. I watched Outlander, while he went to the gym. I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym too. I missed it. These shingles were really knocking me on my ass. After Outlander, I fell asleep a little, then I got a call from Drew. He said, that his parents were coming over they had food for us, but he didn’t know what time they were coming over. I said, okay I just want to be decent when they arrive. He understood.  I wasn’t decent.
Around 3pm, I went upstairs, to get a shower. I wanted to do my hair and my make up and look cute. I put on leggings and a Steelers shirt. I turned the game on and waited for his parents to come over. When Drew came home with the groceries, I helped him put them away. He said, “Babe, you look beautiful.” I said, “Thank you, I was tired of looking like a slob.” He said, “You have shingles baby.” I said, “I know, but I want to look cute and put together for you.” He smiled, and said, “You always look cute, Bub.” He was so sweet and does take such good care of me, even though I get frustrated with him.
When we were putting away groceries, he said that he wanted to get me flowers, but he didn’t have enough hands to carry everything. I smiled and said, that was so sweet baby, and thank you for the thought. I really am so lucky to have him
While we waited for his parents to arrive, we watched the Steelers game, until we heard our doorbell ring. I got up and answered the door. His Dad came in with his hands full of things for us. He asked how I was feeling? I said, “better, but still some pain.” He said, “When my daughter-in-law hurts, I hurt.” I smiled. He told us that he brought a roast, a whole rotisserie chicken, two containers of a shrimp dip he made, guacamole, and chips. I felt so touched. It was so nice of them. I put the roast in the oven, and we visited with them for awhile.
Then when they left, it was just us. We knew the roast was going to take awhile, so we just hung out until dinner was ready. It was a long weekend, but we got through it together. I was semi ready for another week ahead.

Shingles…They Suck

This morning, I got up around 6:45am. I got a shower, and finished getting packed to go to my parents. I was not looking forward to going to the gyno. It is never a good time. When I arrived to the gyno, It took so long to be seen. I had an 8am appointment it was almost 8:30am, when the doctor came in to the room.
Before she examined me, she asked me my pain level. I said, “9.” She said, if it is a 9 how are you sitting up? I said, “Because this position is comfortable for me. It hurts when I lay on my right side, but not my left, and not when I am on my back. She said, “Okay.” I said, “I think I might be ovulating, but I cant be because, I have a week until my cycle.” She said, “Well you are here, for me to tell you what it is wrong. I am the doctor. Lay back for me, and we are going to keep these muscles relaxed, so legs straight.” she helped me take my feet out of the stirrups and I straightened out my legs flat.
When she lifted up the thin sheet that was covering me, she saw the red rashes on only the right side of my groin. She was like wow, look at the rashes and they are only on the one side. She started to gently press her fingers in the surrounding areas, and it was so painful. She said, “I am so sorry. I know you are in a lot of pain. You have shingles.” I said, “really?” she said, “Yes, do you have rashes all the way down?” I said, “I don’t think so.” she examined the other side of me, and under my legs. Then she covered me back up, then she said, “We are going to get you better. I am going to send some scripts to the pharmacy for you.” She helped me up and then she said, “If you want to go to work, you can go to work, or I can write you an excuse to stay home.” I said, “No I need to go to work, should I go to work?” She said, “Well doctors go to work every day, even if we have an IV in our back.” I said, “Okay, I will go to work.” She helped me sit up, and when she left the room, I got dressed and called my mom.
When my mom heard the news, she started to cry. She said, I feel so bad for you. I am so sorry. I wish I could be there for you. When I left the doctors, I got in my car and called Drew. He was shocked at the news as well. I drove to Starbucks and got a PSL. I needed it. I called Nancy, when I was driving to to Crafton, she felt so bad for me. She asked, if i still wanted to come in, and I said, “Yes. I am on my way.”
When I parked my car and got on the g2 into town. It hurt so bad to walk. I was fighting back tears, but pain is a sign that I am human, right? When I got on the 61 to Oakland, it took forever to get to Pitt. I should have stayed home, but I didn’t want to miss work. I was hoping for a relaxing day. I got most things that I needed to get done, yesterday.
When I arrived in Oakland, I got off the bus and walked into my building. I said, hi to Nancy. She told me that I need to not stress myself out, that shingles can spread if I don’t get them under control. I don’t want them to spread, this sucks. I then went into my office. I chatted with the work study for bit. I was hoping for no tasks today.

Presently, I am trying to make it through. I have cancelled our plans for the weekend, and I am just going to chill. I need to get through this. The pain sucks. I can’t wait to start the medicine this evening. I can’t wait to see my dogs. I am hoping 4:30pm comes around quickly

Geri Allen’s Memorial Service

When I left work today, I walked over to Heinz Chapel. There was going to be a Memorial for Geri Allen. I battled with idea of going. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know her like everyone else knew her, and I saw a different side of her, but I told Paula I would meet her there. She and I were in the same boat, about our feelings for her. I was glad that I wasn’t alone.
When I arrived at the chapel, I was handed a program with her picture on it, and the picture of her in front of her piano was blown up and sitting on a stand, as soon as you walked in. There she was the woman, who frustrated me when she wouldn’t answer her phone, so I could get answer to move forward with a project, or a task. There she was the woman, who didn’t meet me on my first day, except for two seconds by a parking meter, after a meeting that I didn’t know was still on or not. There she was the woman, who encouraged me to apply for the position full-time, but didn’t chose me anyways. I walked past her picture, and down the left side of the right aisle, I saw Paula. I slide in to the pew next to her. She squeezed my hand. I could tell this was difficult for her too.
Before, I arrived I saw the Chancellor speak on the live stream, Dean Blee’s speech, and then Irene play one of Geri’s songs on the piano, but I missed Aiden’s cello song, and I walked right in the middle of Michael Heller’s speech. His speech was nice. Then Deane Root spoke, the chair of the music department. He called to mind the people that were in touch with Geri, and who have worked with Geri during her many projects. How she was dedicated to the students and wanted more for them, and more opportunities for them.
After the chair’s speech, Geri’s brother made a speech and gave us updates about Geri. He said something to the effect that, this is the last time that he will participate in any memorial for her, because he is trying to move on, and is tired of crying. I was touched by his speech, but I couldn’t ignore how conflicted my feelings were for her. I can’t help but feel so differently. I can’t ignore it. I don’t know.
After two jazz songs, people got up to leave. Members from the jazz committee recognized me and gave me a hug and asked how I was doing. I even spoke to Gail Austin for a moment. She gave me a hug and was glad to see me. I was missed, respected, and liked. This position just wasn’t meant for me and I am at peace with that decision. It took me a while to get here. I am glad Frank is in this position.
When we were on our way outside, I approached Dean Blee. She remembered me from the Sociology department. I shook her hand, and reintroduced myself. I introduced Andrew to the Dean. We chatted for a bit about Geri and how I came from the Music Department, and how I was temping. She didn’t realize I came from Music, and was glad that I approached her. She is a sweet woman.
On our way home, I was having severe pains in my groin. I have had a rash there for a couple weeks. I thought it was razor burn, or ingrown hairs. I made a gyno appointment for tomorrow morning. I called them this afternoon. I was concerned. I thought maybe I was ovulating, but that typically happens after my period. I was so confused and in a bit of pain. When we got home, I got a shower, and put some chicken in the oven. I didn’t have much of an appetite. I was nervous for what the gyno was going to say in the morning.

Counting Crows & Matchbox 20

After work today, I met Anthony in downtown. He was going to drive us out to Keybank Pavilion.  I was excited for the concert. It took us a while to get from Downtown to KeyBank. Once we got to KeyBank, the drive to a parking spot was bumper to bumper. I didn’t care about the opener, but I didn’t want to miss the first act, which was the Counting Crows.
When we finally got parked and showed the event staff our tickets, we grabbed Chickie and Pete’s crab fries. I never had them before. They were so good. We shared them and ended up getting another one. I bought nachos and a drink. The nachos were horrible and the cheese was cold. The fries were better.
While we were in line, we heard Counting Crows startup. I went up the lawn and took a seat and waited for Anthony. The lead singer of the Crows looks the same pretty much a bit older and bit fatter, but still sounds the same. When Anthony approached me, he had me hold the fries, while he laid the towels down. I was excited to just chill at a concert. I haven’t done that, ever. This was going to be a chill concert. The Crows played all their hits; Omaha, Colorblind, Mr. Jones, Rain King, Big Yellow Taxi, etc. They played some I wasn’t familiar with, but it was good to hear them live.
After their set, we got ready for Matchbox 20. We met up with Shelley and Rebecca. I went to high school with Rebecca. She was in my ex’s class. It was weird to see her at first because she knew me when I was with Bryan, and it is weird for me a little, but it was good to see her and hang out with Shelley. Shelley and Anthony are so funny.
When Matchbox 20 came on, they referenced Starlake. KeyBank Pavilion used to be Starlake, so it is cool that he referenced it and still calls it Starlake. I am sure everyone does. They played all their hits too, and a few new songs, but my favorite was seeing and hearing them play, “Push.” I remember that music video coming out in ’96 or ’97. I saw it on vh1 when it first came out. I loved it then. Rob Thomas is still good looking.
After they played 3am, we left and got a head start on getting out of the parking lot. They had two more songs left to play in their encore, and we didn’t care about them. We made it out the parking lot by 11:00pm. It was awesome!
On the way home, we played Spice Girls and sang at the top of our lungs like always. Then we played the Burlesque soundtrack. He dropped me off around 11:30pm. I hugged him goodbye and thanked him. I was going to be so tired in the morning.

Nose Piercing

This morning, we took it easy and relaxed. We took our time getting ready.  We went to the chiropractor for a 9am appointment. He said he wants to see me next weekend. My neck is really out of place, great.
Around 11:30am, I was down in the basement doing laundry, and Andrew was out taking the trash. My parents came over. My mom called out, “Dan it is us. We are here.” I said, “I am in the basement.” She said, “the door was open, so we just came in.”  I went upstairs and said, “that’s okay, I was doing laundry.” she said, “No problem. We saw Drew outside.” He came inside at this point and handed me an envelope from Pitt’s Childcare Center. I forgot I talked with them this week. He asked if, he could just put it upstairs. I said, “yes, please.” He went upstairs, with the mail and then came back down.
When it was time to leave, we all went in Drew’s car to Up in Arms, which is a Tattoo shop. As part of my 30th birthday present, I was getting my nose pierced again. I was so excited. I don’t know don’t ask me why, but I love the thrill of a needle. It is an adrenaline rush.
When we arrived at the tattoo shop, I told the woman I was here for a nose piercing. She said, come on back. She told the piercer what I was here for, and he came back into the room. They had me sit on this table, and fill out some forms on his iPad. I told him I had it pierced before and I would like it done in the same hole, as the previous one. Drew came back to the room to watch.
After I was done filling out the forms, he wiped my nose down with an alcohol wipe and marked the spot where he was going to pierce me and had me lay down. Then he put his surgical mask on, and washed his hands, and put some gloves on, and then he took the needle. I closed my eyes, and he said, “alright take a deep breath for me.” I felt the needle go in, and out. He then put the nose stud in my nose. There was a bunch of pressure, no pain, just pressure. It made my eyes water. It was normal. After he put the stud in, he had to tighten it inside my nose. He put his finger inside my nose in order to tighten it. It was sensitive, but it was back! I was so excited.
When we left the tattoo shop, we went to Eat n Park for breakfast/lunch. My parents loved my nose stud. I am so glad to have it back in. I love it. I was wondering what work was going to say, but I didn’t think they were going to say anything really, or even notice, because it is a University, and they are pretty laid back about this stuff.
After lunch, we went back to our house, and my parents got in their car to go let the dogs out and feed them. They were coming back over for the Pitt game later. Andrew and I vacuumed and finished laundry. It was nice to have some alone time. We also, went to the store to pick up the ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip. My dad requested it. We also had spinach dip left over from the Sociology welcoming event that we had at work.
When we got back home, I made the dip but waited to put it in the oven until closer to them arriving. They got there during the last half of the 1st quarter. Pitt didn’t look so good. This was a huge game. If they were going to lose, I knew Drew was going to be in a bad mood. Well, Pitt did lose, but it was nice to have my family over for the game.

After my parents left, we got the house back to normal, and then went to Home Depot to order our sliding glass door and skylights. Then we went to Giant Eagle: Market District and did some grocery shopping for the week, and to drop our dry cleaning off. Drew didn’t seem in that good of a mood. I wonder if we were both tired.

Date Night

Finally, Friday arrived, and it was much cooler outside. Autumn is vastly approaching.  I am excited for fall leaves, cooler weather, haunted house, pumpkins, etc. I didn’t think it was going to be this cool outside, so I didn’t bother to wear a jacket, but I had long sleeves. It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend, which meant a long weekend!

At lunch, I went to the Hillman library to pick up a book I had ordered it, it’s titled Tulip Fever. The movie is coming out today, but until there is a stream up on our Firestick, I will read the book.  After I left the Hillman, I went to the Carnegie Library with Nicollete. My stomach was off ever since I had a macchiato this morning, so I just sat with her in the library while she had coffee. When she left to go back to the office, I browsed the books a bit. I asked if I could be put on the list for the Outlander series books 3 and 4 Voyager & Drums of Autumn. I read them before, but then I got away from the series, but I want to finish it and try to refresh my memory. The new season is starting on Sunday! I can’t wait!
Unfortunately, we didn’t get out early at all for the Holiday weekend. It was a long day! That evening, Drew and I went to the Industry Pub for dinner. We had a coupon for a free appetizer, so we got the huge soft pretzel. I tried this new beer called Trick or Treat. It was a Vanilla porter beer, so good, but so filling. At dinner, we talked about Grad school, parenting, family planning, no subjects were off the table.
When we left dinner, I was a little buzzed, but when we got home we ran into our neighbor Anita, who bitched about the same things as she always does. It ruined my buzz. Once we finally got into the house, we tried to find a good stream for Annabelle and there wasn’t any. I was so bummed. I wanted to see this so badly. We watched Unforgettable with Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. It was like Fatal Attraction, but it was a good Thriller. Then it was off to bed.