Lawrencville; Dive, Blue Moon, Scarehouse

This morning we took our time getting ready, then we went to Home Depot to get the order finalized for our sliding glass door, then we went to Eat n Park to meet my parents there. When we arrived to Eat n Park, I greeted my parents, then my mom whispered in my ear, just so you know, “Amber’s mom and Zach are here.” I looked up and saw them at a booth by themselves. I had this awkward look on my face for a second. I approached the table and Zach got up and gave me a hug. He asked how I was doing? I said, “I am well. You?” he said, he was doing good. I said, “hi” to Amber’s mom. We chatted small chat for a bit, then Andrew came up behind me. I reintroduced Andrew to Zach and Amber’s mom.
Then I went back to the booth with my parents, and thought it was so random that they were there together. I ate lunch and relaxed with my parents. When Zach was leaving, he came back to the table and said goodbye to us before he left. When we left, Celeste, my mom’s childhood friend and her family were seated at a booth by the entrance. We stopped and talked to them for awhile. I said, “Wow I am seeing everyone here today!”
When we finally left Eat n Park, we said goodbye and thank you to my parents, then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up the soap dish that matches our bathroom set. It was $16.00. I forgot I had a 20% coupon at home, but they didn’t bother to honor it, oh well. When we got home, we did some laundry cleaned up, and watched the ending of the Pitt game. Then Anthony was on his way over around 5:00pm.
When Anthony came over, we all got into Drew’s car, and then drove Downtown to kill some time. We didn’t have to be at Scarehouse until 9:00pm. When we arrived in Market Square, there was this urban festival going on. They had vendors there selling food, and handmade crafts, a DJ was playing music. It was alright. Drew had to use the restroom, so Anthony and I played this big game of Jenga, while we waited for Andrew. Well I lost and the bricks came down, so we started walking towards Starbucks, that is where Andrew was. He was walking towards us.
When we left Market Square, we drove to Lawrenceville, and we parked in the same parking lot, where we park when we got to the Blue Moon. We went to eat at Dive and it was this little hipster type bar. The food was awesome! We had never been there before.

After dinner we went to the Blue Moon for a drink. This was going to be Andrew’s first time at a gay bar. I was excited and nervous for him. It was still early yet, so I was hoping it was going to be very low key. There were only a few people in the bar, which was nice. I wasn’t sure what Andrew was thinking. We took a seat at the bar. Andrew was in the middle, Anthony on the one side of him and me on the other side of him.
Our Bartender was a drag queen, who was not done up in Drag.  She did look familiar. Her name was Cindy Crotchford. I have seen her perform before here. We chatted off an on for a bit. I had two beers, and I was so full. One gay guy approached us and said, it is hard to tell, who is straight and who is gay in here sometimes. I said, “Well my husband and I are straight. We are allies.” We held up our wedding bands. Drew was laughing a little. He said, “Yea I am gay, but I got one of those too.” He held up his wedding band. I said, “Well congratulations.” He said, “Well we have been partnered for 20 years, but he is at home and we have an open relationship.” I said, “Oh okay. Well that wouldn’t work for us, but it is whatever works for you.” He smiled and turned and walked away. I looked to Anthony and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and I said, “I am sorry, if that was awkward for him.” Anthony said, “Whatever there is a lot of that here.”
Before we left, I had to use the bathroom. Drew put his hand in mine and said, “Come back to me bub.” I laughed. I said, “I will.” When I returned, Andrew said will you come with me to use the bathroom? I laughed even more. I stood outside the bathroom door with him. When he was finished, we went back to the bar with Anthony. Drew whispered, “What is prep?” Anthony and I explained what it is and Drew was like, “Oh okay.”
When we left the Blue Moon, I said to Drew, “I am so proud of you!” He said, “thank you, but I bet if I went at a busy time it would be too much.” Anthony and I smiled at each other. When we arrived at the Zoo parking lot, to be bused over to Scarehouse the lot seemed pretty dead. There was one actor there trying to scare people. He had flashing lights on his gloves and zombie make up. It didn’t look scary at all. I thought oh this is going to suck.
When we got on the bus, and got to Scarehouse we waited in line for a what seemed like forever.  There was this serial killer bunny going around dancing. It was dumb. When we got inside, there was no story line, just rules and regulations. The walk-through wasn’t scary at all. The only part that scared me was the clowns. This clown, who was so freaking tall, he had contacts in to make his eyes even creepier.  I almost cried. I can’t. I hate clowns. Clowns are my biggest fear.
When we walked out of the Haunted House, I was totally disappointed. There were some crew outside promoting the basement. They said, if you want to do the basement, then we can take you down right now, there is no line. I said, “How much is it?” They said, “25 dollars a person.” I asked, “What exactly  goes on down there? I have read so much on it, and it was really negative.” They said, “No nothing goes on down there that is all that bad, but you only go on in two at a time. Some walk-through are completely dark. They can touch you and wiggle around you. It is a very up close experience and more intense. It is solely dedicated to you and your experience.” We all are thinking of doing it at one point, but not that night. We were so disappointed with Scarehouse and thought Hundred Acres Manor was the best so far. Thankfully, the tickets for Scarehouse were half off. Once we got home, we said goodbye to Anthony, then we went inside and went to bed.


After work today, I took the bus out of Oakland with Drew. Once we were in town, at the bus stop, I kissed Drew goodbye and I got on the G2 to Crafton. Drew was going back to Moon, then to hang out with Zach.
When I got to the Crafton bus stop, I drove to my parents. I was excited to see my dogs. When I pulled into the back alley, I parked my car, got out and walked to my parents’ back gate. I saw my dogs come running up the walkway. I kissed them through the gate. I couldn’t wait to see them. I miss them so much.
When I walked inside the house, I kissed my dad, and greeted my mom. I got on the floor and played with the dogs. At one point, I got Louie kind of all fired up, and he collided in to Paris. She yelped and was having a hard time opening her right eye. I picked her up and held her close. I said, I was sorry. I got a warm paper towel and held it to her eye. I told her that Louie is such a brute. I felt so bad.
When it was time to go, I put her down and we gave them a treat, then we were out the door. We went to Kohl’s first, then to Red Lobster. At Kohl’s, I bought two pairs of black leggings, and a pair of jeans. My mom let me use her Kohl’s cash. My total was $28.00, not bad.
At Red Lobster, my dad was already at a table. I thought I wanted Crab legs, but instead I got lobster tacos, a bowl of Clam Chowder, and a Caesar salad. I ate so well! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after dinner. I drove separately to dinner. I didn’t want to leave Crafton so late and get back to Moon so late, then again I didn’t want to go home to empty house and wait for Drew to get home either.

Image may contain: Andrew Hornyak, Danielle Hornyak and Dylan Murtha, people smiling, closeup
After dinner, I said goodbye and thank you to my parents, and then drove towards Moon. I called Anthony. He told me he was having a pumpkin carving party at his house. I said, “Oh yea, I forgot.” He told me to come over. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to swing over there anyway. I put my lobster taco in his fridge. I figured I would get it when I left.

When they were all carving pumpkins, and discussing what they were going to make. I missed Drew. I just wanted to be home with him and not here with them. I tried to par take in the fun, but I just wasn’t feeling festive. I missed my husband.
At one point, my phone vibrated and I saw it was a text from Andrew saying he was on his way home. I texted him and asked him if he wanted to come to Anthony’s. He said, aww yea, I will be right there.” I smiled and was excited to see him. He called me when he was out front and I opened the door for him, and I gave him a big hug and a kiss. He hugged me so tightly. I missed him and I could tell he missed me.
When we walked into Anthony’s, I introduced him to everyone. We got to see everyone’s pumpkins all lit up and carved. They all looked so cool! I liked Rebecca’s and Shelly’s the best.  Andrew and I hung out in the corner and talked to Dylan a bit. We decided to leave around 10:30pm. I was getting tired, and he was too.

Will & Grace Premiere Party

Will & Grace Premiere Party

After work today,  I went home got showered and changed. Andrew and I hung out for a bit, then Anthony came over. Drew went to the gym. When Anthony arrived,  we got in my car and picked up the Chinese food takeout order.

Once we got back to my house, we ate Chinese, drank boxed wine, and got caught up on the season finale of Will and Grace’s last season. We wanted to catch up before the new season started. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since it debuted.
When the episode was almost over, we got caught up talking about the three men he had talked to this past week so far. He said, “Girl it’s been a hell of a week.” He updated me on his dating troubles, and I couldn’t believe these men. We refilled our wine and then it was time for the new episode!
Right before the episode started, I got a text from Drew saying he was on his way home, and asked me if he wanted him to stay out until after the show, or come home? I felt so bad. I texted back, “Come home baby.” When he came inside, he joined our party and got his sweet and sour chicken, then sat in the living room with us to watch the show.  In times like these, I just appreciate him so much. He is such a team player. When we are good, we are good. When things are tough, then they are not so good, but they could be worse.
Will and Grace as hilarious. Yes, it was a bit of a Trump bash fest, but it was classy and humorous. It wasn’t terrible or distasteful. Grace is still stunning and gorgeous 10 years later, and so is Will. Jack is still a Queen, and Karen is still, Karen. Anthony loved it. He called it the gay-ity! Anthony and I always joke that we are Will and Grace. After the episode was over, Anthony left and went home. Andrew and I cleaned up and then went to bed.

Hair Appointment/Date Night

Hair Appointment/Date Night

This morning, I had a hair appointment in Crafton at 10am, so I left the house around 9:30am. Drew went to the gym and to Dr. Bailey’s. I finished my last dose of anti-viral medicine today. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to drink a beer, but I have to wait a week, unfortunately.
At my hair appointment, I wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted to go a little darker at the top, but still, keep the blonde going down through my hair. I was a little nervous when the color was on my head. I went to the bathroom at one point and looked in the mirror and thought holy cow. I hope this isn’t too dark.
When she washed out my color, trimmed, styled my hair I was in love. It looked much better dry. I told her my concern and she laughed. We talked about my shingles and she said, that her boyfriend at it on his neck, and it was so painful. He went to MedExpress and still went into work, and he does construction. I was shocked.
After my hair appointment, I went to my parents to see my dogs, and they gave me the gifts they brought back from DC. I felt a cramping in my stomach. my monthly visitor had arrived. If it isn’t one thing, with me it is another. I was glad it was here, so I could stop bloating and feeling a little gloomy. I just have been going through so much it seems, but I have to keep reminding myself it could be worse.
My parents and I went to breakfast at Hanlon’s and it was nice to see them and hear about their trip. We talked about my job, and how it is going. They are glad that I am happy and that I am finally where I want to be. After breakfast, I went home to Drew. He was doing little work on his computer. I gave him his shot glasses and he was feeling a little out of it and I was cramping. We both were a mess. I took an 800-milligram Motrin that knocked the cramps right out of me.
At one point, Drew asked me if I wanted to go to Central and go on a little date. I said, that I would love that, but I don’t know when I am going to be hungry. He said, that was okay and said we could go around 5pm or 6pm and still have the evening. I liked the idea of it. I did some laundry and we watched the Pitt game. I did some tidying around the house, then it was time to go to dinner. I put on a cute top and some jeans for dinner. I could tell I was still so bloated, ugh.
At dinner, I just had French Onion soup and a small side salad. Drew had an omelet. I was still pretty full from breakfast. It was nice to get out and have dinner together. looking around, I did notice that we were the younger ones without a child having dinner at this hour.
After dinner, we went to Spirit Halloween store, and he got his costume, and I got the makeup for my costume, and a Michael Myers mug. I love this time of year. I can’t wait for Fall. October is such a busy, but a fun month for us.
When we got home, we got changed into our pjs and we started to finish watching the movie, “My Cousin Rachel,” when my phone rang. I picked up the call and answered it. Dylan was on the line and he wanted to know what Drew and I were doing tonight? I said, why aren’t you guys out at a bar having fun? He said, well Anthony wants to go, but he wants to go hit on guys and I will be the third wheel. I said, “well I can’t go out tonight to a bar.” He said, “yea, I figured. do you guys want to go bowling or something?” I said, “That could be fun.” I asked Drew and he was down to go bowling, then Anthony suggested a Haunted House. He said, “Let’s go to Hundred Acres Manor.” I asked Drew and he wanted to go too. I said, “Yea we are down, come on over and we can all go in Drew’s car. We have to get ready. We are in our pjs.” They laughed and we hung up the phone and got ready to leave.

When they arrived, they got in the backseat and we were on our way to Hundred Acres Manor. On the way, we stopped at GetGo. Drew and I got energy drinks to keep us alert and awake. We blasted music and gossiped the whole way there. I was hoping it wasn’t too much for Drew. He hears a lot of things when we are all together.

When we arrived at the Haunted house, we couldn’t wait to get in. The actors were scaring people in line, and there was this clown that new Dylan and Anthony. It was creepy. Once we were inside, I got so scared and so excited. The Dead Lift was where they put you in an elevator and the elevator attendant was gay, but the actor was dressed as a zombie. When we first entered the elevator, he said, “everyone gets inside and put your backs against the wall.” Immediately, Anthony and Dylan turned with their stomachs against the wall and the butt out. It was hysterical. The actor even tried not to laugh. I said, “Guys he said put your backs against the wall!” I was cracking up laughing.  My favorite was the Foggy London town theme where everyone seems to have been dying from the plague.

After the Haunted House was over, we were all so excited for Scarehouse next weekend! I felt so amped! When we got back to our house, Anthony and Dylan got in their car and went back to Anthony’s. We went inside and got ready for bed. I wasn’t all that tired, but I figured I would sleep eventually. Andrew was tired, but woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn’t fall back asleep right away. I guess we shouldn’t have had the energy drink.

Coffee with My Mentor/Spring Courses

Finally Friday! around 11am, I met with my mentor, Jessica. She was assigned to mentor me in my job, if I were to need to talk about anything, or if I was stressed. This mentor-ship is a new thing that Linda is trying out with Nicollette and I since we are the new hires. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it’s okay.
Jess met me at my office, and we walked to Starbucks for coffee. We talked about my shingles, how I have been under a little bit of stress, my new office plans, and the job. We talked about how things are going for her, our plans for the weekend. She also told me about this 1 credit course that Freshman are required to take. It is an information session for Arts and Sciences. She said, she teaches this class once a week and gets paid $1,000. I said that is so cool! She said she would send me the e-mail regarding it, so I can apply for it in January.  I thought that was pretty exciting and good for my resume!
When I got back to my office, I got the e-mail regarding Spring Courses. The final proofs are up and we have until next Wednesday to submit any changes, so I pulled out the proofs that we had as rough drafts, and I went through and made sure each class was correct and the way we wanted it regarding times, classes, and locations. I found 2 errors that I needed to submit. I got the changes faxed over to registrar and I felt so accomplished. I was on a high. I had a huge relief off my shoulders when that was finished, but little did I know I wasn’t exactly finished.
After work, Drew and I made tacos for dinner and I told him about the A&S instructors position and he thought that would be pretty cool and supports me doing it. I said $1,000 extra dollars! Then we watched the movie My Cousin Rachel. It is a British movie, so you know I love British movies! It was a murder mystery type movie, as well. I was falling asleep. I am so tired from the week. I just wanted to go to bed. We decided to finish the movie tomorrow.

All Staff Meeting

Today, I am feeling better. There is no more pain, and no irritation, they are just there now. I can’t wait for them to away. I had a meeting this morning, in Anthropology’s classroom. It was an All Staff meeting. I went up to the meeting and there were bagels and coffee. I set my stuff down in the back. I know better than to sit up front, then I went up and got a bagel and coffee. I wasn’t sure what this was going to be about, but there were bagels and coffee so that was good enough for me.
When Nicolette came in, she took a seat in the back with me. Some of the women in other departments said, “bad kids sit int the back.” I just smirked and said, “Teacher’s pets sit upfront.” Nicollette laughed.
At the meeting, they discussed the department and the division and how it changed and what is coming up and if anyone had any issues to address.  It lasted three hours. Nancy typed up the agenda for Linda and on the agenda it said, “Acchouchments” instead of “Announcements” we all laughed. Nancy just laughed and shook her head. She was just over it.
At one point in the meeting, Linda gave me a shout out and said, “One thing we all need to work on is, going across the department and helping out in other departments, and doing things for one, another in the division and one person, who really does that and steps up to the plate and is ready and willing is Danielle. She may not know what she is doing, but she is ready and willing, so I am thankful for her. We all need to have that attitude.” I was not expecting that at all. I mouthed, “thank you” to Linda. It meant so much to me that she said that and let everyone know that I am doing a good job even though I am new. I have waited so long for this opportunity to succeed, and I don’t want anything to happen to ruin it. Perhaps that is why I am so hard on myself.
After the meeting, I went back to my office. I had a few e-mails I had to catch up on, and simple requests until my 3pm meeting with Melanie. When I met with Melanie, I told her about my meeting with the Dean’s office, we talked about the Matrix, and eventually my new office for confidential matters, and we talked about things coming up that I need to work on, and the individual student files that would need updated. After I left Melanie’s office, it was almost time to go home, meetings make the day go by quick!

Graduate Dean’s Office

This morning I had a meeting at the Dean’s office, so I had to dress up a bit today, so I wore my navy blue dress, with beige polka dots. I also wore a grey light weight long sleeve shawl. I might be cold. I am always cold in some of the offices.
At the meeting we discussed, what is up and coming; the two reports that are due October 1st, changes in the job styles; most DGS used to use and abuse Grad Admins, but those days should be over and we have a clear cut idea of what we are supposed to do vs. what a DGS is supposed to do, confidentiality issues.
On the topic of confidentiality issues, since I work with both undergrad and grad. I brought up the fact that I had a confidential meeting with a professor about a student yesterday, and I shut my door, but the entry way to a professor’s office is in my office. One of the members of the Dean’s office, was shocked to hear this, she figured we all have our own spaces. I said, “No.” She said, “well that needs to change. you can’t be in that office anymore. You have to have your own space.” I just nodded my head in agreement, even Phyllis chimed in for me, and vouched for the shared space. She used to  be in my office, when they were trying to fill the position.
When we left the meeting, I filled Nancy in on what the Dean’s office said, and she said, “okay, we will move you, but we put you there because you are doing both undergrad and grad and thought it would be easier for you to be next to the undergrad advisor. I said, but I do both now. She said, “Yeah, you do. We are probably going to move you into Wes’ office, and then move Wes into Sorcha’s old office, until we hire an assistant professor, then we will have to figure out something different.” I just nodded my head in agreement with her plan, but she had to talk to the Chair too. I was so excited for my own office, and not have to share space anymore. It’s not that I don’t like the undergrad advisor; we get a long. It’s just I have to sometimes handle confidential matters and undergrads, and or Dan can’t be walking through my office. I will miss my office number 2410. I love that number.
Around 1pm, I had lunch with Frank at the Porch. He filled me in on everything happening in the Jazz office, and how the new grad admin in Music is doing. We talked about the Jazz Seminar and concert week. He asked if I would help at the survey table, and gather people’s e-mail addresses the day of the concert. I told him I would be glad to help in any way. I am excited for him and nervous for him, because it is about to get really busy. He told me he would e-mail me the draft for the posters, when he got back to the office. It was good to see him and catch up. I am not sure when we will have lunch again next month. It is going to get so busy for him.