Labor Day

We took our time getting ready. We had to go to my Uncle Tom’s 75th Birthday party. It was a surprise. The event invite said, “No Gifts.” However, we wanted to bring Karianne and Tommy a bottle of wine, since this was our first time at their place and to be nice. When we arrived at Tom and Karianne’s, we parked along their street. The house was huge. My parents said it is valued at over a million dollars. It really didn’t bother me. I just thought it was funny how my mom and dad were obsessing about the house.
When we walked up the driveway, my cousin Tom greeted us and we handed him the bottle of wine, he said, “You shouldn’t have done this. We have so much alcohol.” I thought to myself, just say Thank you. you ass. I said to him, “Well thank you for having us. Your house looks so beautiful.” He said, “Come on back.” We walked up the driveway, and to the backyard, which looked like a resort. There was a pool, a hot tub, a bar with a tv, and a shaded covered sitting area with another tv. Drew was like holy shit. We walked over to the bar and he offered us whatever we wanted. Drew and I opened the cooler and got two beers, but eventually, I switched to some Italian drink.
When people started arriving. Some of the people I haven’t seen since I was a child and we used to go over to Tom and Phyllis’ for Christmas Eve. It was a bit weird. They kept telling me that I was 9 years old playing barbies the last time they saw me. yeah, things have changed a bit. I kept sipping my drink. It really was cool to see everyone again. Uncle Tom was so surprised and happy to see everyone there.

Towards the end, Drew and I played basketball with Jack and Eli. I held Jack as a baby. He is now 15! Eli is so sweet. We were on the same team playing cornhole. My cousin Chris played with us too. He never played before. Eli and I won. It was fun.

We didn’t leave until about 7:30pm. We had work in the morning. I am glad everyone is getting along now in the family and we are tolerating each other again. It feels good.

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