Better Week

This week was a much better week. I was busy and there was no drama whatsoever.

Tuesday, we stayed home and did some laundry and relaxed. We ate some left overs. It was rough day getting back to it after having a long weekend.  However, the athletic director of student advising and I are becoming good friends. I have been assisting with getting the athletes into various classes and he made some comment saying, “I may hire you in our department.” I said, “actually, it is funny you say that. I am a huge Pitt fan. I have a helmet in my office, and love going to Pitt games. I have been considering applying after my year is up in Sociology.  You will have to keep me in mind if any open positions come up after my year.” He said, “I would be happy to discuss sometime.” I said, “Perhaps we could meet up, have coffee, and we could discuss your department where might be a good fit for me, so when it comes time to apply, I will know what I am looking for.” He said, “Ok, lets reconnect next week.”  This is so exciting!
When I told Drew, he was jealous. He thought that would be so cool. I know there will be tons of benefits, but it’s so cool to be a part of Pitt in general. I am not pushing my luck.

Wednesday, we drove in, but we had to drop Drew’s car off at the park n ride. When he was getting in my car, I realized that I forgot my tennies. Nicollette and I were supposed to take SAFE self defense class today. I guess I could do it in my socks. I was sort of hoping she would cancel on me. When I arrived to my office, Nicollette said she couldn’t attend the class tonight. I was relived.  I had two events today both the UClub. The first one was with the Assistant Dean’s office. They wanted to have a meeting and go over our responsibilities and address any issues, as well as answer any questions.
Then I had to go back to my desk and work for two hours, then go back to the UClub for lite refreshments and to meet the big Dean of Arts and Sciences. Georgia came down around 11:30pm to my office. I was waiting for Nancy to come back so we could go over together. Nicollete was on her way down to my office as well. The four of us went to the Uclub together.
When we arrived, I got to meet the new Dean. It was pretty cool. She welcomed me to the Arts and Sciences Department and to Sociology. She seemed really nice. We all took a seat after we got a small plate of cheese and crackers. The new Dean gave a speech and told us about the innovative things they are working on in the Dean’s office and how they want an open door communication with the members of arts and sciences. It was nice.

On our way back to the office, Nicollete and I stopped at Starbucks for PSLs then it was back to work. When I got back to the office, I did little things until it was time to leave. The afternoon did drag on a bit, but then Mike asked me to make him copies of a quiz. He is having the football players come to the conference room today.  He sai

Thursday, I met up with Paula at the Farmers Market for lunch. This was the first time I saw her since her mom passed. She and I talked about the funeral and Jewish Traditions. It was so nice to see her. I told her that Jacob requested me to help at Music, but ended up not needing me. She said, he came to the funeral. She encouraged me to go to Geri’ service next Thursday. I really don’t want to and I told her my reasoning and she seemed to agree with me, but since I worked for her and with her it would be nice for me to go. I think it would look good for me to be there. I said I would sit with her. I asked Drew if he wanted to go, and he said, he would probably just stay at work and then meet me after since it is at 4pm. We are driving home anyway, because we are going to stay at my parents that night and that weekend.
When I left the farmers market, I went back to my desk and ate my salad. I text frank and made lunch plans with him for this month. I want to get his input on how things are going since last time we talked.

Friday, today, I am so happy it is Friday! It was a short week, but there was a lot going on. I am ready for another weekend. We drove in today. I had to make spinach dip for this party today in the Soc department. It is a welcoming event from 3-5, but I can leave at 4:30pm, which I am super glad about.  Tonight, we are just hanging at home and ordering pizza. Tomorrow we have a few things to do, but it should be a relaxing weekend.

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