2-Month Follow Up

This morning, I had my second month follow up with Linda. I tried to look presentable and be conscious of my attire, but they knew I had shingles and it does take forever to go away, so I wore these jeans that I have stretchy material at the top of them. They are like Denim RX they are from Rock Republic and they are so comfortable. Also, I had a nice top, but a zip up hoodie over it. I wore my converse. I know it wasn’t the most ultra professional look, but it was comfortable.
At 9:30am, I had my meeting with Phyllis, who is my supervisor. She and I went over anything that was coming up, and discussed my progress. We really didn’t have much to chat about, but it went well.
After lunch was my meeting with Linda, I was semi nervous about this one, but I think I am doing well. I know there is room for improvement, but I have only been there 2 months. When it was time, I went into her office and shut the door behind me. She asked how it was going? I told her it was going well. I am learning things as they come up. Nancy is still a huge help and we get a long really well. She nodded her head and was glad all was good. She asked if I am feeling more confident and I said, each day I am a bit more confident. I know there is a lot to learn and it does take a full cycle, but I am eager to get it under my belt. She said, that is one of the things I like about you. You are doing well, but you are eager to help across the division and you are willing to do more than just help out in the Sociology Department. I really like that about you and keep that up. I said, I would for sure. I was glad to hear such good things.
Also during my meeting, I updated her on my progress with grad school, I told her I applied for grad school and I should know in November, if I got in or not, but I have to complete an internship, and I know that since I am working during the day, that you could think of an embedded internship idea for me. She said, she would think about something I could complete for an internship project. When I left the meeting, I was pretty confident and the day went by pretty quickly after that. I couldn’t wait to tell Drew about the day, and enjoy the evening together.

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