Hair Appointment/Date Night

This morning, I had a hair appointment in Crafton at 10am, so I left the house around 9:30am. Drew went to the gym and to Dr. Bailey’s. I finished my last dose of anti-viral medicine today. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to drink a beer, but I have to wait a week, unfortunately.
At my hair appointment, I wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted to go a little darker at the top, but still, keep the blonde going down through my hair. I was a little nervous when the color was on my head. I went to the bathroom at one point and looked in the mirror and thought holy cow. I hope this isn’t too dark.
When she washed out my color, trimmed, styled my hair I was in love. It looked much better dry. I told her my concern and she laughed. We talked about my shingles and she said, that her boyfriend at it on his neck, and it was so painful. He went to MedExpress and still went into work, and he does construction. I was shocked.
After my hair appointment, I went to my parents to see my dogs, and they gave me the gifts they brought back from DC. I felt a cramping in my stomach. my monthly visitor had arrived. If it isn’t one thing, with me it is another. I was glad it was here, so I could stop bloating and feeling a little gloomy. I just have been going through so much it seems, but I have to keep reminding myself it could be worse.
My parents and I went to breakfast at Hanlon’s and it was nice to see them and hear about their trip. We talked about my job, and how it is going. They are glad that I am happy and that I am finally where I want to be. After breakfast, I went home to Drew. He was doing little work on his computer. I gave him his shot glasses and he was feeling a little out of it and I was cramping. We both were a mess. I took an 800-milligram Motrin that knocked the cramps right out of me.
At one point, Drew asked me if I wanted to go to Central and go on a little date. I said, that I would love that, but I don’t know when I am going to be hungry. He said, that was okay and said we could go around 5pm or 6pm and still have the evening. I liked the idea of it. I did some laundry and we watched the Pitt game. I did some tidying around the house, then it was time to go to dinner. I put on a cute top and some jeans for dinner. I could tell I was still so bloated, ugh.
At dinner, I just had French Onion soup and a small side salad. Drew had an omelet. I was still pretty full from breakfast. It was nice to get out and have dinner together. looking around, I did notice that we were the younger ones without a child having dinner at this hour.
After dinner, we went to Spirit Halloween store, and he got his costume, and I got the makeup for my costume, and a Michael Myers mug. I love this time of year. I can’t wait for Fall. October is such a busy, but a fun month for us.
When we got home, we got changed into our pjs and we started to finish watching the movie, “My Cousin Rachel,” when my phone rang. I picked up the call and answered it. Dylan was on the line and he wanted to know what Drew and I were doing tonight? I said, why aren’t you guys out at a bar having fun? He said, well Anthony wants to go, but he wants to go hit on guys and I will be the third wheel. I said, “well I can’t go out tonight to a bar.” He said, “yea, I figured. do you guys want to go bowling or something?” I said, “That could be fun.” I asked Drew and he was down to go bowling, then Anthony suggested a Haunted House. He said, “Let’s go to Hundred Acres Manor.” I asked Drew and he wanted to go too. I said, “Yea we are down, come on over and we can all go in Drew’s car. We have to get ready. We are in our pjs.” They laughed and we hung up the phone and got ready to leave.

When they arrived, they got in the backseat and we were on our way to Hundred Acres Manor. On the way, we stopped at GetGo. Drew and I got energy drinks to keep us alert and awake. We blasted music and gossiped the whole way there. I was hoping it wasn’t too much for Drew. He hears a lot of things when we are all together.

When we arrived at the Haunted house, we couldn’t wait to get in. The actors were scaring people in line, and there was this clown that new Dylan and Anthony. It was creepy. Once we were inside, I got so scared and so excited. The Dead Lift was where they put you in an elevator and the elevator attendant was gay, but the actor was dressed as a zombie. When we first entered the elevator, he said, “everyone gets inside and put your backs against the wall.” Immediately, Anthony and Dylan turned with their stomachs against the wall and the butt out. It was hysterical. The actor even tried not to laugh. I said, “Guys he said put your backs against the wall!” I was cracking up laughing.  My favorite was the Foggy London town theme where everyone seems to have been dying from the plague.

After the Haunted House was over, we were all so excited for Scarehouse next weekend! I felt so amped! When we got back to our house, Anthony and Dylan got in their car and went back to Anthony’s. We went inside and got ready for bed. I wasn’t all that tired, but I figured I would sleep eventually. Andrew was tired, but woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn’t fall back asleep right away. I guess we shouldn’t have had the energy drink.

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