Will & Grace Premiere Party

After work today,  I went home got showered and changed. Andrew and I hung out for a bit, then Anthony came over. Drew went to the gym. When Anthony arrived,  we got in my car and picked up the Chinese food takeout order.

Once we got back to my house, we ate Chinese, drank boxed wine, and got caught up on the season finale of Will and Grace’s last season. We wanted to catch up before the new season started. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since it debuted.
When the episode was almost over, we got caught up talking about the three men he had talked to this past week so far. He said, “Girl it’s been a hell of a week.” He updated me on his dating troubles, and I couldn’t believe these men. We refilled our wine and then it was time for the new episode!
Right before the episode started, I got a text from Drew saying he was on his way home, and asked me if he wanted him to stay out until after the show, or come home? I felt so bad. I texted back, “Come home baby.” When he came inside, he joined our party and got his sweet and sour chicken, then sat in the living room with us to watch the show.  In times like these, I just appreciate him so much. He is such a team player. When we are good, we are good. When things are tough, then they are not so good, but they could be worse.
Will and Grace as hilarious. Yes, it was a bit of a Trump bash fest, but it was classy and humorous. It wasn’t terrible or distasteful. Grace is still stunning and gorgeous 10 years later, and so is Will. Jack is still a Queen, and Karen is still, Karen. Anthony loved it. He called it the gay-ity! Anthony and I always joke that we are Will and Grace. After the episode was over, Anthony left and went home. Andrew and I cleaned up and then went to bed.

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