Lawrencville; Dive, Blue Moon, Scarehouse

This morning we took our time getting ready, then we went to Home Depot to get the order finalized for our sliding glass door, then we went to Eat n Park to meet my parents there. When we arrived to Eat n Park, I greeted my parents, then my mom whispered in my ear, just so you know, “Amber’s mom and Zach are here.” I looked up and saw them at a booth by themselves. I had this awkward look on my face for a second. I approached the table and Zach got up and gave me a hug. He asked how I was doing? I said, “I am well. You?” he said, he was doing good. I said, “hi” to Amber’s mom. We chatted small chat for a bit, then Andrew came up behind me. I reintroduced Andrew to Zach and Amber’s mom.
Then I went back to the booth with my parents, and thought it was so random that they were there together. I ate lunch and relaxed with my parents. When Zach was leaving, he came back to the table and said goodbye to us before he left. When we left, Celeste, my mom’s childhood friend and her family were seated at a booth by the entrance. We stopped and talked to them for awhile. I said, “Wow I am seeing everyone here today!”
When we finally left Eat n Park, we said goodbye and thank you to my parents, then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up the soap dish that matches our bathroom set. It was $16.00. I forgot I had a 20% coupon at home, but they didn’t bother to honor it, oh well. When we got home, we did some laundry cleaned up, and watched the ending of the Pitt game. Then Anthony was on his way over around 5:00pm.
When Anthony came over, we all got into Drew’s car, and then drove Downtown to kill some time. We didn’t have to be at Scarehouse until 9:00pm. When we arrived in Market Square, there was this urban festival going on. They had vendors there selling food, and handmade crafts, a DJ was playing music. It was alright. Drew had to use the restroom, so Anthony and I played this big game of Jenga, while we waited for Andrew. Well I lost and the bricks came down, so we started walking towards Starbucks, that is where Andrew was. He was walking towards us.
When we left Market Square, we drove to Lawrenceville, and we parked in the same parking lot, where we park when we got to the Blue Moon. We went to eat at Dive and it was this little hipster type bar. The food was awesome! We had never been there before.

After dinner we went to the Blue Moon for a drink. This was going to be Andrew’s first time at a gay bar. I was excited and nervous for him. It was still early yet, so I was hoping it was going to be very low key. There were only a few people in the bar, which was nice. I wasn’t sure what Andrew was thinking. We took a seat at the bar. Andrew was in the middle, Anthony on the one side of him and me on the other side of him.
Our Bartender was a drag queen, who was not done up in Drag.  She did look familiar. Her name was Cindy Crotchford. I have seen her perform before here. We chatted off an on for a bit. I had two beers, and I was so full. One gay guy approached us and said, it is hard to tell, who is straight and who is gay in here sometimes. I said, “Well my husband and I are straight. We are allies.” We held up our wedding bands. Drew was laughing a little. He said, “Yea I am gay, but I got one of those too.” He held up his wedding band. I said, “Well congratulations.” He said, “Well we have been partnered for 20 years, but he is at home and we have an open relationship.” I said, “Oh okay. Well that wouldn’t work for us, but it is whatever works for you.” He smiled and turned and walked away. I looked to Anthony and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and I said, “I am sorry, if that was awkward for him.” Anthony said, “Whatever there is a lot of that here.”
Before we left, I had to use the bathroom. Drew put his hand in mine and said, “Come back to me bub.” I laughed. I said, “I will.” When I returned, Andrew said will you come with me to use the bathroom? I laughed even more. I stood outside the bathroom door with him. When he was finished, we went back to the bar with Anthony. Drew whispered, “What is prep?” Anthony and I explained what it is and Drew was like, “Oh okay.”
When we left the Blue Moon, I said to Drew, “I am so proud of you!” He said, “thank you, but I bet if I went at a busy time it would be too much.” Anthony and I smiled at each other. When we arrived at the Zoo parking lot, to be bused over to Scarehouse the lot seemed pretty dead. There was one actor there trying to scare people. He had flashing lights on his gloves and zombie make up. It didn’t look scary at all. I thought oh this is going to suck.
When we got on the bus, and got to Scarehouse we waited in line for a what seemed like forever.  There was this serial killer bunny going around dancing. It was dumb. When we got inside, there was no story line, just rules and regulations. The walk-through wasn’t scary at all. The only part that scared me was the clowns. This clown, who was so freaking tall, he had contacts in to make his eyes even creepier.  I almost cried. I can’t. I hate clowns. Clowns are my biggest fear.
When we walked out of the Haunted House, I was totally disappointed. There were some crew outside promoting the basement. They said, if you want to do the basement, then we can take you down right now, there is no line. I said, “How much is it?” They said, “25 dollars a person.” I asked, “What exactly  goes on down there? I have read so much on it, and it was really negative.” They said, “No nothing goes on down there that is all that bad, but you only go on in two at a time. Some walk-through are completely dark. They can touch you and wiggle around you. It is a very up close experience and more intense. It is solely dedicated to you and your experience.” We all are thinking of doing it at one point, but not that night. We were so disappointed with Scarehouse and thought Hundred Acres Manor was the best so far. Thankfully, the tickets for Scarehouse were half off. Once we got home, we said goodbye to Anthony, then we went inside and went to bed.

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