This morning, I got up around 5:15am. I let the dogs out, gave them fresh water, then went back upstairs. I laid in bed with them, until 5:30am then I got up and got a shower. When I came out of the shower, Paris pooped in the bathroom, then in my old bedroom where Drew was sleeping,  and also downstairs. I knew it was her because before we left Louie went outside and pooped.
When I got dressed, I went downstairs and fed them. I then sat on the couch with them until we left. I hoped the girl was going to come to take care of them today. I know that last time we used them she forgot to come one day. Luckily, they were okay and waited until I got home to go to the bathroom, but hopefully, that won’t happen today.
When we got to Oakland, we went to Starbucks. I love when he suggests Starbucks. I got a venti PSL with fat-free milk and an extra shot of espresso. I do like Dunkin Donut’s pumpkin coffee better, but I won’t turn down Starbucks. When we parted, I went to my building he went to his. I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. Then, I sat down at my desk and started doing some work regarding Summer Fellowships, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off.
I have to admit. It scared me a little. There is some stuff going down in Oakland today. We have the Westboro Baptist Church coming to protest in Oakland, regarding transgender bathrooms. They don’t like anyone especially homosexuals and Catholics. They are the most hateful assholes, ever. That is the thing that really pisses me off about organized religion. It can really make people so hateful. I don’t think organized religion is the sole determining factor of hate, but it is doesn’t help. In regards to the protests, I am not worried about the Westboro Baptist people. I am worried about the counter-protesters. I don’t want Westboro here either, but I am not about to make it a violent situation for everyone. This world is crazy anymore.
When I went outside, I stood away from the building. I saw some of my friends from other departments. They came and stood with me. They were hoping it was for real so we could go home. I figured it wasn’t, it was just construction, but still, it is scary considering what is happening today.
Eventually, the Pitt Police told us we could go back inside. Once I was back inside, Nancy arrived I briefed her on what happened. I called her while we were outside, she was on her way to Oakland. She said, “it is never anything serious.” She may be right, but still, I wanted to give her a heads up.
This afternoon is approaching and I am ready to go home and have the day off tomorrow. I have my “out of office” set up and ready to go on my phone and e-mail. I am just waiting for 4:30pm to get here. This evening, my cousins are due in from Kentucky. They aren’t coming in until like 9:00pm-9:30pm or so. They will be here until Sunday. We have a full weekend planned.
This was the slowest day ever! I had nothing going on, until I got a text from Cassie, saying they would get to my parent’s at about 6pm. I asked Nancy if I could leave early, because they are going to arrive earlier, then expected and I don’t want them to get there and no one would be home, She said, it was okay!
When I finally got to my parents, I let the dogs out and fed them. Then I went up and showered really quick. I put on something comfortable. Then I waited for my cousins to arrive. When they arrived, Sharon looked so thin! She said, she only eats 1 meal a day. I was shocked.
The three of us hung out until Drew got to the Crafton bus stop, and I took them with me in Drew’s car to go pick him up. When he got into the car, we drove to the beer distributed and picked up a case of Miller Lite. We didn’t have any beer. Sharon wanted to drink a bit before she headed to Monroeville. She called it getting lubed up. Cassie was so excited for the weekend that I had planned for her.
When we got back to my parents’ house, we ordered pizza and had a few beers. We chatted about the family drama and how she doesn’t want to go to Marilyn’s in Monroeville. She did leave around 9pm or so. Shortly after that, we all got ready for bed. Cassie and I had a long day ahead, and Drew had to work the next day.

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