Family Drama

This morning, I took Cassie with me to the tattoo parlor. I wanted to see if I could get a smaller bar for my nose stud. Sometimes my nose ring sticks out really far, and I can’t stand it. It’s kind of annoying.
When I laid down on the table, the piercer said, that I have a small nostril. I guess that is a good thing. She can see that it does stick out a little bit, so she put in the smallest one they have and the bar was like flesh with my nose, and almost looked like there wasn’t any room for the gem. She said, that the next size up is one that they typically don’t carry, but she would order it for me and call me when it comes in, so we stuck the old one back in. She said, it healed up really well. I was glad to hear that, and I am glad I went. I figured it was worth a shot.
After we left the tattoo shop, we went to Dunkin and I got some iced tea, and then we had to go to Monroeville. The whole way there Cassie was telling me how she didn’t want to go. This was the worst part of her trip, she was saying. I tried to keep it positive for once, and keep good vibes. I didn’t want to go over there either. You can just feel the tension.

Once we pulled up, Marilyn asked me to move my car, onto the side road next to her house, that since there is a stop sign there, my car might get wacked. I thought here it goes Ms. Ultra Annoying. I was glad she was looking out for my car, but at the same time I was already annoyed. When we parked, my parents pulled into the driveway. Sharon came out to see her daughter. We asked Sharon if she was coming back to my house, we wanted her to, so we could drink and hang out. She said, she is trying, but thinks she may have to stay there.
When we walked in side, Marilyn hugged me. I said, “Hi” to Charlie. The kid is quiet. Marilyn hugged Cassie. Cassie gave her the cookies we brought. She took them and put them on another table. She was going to put the desserts there. I just nodded and smiled. I don’t care what she does with them.
Before dinner, I snacked on the veggies that she laid out, and the dip. I always fill up before dinner. It never fails. I am like a child. We all sat out side, by the fire pit, that wasn’t turned on. I had one drink and split a second one with Cassie. It was the hard ginger ale. Other than that, I stuck to pop. I have to drive.
When it was time for dinner, we had meatball subs and steak hoagies. We could create our own. We went inside, and I made myself a meatball hoagie, with some cheese, and put a little pasta salad on my plate. Then I went outside. I set my plate on the edge of the fire pit and ate. It was so casual and informal.
When everyone came outside, they all did the same, they used the edge of the fire pit to eat. When I was done eating, I started texting Drew and flipping through my phone. I was checking my notifications, and Marilyn nudged me and said, “Not at the dinner table. Can you please put your phone away?” I looked at her smirked and laughed a little. I said, “No, but I will take $20 towards my phone bill, if you want to tell me what to do with my phone. You don’t pay my phone bill.” She said, “Dan come on, we are all eating. I just don’t like technology at the dinner table.” I said, “No, I am done eating. I am 30 years old. You are not going to tell me what to do. I don’t care, if anyone is eating. I am done eating, by the way where is Charlie?” She looked down at her plate, kind of awkwardly and said, “He is in the living room playing video games. He isn’t hungry.” I said, “Oh well, he should be outside eating dinner with his family. Tell him to put the controller down and come eat dinner.” She said, “You can use your phone in the living room.”  I said, “No, I will use my phone out here.” I kept scrolling and looking through my phone.
Eventually, she took her plate, stood up, and walked into the living room, shut the sliding glass door and ate with Chuck and Charlie. My mom looked at me and said, “I am so proud of you. What the hell is her problem?” I shrugged my shoulders. I said, “I am not going to be told what to do, at 30 years old.” She said, “I agree and its not like we are are the dining room table, or in a formal setting.” I just rolled my eyes. This family is so weird.
At one point, I got up, went into the living room, and threw my plate away in the kitchen. She was sitting there eating with Chuck and Charlie. Charlie was eating now too. I rolled my eyes and went back outside. I couldn’t wait to leave at this point.
After dinner, she really didn’t say too much to me, in my direction. I avoided directly talking to her. We sang happy Birthday to Sharon and had cake. Then I stood up to leave shortly after that. Marilyn didn’t sit outside she was in the kitchen cleaning up. I stood up to go inside and say goodbye to her. Now I had to break the news that Cassie was coming back over my house to stay the night. She didn’t want to stay there with Marilyn.
I approached Marilyn and said, goodbye to her. She said, “Bye” hugged me, and then I backed away. I said, “Cassie is coming with me. She is going to spend another night at my house.” She said, “Oh okay, well I will say bye to Cassie now.” She gave Cassie a hug, and then turned to Sharon, Cassie’s mom and said, “Are you staying or going?” Sharon said, “I am staying Marilyn.” She had a tone in her voice like calm down. I wanted to laugh.

On the way home, Cassie was so pissed off about it and wished her mom would just come back with us. I was pissed off too, because this family was tolerating each other again and now it is all weird because she has to be a bitch. I am not a child. I am not going to just simply take it, sorry. I am not little Danni anymore.
When we got home, I told Drew about it. He didn’t have much to say to me. He just said, wow that is weird.” He didn’t say anything else, which pissed me off even more. Anthony and Dylan were on their way over to go with us to Mount Washington. They came in and brought boxed wine and cards against humanity.
When they arrived, they walked in on a huge discussion. I was still venting from the day and Drew was still not saying anything. Anthony and Dylan helped us work through it. I started to cry because I was so mad. I said, “I try to hold it all together and be positive, then that shit happens with her because she is so weird, and I come home to vent to you and I can’t do it, because you think it’s Bitching and Bashing. I have no way to let it out.” Anthony mediated it and it all worked out and Drew understood where I was coming from. He came over and hugged me. He knows I go through so much with my family.
When we got downtown, we parked on liberty and wood. It is not the nicest area. I didn’t care to see the fountain, but Anthony wanted to show Cassie.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and night

Drew and I still had to talk, but I was trying to enjoy the night for Cassie. Once we arrived at the fountain, we took pictures and enjoyed the moment.

Image may contain: Cassie O'Dell and Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, people standing



Then we got in the car, and went up to Mount Washington, Drew was getting tired and moody. I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.
When we came home from Mount Washington, we decided to call it a night. I had enough and he was going to bed. Drinking was the last thing I probably should be doing. It would only make matters worse.  I felt bad because Cassie wanted to drink and have fun, but I was just not in the mood.

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