Division Retreat Lunch with Frank

This morning, we had a division wide retreat. This retreat was going to take place in the anthropology lounge. This was the third event regarding our Myers Briggs’ test results. This event was catered to stress. How do our personalities work when we are stressed and how can we avoid being stressed? It was pretty informative. For the first part of the retreat, we had to listen to a story. It is called a draw bridge story, and there were some characters in it, and you had to figure out, who was the least responsible and the most responsible.

The second part, we were put into groups and talked about what gets us stressed and how we can avoid it. After that the retreat was over, it was nice. The things that she passed out about the various personality types and what to look for, when the types are having a bad day. It was a good retreat.
When I got back to my desk, I did some work, then I went to the Music Department to meet up with Frank. He and I decided on Taco Bell. I needed to get my steps in, so that is why I walked to Music, then to the WPU, instead of just meeting him there. It took forever to get our lunch.
Once we got our lunch and sat down at a table, we talked about Jazz, the seminar, and the concert. We talked about the music building, and etc. After he was finished eating, he had to leave. The Jazz Committee meeting was at 2pm, and it was already 10mins to 2pm. I ate my last taco by myself, then called my mom on my way back to Posvar. We chatted for a bit, until I got to my building. Then it was time for my one-on-one with Melanie. I always leave her office with so much to do! It always makes Thursday and Friday go so fast!

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