Baby Jackson & Jazz Seminar

This morning, I had a hair appointment in Crafton. It was time again. I really needed it. This was the only time I was going to be able to relax all day pretty much so I wanted to enjoy it.

When I got to the salon, she got started on my hair. Applied the color, and it was so relaxing to just sit there and have the color brush tap against my head, that is one of the best feelings in the world. While my color was setting, I got to talk to Leanne for a bit and her nail customer Maribeth.

When my color was rinsed, I got a small trim on my ends, and then she dried my hair and styled it. I love the darker blonde at the roots, and lighter throughout. I love the job she does on my hair. I hate how long it took me to find her.

When I left I went home, I texted Tricia and told her we were going to be a bit late. She was okay with it. I felt bad. I hate being late. When I got home, Drew and I hoped into his car, and we stopped at Giant Eagle first. I can’t show up empty handed to someone’s house. We picked up a pepperoni tray with cheese and crackers.

Finally, we arrived to Tricia and Ben’s I just wanted to get there and meet baby Jackson. When we walked in, Tricia and Ben greeted us with hugs. I looked down and saw him laying on a play mat. I asked if I could pick him up. She said, “Sure, yeah grab him.” I bent down and picked him up. He was so small and so tiny.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, closeup

When I looked down at him in my arms, I started smiling and talking to him. He had his eyes open and focused the entire time. Ben and Tricia said, that they loved how interested in me he was. Typically, when people hold him, he just falls asleep, but not with Danielle. I kept wondering if I was really ready for this? I feel like I am most days. I really do want children and I would love to have them soon.

Eventually, I gave Jackson to Drew. He wanted to hold him. Ben said, “just do it dude. it’s no big deal.” I handed Jackson to Drew. and when I laid him in his arms. Jackson went right to sleep. I have to admit. Drew looks so hot with a baby. I am so lucky. I can’t wait. I really can’t. He held him for a bit, then he wanted me to take him back. I think he gets nervous with other people’s children.
When we left Ben and Tricia’s, it was about 3pm. We went home and I laid down in bed for a minute. I was so tired. Miles to go before I could sleep. I got up and got ready for the Jazz Seminar. I put on a nice skirt, and top with black heels. I grabbed a little sweater, as well. I wasn’t sure where Drew and I were going to be posted.
When we left the house, we stopped and grabbed something to drink at Getgo and got gas. Then it was off to Oakland. When we arrived in Oakland, he dropped me off outside the Music Hall. I couldn’t remember from years past where to go in? I know they probably had the main doors locked. I called Frank, no answer. I called Amy and she told me to enter through the stage door, which was passed Dippy the dinosaur. I thought she was on drugs for a second. I said, “Who is Dippy the dinosaur?” She said, the giant statue of a dinosaur by the Carnegie do you see it?” I did see it, but I didn’t know his name was Dippy. I hung up with her and went through the stage door, and asked the security guard where  Frank was? He said, that Frank went that way. He pointed towards the lobby. I walked to the lobby and he saw me. He approached me, and gave me my assignment. Drew and I were to man this survey and raffle table.

Image may contain: Danielle Hornyak, smiling, indoor
As I started displaying the raffle table, Drew approached the table and helped me set up. Once I was set up, Frank gave me instructions. Then he was off to the races. We would see him walking rapidly past our table every so often. The lady from the Carnegie, Sue, approached me and introduced herself. I introduced myself and told her that I was in Frank’s position last year. I said, “I think Eileen was our contact last year.” She was familiar with me, but glad to meet me again. She told me that Pitt Arts can’t log on to the WiFi. I said, Oh that is a problem. Drew went to the computer and took a look. Thank God for him being in IT.
While Drew was away, people started pouring into the lobby, I had seen so many familiar faces. People came up to me and hugged me and asked me how I was doing and where I was since I wasn’t at Music anymore. I also got to talk to the Chancellor and his wife for like 5 mins. It was so cool. I wish Drew would have been there. He was so jealous, when I told him.
Once the concert got underway, I started packing up the prizes. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I left them with the work studies. I was getting ready to leave, when Sue approached me and said, that Frank fell and hit his head and he is vomiting. I said, “oh wow, okay I should go check on him.” She said, “They won’t let anyone back there. Ora is over top of him, and Nicole is with him.” I said, “Okay, well Frank and I are really good friends, so I am going to go back and check on him.” I grabbed the Pitt Police officer, who was on duty that night and asked him to go with me and wondered why he didn’t know.

When we arrived backstage, Ora asked me, who I was? I said, “Ora it’s Danielle, it’s okay.” I got down on my knees in front of Frank and he was crying and so upset. The medics were around him. The Pitt police officer was asking him questions about his name, his address, his phone number. Ora kept saying to everyone back off, let him catch his breath. I said, “Ora, they are doing their job. Frank is a big boy.” I can’t stand this woman. She is so annoying. She will tell anyone and everyone what to do, so annoying. The medics asked him if he wanted to go the hospital. Frank said, “No.” The Carnegie Stage Manager, said, “Frank I can’t have you working here, if you don’t go to the hospital. You need to go get checked out.” I did agree with him. Ora said, “please stop talking to him like that you are getting him upset.” I said, “Ora he has a point, if Frank collapses again and refuses medical treatment, then the Carnegie could be in trouble.” Frank said, “No, I don’t want to go to the hospital. I won’t collapse again. I just had an episode I am fine.” I said, “if you decide to go, I have it covered. I will stay here, whatever you need.” He said, “No, you and Andrew don’t need to stay, you guys probably want to go home.” I said, “No, we will be here if you need us.” Eventually, the medics had Frank sign a form saying he refused treatment, and Frank asked me if I would witness it. I said, I would and I signed the form. He asked me to check on the work studies, get the will call and hold tickets, and then come back and report back to him.
So I did, I went to the work studies and they handed me the will call tickets, and asked what to do next? I went back to talk to Frank and my heels were making a loud noise on the wooden floor. Ora told me to be quiet. I said, “Ora, it’s my shoes, I can’t help it, it is what it is.” I just wanted to tell her to fuck off, plainly. I didn’t have to listen to her anymore. I gave Frank the will call tickets and told him the work studies want to know what to do next? Frank said, have them take the prizes back to my office and lock em up. I said, okay, he said can you get my Pitt ID and my keys out of my bag? I grabbed his keys and walked back to the work studies. I gave them their assignment to take the prizes back to Frank’s office and lock em up and then bring the keys back. I wanted two people to go together, buddy system. When they came back with the keys they were done for the night.
When I went back to give Frank the update, I helped him walk to the lobby. He stopped to check out the concert as he passed. Then he took a seat at the survey table and was flipping through the tickets, back to business as usual. I was proud of him, so perhaps maybe he did make the right choice and not going. I just hope he is okay in the end.
When Andrew and I left, I texted Paula and Phil and gave them an update on Frank. They were glad that all was well. Paula wanted to talk to me on Monday. Drew and I went to Industry Pub for a drink and chili cheese fries, before going home and finally going to bed. What a day!

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