Thirsty Scholar

After work today,  I went to Happy Hour with Paula, AJ (he brought his student Paola), Michael Heller (Surprised everyone by showing up), and Stephanie (The new grad admin). I was glad our Happy Hour family was growing, but at the time Phil was missed. He had family commitments.

Thirsty Scholar is a bar that used to be a bookstore, so one half of the venue is a convenience store that sells beer and 6-packs to go. The other half of the venue is a bar/restaurant. When everyone arrived, we migrated to the back of the venue, which was more like a dining area with a bar.

That night, it was Taco Tuesday, so you got 4 tacos for some price. Paula had zucchini sticks, but the rest of us had tacos. They also gave you chips and salsa. I did have a few beers by the time I got home, I probably shouldn’t have been driving, but I had a good time with my Music Friends.

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