Sociology Party

Around 2:30pm today, Nancy and I got set up for the Sociology Christmas party. I had a playlist of Christmas music ready to go. Nancy and I had to submit a report that was due today, before we could go and enjoy the party.
Once we got the report submitted, we were able to join the party and eat. We didn’t eat lunch, because we were waiting for the party. We knew there was going to be so much food. I tried samosa for the first time ever and it was so good. I  heard that it could be filled with either meat, or potatoes and vegetables. This one was filled with vegetables and potatoes. There were two sauces you could use to dip it in. I chose the green chili sauce. It was so yummy.
After people ate, we started the white elephant game with the gifts. My gift was stolen from me twice, so I had to pick another one. I was the one who got chocolates in the end. It was the last gift on the table. It was a good time. We took two group pictures, and then Nancy and I started cleaning up.
After we cleaned up, we got ready to leave. I was waiting for Drew to come pick me up, since we drove in together today. Nancy and I locked up together, and then it was time for the weekend to start.

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