Sunday, I am Sick

This morning, I woke up all congested and miserable. I did some laundry, some cleaning, and then I made us some coffee. Drew made us eggs. I sat on the couch and watched the Crown. I was not feeling 100%. I put dinner in the crockpot.  After I had my coffee, I went and got a shower. I asked Drew if I could go to medexpress. My ear was starting to hurt, and I just felt like I was underwater.
When I got dressed, I went to Medexpress. They said, that there wasn’t any fluid in my ear, but I was congested. They suggested a steroid to clear up my congestion and prevent it from getting worse. I thought to myself. I don’t think I need a steroid, but okay.
On the way home, I stopped at Giant Eagle. I dropped the script off, and I picked up some Gatorade, as well as some soup. Drew offered to pick up my prescription on his way home from the gym.
When I got home, I put some tea on and laid on the couch. I binged watched the Crown. I have one episode left. I really needed to just take it easy today. I did take some Sudafed and it seemed to do the trick.

When Drew got home from the gym, he stopped at Giant Eagle on the way and picked up my prescription and some Puffs tissues. I was glad to see him, but he was only going to be home for a minute. He wanted to go visit Grandma. I was going to go, but I don’t want to go, if I am not 100%.
I got dinner on the table, so he could eat before we goes to his Grandma’s. She is in a rehab center right now. After dinner, we cleaned up and then he left. I was back on the couch. I love binge watching.
When Drew came home, he watched the second to the last episode with me before we got ready for bed. Sunday nights are so nice and relaxing, but it is tough to fall asleep.

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