Learning Experiences

Learning this position, has been so hard. Unfortunately, there isn’t any formal training. It’s a learn as you go type of thing. I think learning experiences are bittersweet. Learning a job is never easy, and it’s full of growing pains, and sometimes the people don’t always make learning the job easy and fun, but it’s all necessary.
Academic Learning has always been fun for me, and academic learning had it’s  challenging parts too.  I have always enjoyed academic learning, even the challenging parts. They help shape you. I guess the same good be said for Occupational Learning.
Although, when the excitement of the job offer wears off, and you are left to actually learn the position the ins and outs, the processes, the policies, the chain of command, who does what and where; it’s taxing physically (tired at the end of the day, which leads me not wanting to go the gym), mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes in addition to learning the job, you have people surrounding you that you may work closely with on a project, that don’t remember what it was to be new and to learn a new position. They were just born intellectually superior, and better than you. Those people suck, but at the same time maybe instead of being mad at them, I should look at them like they are going to provide me with a different kind of Learning Experience. Maybe I should see them as a way to learn how to deal with difficult people in life?
Learning Experiences, ugh. I just wish that I could fast forward to just Knowing how to do certain tasks, and knowing how to do my job, instead of “learning” how to do it. I know that comes with time, it’s just hard to accept and sometimes hard for me to grasp, and “Deal with.” I deal with things differently than most (Don’t we all?). I tend to really get in my head and excessively worry about things, and always think of the negative first. I don’t know why I always do. It’s just how I am programmed and I have never changed my way of thinking, and really put the effort behind it. I always find that in the end the outcome is never really all that negative, it is positive, but sometimes may not be the type of positive that I envisioned.
All the content mentioned above has been my whole week. It has not been an easy week for me at all, but it is Friday, and that means at 4:30pm today this week is over, but I know I have learned more this week about my position and the people that I work closely with sometimes, and I now know what to do moving forward about theses issues and I have people, who are in my corner and protecting me, because they know that I m new and deserve a chance to learn and grow, which is so refreshing.
For the rest of the day today, I am trying to map out my plan of attack for next week. I am here for the whole day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, we get to leave early. I am not sure what time we get to leave, but early is good for me. This evening, Drew and I are going to dinner at Red Robin, and we probably should do some Christmas shopping. We haven’t even started yet.
As for Christmas break, I am ready to just relax and enjoy my time off. I know there will be more chaos and things to “learn” come January, so I will need to be ready. I want to be refreshed and ready to go. Then I start Grad School shortly after break. I am going to be so busy. I will be okay. I know I will be, just have to go through the “Learning Experiences..”

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