Christmas Day 2017

This Christmas day was a bit different this year. Grandma has been recovering in a rehabilitation center. She fell back in November and cracked a bone in her spine. This happened right before she was to get her heart valve replaced. The fall happened after she had her heart cath implanted.   My mother-in-law, believe she fell due to her blood pressure being so low, from the surgery.  Thankfully, she had her first alert on her and was able to get call an ambulance.
Honestly, I believe she will not return to her high rise apartment, because she is a fall risk. God forbid she returns to her apartment, and in the future, she falls again and there is no one there to help her. It is sad, but she may end up in assisted living, or even a nursing home.
All that is going on with Grandma, and my mother-in-law, brings back some not so nice memories from when my Grandma was getting ready to go into a Nursing home, because she fell in the kitchen, and broke her hip. She needed skilled care until she passed away. It is so sad to see Andrew’s family go through this process. I am trying to be there for everyone, but the outcome of Grandma ever returning to her apartment, doesn’t look too good.
On Christmas Day, we were supposed to pick up Aunt Tootsie and bring her to Andrew’s parents with us, but she isn’t feeling well and wanted to stay home. We arrived at Andrew’s parents around 12pm. We sat around the living room and opened gifts. I received a silver diamond bracelet, and a gift card to Starbucks from my in-laws. I love my bracelet and I am so thankful. Andrew received a gift card to Best Buy, and a customized Whiskey Barrel, engraved with his name on it.

My parents arrived at 2pm. Then we sat down and ate dinner. We had ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and prime rib. It was all so yummy. for dessert, my mother-in-law brought out a cake to honor my dad’s retirement. He retired from work this past Thursday. I was happy she honored it. She didn’t have to, but she didn’t and that makes her so cool.

After dinner, we hung out and cleaned up, then we got in our cars and went to visit grandma at the rehab center. My parents even decided to come and visit her. I was glad about that. Grandma seemed so happy to see us. The first thing she asked Pam, was if she brought her any food? Pam said, Well no I didn’t, because they serve you dinner here. I didn’t even think to do it, mom. She said, she would bring her some tomorrow for lunch. My mother-in-law took pictures of us with Grandma, because who knows this may be this last Christmas. You hate to think of things like that, but we have to be realistic and be prepared.

Author: Boujee On a Budget

Hello there, welcome to my blog! My name is Danielle. I am a daughter, a writer, a wife, a lover of literature, and music. Britney Spears is my girl crush. Paris, France is my favorite place on earth. Fitzgerald is my favorite author. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have been called high maintenance, "boujee", "someone, who has champagne taste on a beer wallet", etc. You know what I am boujee and I am embracing it, but there is no denying that I am on a budget.

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