On Saturday, Drew asked if it was okay, that he goes to the gym? Of course, it was okay, it was his weekend too.  My mom and dad came over and brought an extra pillow over for me to get comfortable on the couch. I couldn’t sleep in the bed, I coughed too much and I know it was disturbing for Drew. My parents brought popsicles as well for my throat and two pieces of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Drew went to the store after the gym and got me more Gatorade and Kleenex. I was going through so many boxes. I laid on the couch all day. I did some homework for grad school. I was going to wait until Sunday night to submit it.

On Sunday, I was still coughing hard and spitting up phlegm. It seemed like the antibiotic wasn’t working like it should have been. Drew went to MedExpress. He was feeling sick himself. He had a cough. It took him a long time to be seen. There were so many people in front of him. They prescribed him a steroid for his cough and was told to keep an eye on it. He was not in a good mood at all. I couldn’t handle it. I was so sick, laid up all day, and my period started. I had the trifecta. That evening, he helped me Lysol the bed and change the sheets. I packed up my book bag, and stuff for work and school. I thought it might be a big mistake to go, but see how I am doing in the morning.

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