Monday morning at about 3:15am, I woke up with an intense coughing spell. I couldn’t sleep at all throughout the night. I couldn’t even breathe. I had to get relief somehow. I called my mom and asked her if I should go to the emergency room? She said,  I think you should go. I was worse over night.

When I went back into the bedroom, Drew said he would take me to the hospital. I put on some sweatpants and a hoodie. Drew got a shower, got dressed, and helped me pack up my things. He started up my car and helped me put on my shoes. I went outside and got into the car.

When we arrived to the hospital, he dropped me off at the front door, and I walked in and checked in on the touch screen. A nurse approached me and asked me what brought me in today? She had a mask on her face. I told her and she asked me I wanted a mask. I said, please and thank you. She then asked if I wanted a wheelchair. I was feeling so weak. I couldn’t even stand. She brought over a wheelchair and I took a seat. Drew came in to the waiting room at this time, and the nurse asked him, if I was his better half? Drew said, “Yes, she is my wife.” The nurse wheeled me in to the intake area where another nurse took my information and got me registered, then wheeled me back into an examining room.

Once I was in the room, they told me to undress from the waist up, and put on this hospital gown. Drew helped me get my hoodie off and put on the hospital gown. Then at that point, a nurse came in and started to examine my nose, my mouth, and my throat. asked if I was put on antibiotics due to my tonsils? I said, “Yeah.” She said, “They look fine, so do your ears. You do have some congestion and some post nasal drip, but we are going to get you feeling better okay.” I nodded my head.

After one nurse left, another nurse came in and started an IV. She took blood from me first, then the other nurse swabbed my nose and my mouth. They wanted to do a flu test. They were surprised no one did this at the PCP or the Pitt Clinic.

The other nurse, who hooked up my IV, gave me medicine through my IV called tramadol, and then handed me a cup of Vicodin cough syrup. She said, those two combined should make you feel pretty good. We will check up on you in a bit. Just then another nurse came in to take me for chest X-rays to make sure I didn’t have pneumonia. I knew I didn’t have pneumonia.

When they wheeled me back in the room, it was awhile before a doctor came in, a couple hours it seemed. When the doctor came in, he told me I have Influenza A. I am to rest and relax. I said, “oh wow.” He said, “I am sorry.” I said, “No, I am glad we know now.” I can’t believe the Pitt Clinic didn’t diagnose me right, or if they did then tonsillitis turned into the flu immediately.

When we left the hospital, the doctor gave me an excuse to get out of work until Thursday at the earliest and a decongestant. I am going to be taking that until I feel better. Drew took me home to rest, and then went back to the store to get my prescriptions. I was feeling good so I typed up the e-mails to my co-workers, and supervisor, as well as professors, because I wasn’t going to class tonight that is for sure. I did have to file a claim for FMLA in order to protect my job, while I am sick. It is a normal procedure, when you have been out of work for awhile.

Then Drew came home and we relaxed together for the rest of the day. For dinner, Drew made grilled cheese and soup, and then right before Siesta Key we made a pizza. Drew was coughing still and I really wanted him to stay home tomorrow, but I think he was going to go to work instead. That night, I took some cough syrup and I was out like a night, no coughing, no tossing or turning, just sleep. I can’t wait to feel better.


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