Saturday: Hair Appointment

This morning I woke up around 8:00am. I got a shower, and got ready to leave the house for my hair appointment. I was running a bit behind, so I just drove straight to the hair salon. I wanted to stop and see my parents, and my dogs. My mom was out to lunch, so I figured I would just stop over after my hair appointment and kill some time before I had to go to Pitt to work on my group project.
When I arrived at my hair appointment, my hair tech was still busy working on her client before me, so I talked to Leanne and Maci. Leanne was coming down with a cold, so I didn’t want to get too near her. I didn’t kiss Maci either. I wasn’t sure if she was going to catch what her mom had, or not. I am over being sick.
When it was time for me to sit in the chair, I explained to her how I wanted heavy highlights and a little low lights, but mostly highlights. She said, she can do that. I told her I wanted to go lighter again. I do like the dark root, but I am ready for a brighter blonde look again.
While I was under the dryer, I sent Drew a picture of me with the foils in my hair. He said, I looked good. He is so cute. When she washed my hair out, and took out the foils. I was excited to see it styled and dry. She did trim my layers, but didn’t take anything off the length.
When she styled it and dried it, I was in love. I was already lighter, then I thought I would be. The dimensional blonde looks awesome! I hope people notice it at work. When I left the salon, I stopped at my parents for a half an hour.
When I walked into my parents, the dogs came running. I love seeing them. They jump up on their hind legs and try to kiss me and climb on me.  I have missed them so much. I sat with them and visited with my dad for a little. Then I had to leave to go to Pitt’s campus to work on our group project.
When I arrived on campus, I parked under the building I work in, Posvar. My group and I were meeting in that building, and going to work on our project and hopefully finish it today. I was ready to put this one behind me. We ended up going to the classroom, that is right outside my department. We wrote up our script for our narrated presentation via power point. We also were able to get it all finished that day. It is not quite exactly 10-mins, but if we were to add anymore it would also be stupid, so I think it should be quality over quantity, but we all agreed it is good enough and we were ready to go by 5pm.
When I got home, I was so glad to see Drew. We relaxed and hung out for a bit, then we went to dinner with his parents. We were going to meet them at the Cafe. I was excited for it at the time, but when we arrived there, I wasn’t feeling it for some reason. I was still blowing my nose at dinner, and I had a coughing fit and had to go to the bathroom for minute. It was not fun for me at all. I really just wanted to go home after that.
After we ate dinner, Drew finished his beer, then we were on our way home. He said, that he felt the same way. We both had wings and fries and kind of regret it now. It didn’t taste as good as we thought it would. We were ready just to go home.

Author: Boujee On a Budget

Hello there, welcome to my blog! My name is Danielle. I am a daughter, a writer, a wife, a lover of literature, and music. Britney Spears is my girl crush. Paris, France is my favorite place on earth. Fitzgerald is my favorite author. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have been called high maintenance, "boujee", "someone, who has champagne taste on a beer wallet", etc. You know what I am boujee and I am embracing it, but there is no denying that I am on a budget.

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