Cleaning/Laundry/Prepping for Easter

Today, we had a chiro appointment at 11am. I adjusted easily. Drew made another appointment next Saturday. I will make one again later. After the chiropractor, we went to the gym and got a little work out in. I was able to get a little running done on the treadmill, but then my head phones died, so I did some weight training and then left. I can’t do the gym without music in my ears.
When I went home I got a shower, got dressed, and then went to my parents. I dropped off the ham, my mom was going to heat it up before we arrived tomorrow. All we had to do was make the deviled eggs, easy! While I was at my parents. My mom read my first ever paper of grad school and she liked it. They were proud that I got a B+ on my paper. When I found out the grade, I almost screamed with joy, but I was at work, so I did a sigh of relief.
After I left my parents, I went home and we decided on tacos for dinner. I didn’t want to make dinner until about 6pm. We did some laundry and some cleaning. He took the garbage out and vacuumed. We got a lot done today I was proud of us. After we ate dinner, we watched the office, until it was time for bed. We had a long day tomorrow.

Good Friday

Today, I had plans to go to church with my boss. We thought there was going to be mass or something for Good Friday. Well when we arrived at the church, it was just a prayer service about the last words Jesus spoke before he died, no mass. At one point, I got the attention of the usher, and whispered, “is there a mass today?” He said, “yes, at 1:30pm.
I said, “oh okay, thank you.” I turned to Phyllis and said, “no mass until 1:30pm.” She said, “Oh alright, let’s stay for a little then go. There was one last year!”
When we left, we walked back to our building. When I arrived back to the department, I told Nancy that there wasn’t a mass it was just a prayer service. She said, “yeah he has to die first.” Then it dawned me, did I not learn anything from years of Catholic school. He has to die first before there can be a remembrance or even a mass!
After work, we went to the cafe with Drew’s parents I had a fish sandwich and fries. I regaled them with my story and they all laughed.  Oh well, we tried and attempted there is an A for effort there. I am so happy it is the weekend.

Take Me to the Barre

After work today, I went to Barre class again. This was my second time. I was a bit bloated and hormonal. I am waiting for my monthly visitor to arrive, but they say exercise is best when you are PMSing. We changed it up a bit, but still did piles and some work up on our toes, but we added tondues as well.

Typically the right for your arms, when you are doing tondues to the back is keep your arms right arm straight out in front of you (if you are working your right foot).   Since I had previous ballet training, this is what I am accustomed to (hair flip). However, some people in the class haven’t had it, so she just says to keep your arm out to side, since it is easier for people. We had a little conversation on the side there about arm positions in ballet.
When it came time for the abdominal part, I think it went well. I did better than did last week. It is going to get easier. I did a plank for 10 seconds, a new record for me! I hate planking.  After class, I told her that I was planning on attending her barre class next Sunday at her friend’s dance studio. She was glad to hear it. We wished each other happy Easter, then I went home to my husband.
When I walked in, he was folding laundry. He had a long week at work, and I know he was ready for the week to be over.  He skipped out on the gym. I went up and got a shower, got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, then we watched the Office until we went to bed.

Graduate Student Visitation

Finally, the day was here for the perspective Grad students to come visit the department and see what we have to offer! I was going to be in and out of my office all day. In the morning, as the students arrived I gave them the folders that I made for them, and walked them to the conference room. They filled out the W9 so they could be reimbursed for the cost of their flight.

At one point, one of the grad students arrived and he introduced himself. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew it was going to be an instant  friendship. His name was Juan. He had the best personality, and we were going to be fast friends I just knew it. He said, he felt it too.

After everyone is the conference room, I took a seat next to Melanie and he explained the department and how it is organized. The admins and our roles, as well as the faculty and their areas of study. It was nice to have a refresher.  I did learn some things I didn’t know.

When the pizza arrived, I helped to set it up with plates, forks, ice for the pop, etc. I love organizing events, so this kind of stuff was one of my strengths. During lunch, we talked about Pittsburgh; things to do and see, places to go, places to eat, etc. After lunch, Melanie and I took them around the department, and showed them the highlights of Posvar Hall. I know two of them committed already, but I wanted the other two to commit as well.

After the tour of the building and the department, I was able to go back to my desk and check my e-mail. I processed some requests, but I couldn’t get started on anything big. At 3:30pm, we all met in the department and walked over to the UClub for the happy hour. I brought a sign-in sheet for me for expenses purposes. It was my job to make sure everyone, who was in attendance had their name on this list, so we could get reimbursed. I stayed until the end. Drew came by after work. He had a beer with Melanie and I and we congratulated ourselves on the job well done. Whew I was ready to go home.

Barre Class

After work today, I went to the gym and instead of doing my normal treadmill routine, I noticed that my barre instructor was in the large gym getting ready to lead a class. I knew it was barre, because I saw the chairs, and the mats. I walked in and put my stuff in the back and grabbed a chair, a mat, and a stretchy band. I figured why not. I love this class, and I haven’t done it in awhile, since I got a full time job.
When the class began, she noticed me and smiled. We started with piles, and Relevés my thighs were screaming.  Then I remembered I have to dress up nicely tomorrow for the visitation which means heels. I like the ballet part. The abdominal work out, not so much. I am not a fan. I was a little rusty, but glad to be back.
At the end of class, I talked to my instructor. I asked her what she charges per hour, and she said, $55. She can come to your house to train me, the gym, or at her friend’s dance studio.  I said, I will definitely talk to my husband. She gave me her number. She also told me to keep coming to barre twice a week. She teaches it at her friend’s dance studio on Sunday’s at 9:30am. She said no bread, no pasta. I am going to do this. I can do this. I don’t have much to lose, it just I need to get back in shape and get toned up. No excuse not to.
After barre, I hopped on the treadmill, and Drew came over to talk to me. He thinks $55 an hour is a bit steep, but I told him that trainers can cost $80-$100 an hour, typically. He sort of agreed with me, but wants us to wait until after England. I understand and agree with him. We spending a lot of money for this trip to England. Then I realized I had to stop at Wal-Mart. He offered to go for me, even though I had to pick up mascara. He just wanted me to send him a picture of what kind I needed. He is the sweetest. I am one lucky girl

St. Patrick’s Day

While everyone was out getting wasted, and probably going to the parade in downtown Pittsburgh, I had a busy day of errands. I have never been much for the day drinking, or all day drinking. I got up at 7:45am. I got a shower, dressed, and then left to go to my parents. I wanted to see my dogs. I haven’t seen them in so long.
When I arrived to my parents, I was so happy to see my little puppies. Louie took a second to let me love on him. He hasn’t seen me in a while and was a bit skittish. Paris was ready for hugs and loves. I miss them. I went upstairs and hung out with my mom, after I said, hi to my dad. Paris and I snuggled in bed for bit. She was snuggled up in my arms. I love her. She is so cuddly and she loves the attention.
After a quick cup of coffee, I left to go to the hair salon. I was going to see my parents later at my house anyways. When I arrived at the hair salon, I sat in the chair. We talked about the game plan for my hair. I definitely wanted to be lighter, but I still liked the dimension, so we opted for all over blonde with a few caramel low lights. Overall I am satisfied..
On my way home, I called Drew and he told me that Dave, our handyman was there to fix the water pipe, that leads into the washer. It was all corroded. I drove home, so Drew could leave to go to the ACC tournament game. He was going to go with his friend Ben, who had tickets. I was jealous. Soon after I arrived, Drew left and my parents came over. My parents and Dave sat at my kitchen table and talked about the Catholic parishes that are going to be closing in the neighborhood.
After a while, I said, “Alright well I am hungry, and we have to get going.” I stood up. If I didn’t, Dave would have sat there all day and BSed. He is a little lonely I think. It’s sad, but I have things to do. When we left the house, I told my parents I would drive. I opened the backseat of my car, to put my purse in on the seat, and noticed a small puddle of water in the backseat on the floor. I picked up the bottle of windshield wiper fluid and noticed a small crack in the plastic bottle. I took the bottle and the gray, plastic Walmart bag that it was in and put it on the concrete parking lot, by the bushes. I figured I would deal with that later. I was so damn mad.
Once everyone was in the car, my dad was teasing me about my taste in music. I have XM and I like to listen to 90’s alternative and grunge, the Lithium channel. He wanted “The Bridge.” I settled for 70’s rock. On the way to Sheetz to find a vacuum to suck out the puddle of Rain-X on my backseat floor, my mom started to have a panic attack because she couldn’t figure out how to unlock the doors if the car is in gear. I said I don’t know to do that. I am trying to drive and I don’t have the patience for this shit. I was able to pull over safely. I parked the car and she rolled down the window and proceeded to argue with me, about the locked doors and she kept clicking them off, but they would switch back on when the car is in gear. It is a safety feature. What I don’t understand is she was fine, on the way to the bridal shower last weekend, when she was in the front, but dad had to be in the front and mess with my radio. I was so annoyed.
When we put the money in the vacuum it didn’t work.  It wouldn’t suck anything up. I said, “Okay, let’s go inside and get our dollar back. That solves this problem.” We got the dollar back, got back in the car, and my mom had the window down, and my dad wanted the heat on full blast. I felt like I was driving children. I was so over it and didn’t want to go to lunch at this point. I was hungry, but I was losing my appetite. I could be home reading and doing work, no I am here dealing with this. I drove to GetGo, no vacuum. I drove to Sunoco, no vacuum. I was over it.
I parked the car at Armstrong’s restaurant, we walked in, got a booth, and sat down. I ordered the baked ziti, dinner portion. I was messing around today, with a small salad, Italian dressing. I was so short with the conversation. I just wanted to go home. After lunch, I drove home and my parents left. I got out of the car and saw my neighbor. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her. She said, do you have a shop vac? I said, “yes.” she said, use my extension cord, and my outdoor outlet. I said, “really? that would be so helpful.” She went inside and got her extension cord, she was on her way to Ohio. She handed me the cord and left to get on her way.
The cord was so tangled. I  was able to unravel it the best I could, and I brought up the shop vac, and hooked it up, and was able to suck out the fluid from the backseat floor. In the meantime, Drew was sending me pictures from the game. I could cry. I hate doing this stuff, and it was a long day. Andrew’s mom texted me and asked me what time we will be ready tonight? I told her I don’t think we are going. I had a long day and I am dealing with so much right now, and I don’t feel like drinking tonight, but thanks anyway.
After I got done cleaning the car, I put the shop vac away, and wrapped the cord, and stuffed it back in the plastic container, that it came in. I put it inside our house by our front door, so I remember to give it back to Amy when I see her. I locked up my car and got comfy on the couch. I started prepping for class on Tuesday. I was so over this day.
Anthony texted me and told me that he was on his way over. I needed to vent. He brought Dylan and Ray along with them. We all decided to go to Primanti’s for some green beer. I didn’t feel like changing, so I wore sweat pants with my friends, and they were like you could at least put jeans on to go out. I was like don’t start with me today.
When we got to Primanti’s, it surprisingly wasn’t packed, but it wasn’t night time yet. We all ordered green beers and Drew was going to meet us there. I was ready to see him. All I wanted to do all day was see him. I knew he would be able to help me and be there to support me with my mom acting like a lunatic.
When Drew arrived, we moved to a high top table, instead of a booth. I was so happy to see him. I clued him on the events of the day, and he was so upset for me and sorry that I had to deal with all that today. We talked about the game.  After a few more green beers it was time to go, we went home and I got a shower. I told my friends, that I just wanted to be alone with my husband for tonight. I had enough today.

St. Patrick’s Day Eve

After work today, we went home and I changed. We had dinner plans with Andrew’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law. They were in town for a hiking and outdoorsy event. We were supposed to hang out tomorrow with his parents, but I guess we are going tonight instead. I just don’t want to hang out all weekend with his parents. We have such a busy day tomorrow anyway.
When we arrived at the cafe, they were just pulling in, we said our “hellos” and gave each other hugs. Then we went inside and got a table. When we sat down, we ordered our beers, and eventually, I had my green beer! We talked about their plans to go to this hiking event. Megan, my sister-in-law was describing it to me, and I said, “oh good times.” she said, “Yea actually it will be. it is a great ab work out.” I am nodded and said, “I bet.” They are so outdoorsy and so active. I forget the name of the walk, but you carry rocks in your book bag, and the weight can be whatever you choose it to be, and it will force you to keep your abs locked in and pulled tight as you walk this trail. Ugh, sounds like torture.
Oh, we also talked about Megan’s program, and how tired she is. She doesn’t get to work out as much anymore, and how much she owes in debt. Andrew and I had to volunteer information about our lives, and upcoming plans. We don’t get asked too much about our plans, events, and current things happening in our life when they are around. It ‘s kind of sad, but whatever. I just hate how we have to make a fuss over them and what all they are doing, so I just let it roll really. They are different people.
At dinner, Andrew’s mom asked if we were still coming here tomorrow? I said, “No, we are here tonight.” She said, “Oh, okay. I thought you were still coming here tomorrow for the party.” I said, “No, probably not, since we are here now.” I don’t want to hang out with parents all week and I have things to do really. She said, “Well we can drive like we drove Tommy and Megan tonight? So you two can drink and have a good time.” I said, “Oh okay, well we will touch base tomorrow.” Drew doesn’t really say too much. He leaves it up to me, really.  When we got home, I got ready and went to bed. I was so tired and I had an early day tomorrow.

Writing Center

I broke down and made an appointment with the Writing Center. I have heard that they are not constructed properly for Graduate Students, and they are more geared to undergrad. I needed to find someone else to proof read my paper. I did have my previous Lit professor, Spe read it. He made his comments, but I have no clue how to apply them. I agree with his suggestions and I think some areas of my paper need tweaked and tightened up, but I have no clue how to go about it. I also had another graduate student here in the Sociology department read my paper. I think he did a better job of trying to help me and giving me things to think about for me to expand my thoughts and add more sentences to some of these paragraphs, but I still needed help figuring out where to begin.
When I was checking out the website for the Writing Center. I noticed there are a few different schedules O’Hara Student Center schedule, and the Hillman Library Schedule. I want the Hillman Library Writing Center, it is closer to where I work. I made the appointment during my lunch hour at 1 pm. I printed out my paper, and then I figured I better call the writing center and see how this works. When I talked to the administrator, she said, that once you enter the library, walk towards the Cup and Chaucer (a coffee bar), then to your write, you will see a sign that says, “Writing Center.” You will hang out there and wait for the tutor. I said, Oh okay, easy enough. I gave her the name of the tutor I scheduled with online, and she told me what the tutor looks like, so I would know who to look for, while I was waiting.
When I arrived at the Writing Center, it was about 12:40pm. I looked around for my tutor and didn’t see her. I flipped through my paper, and scrolled through my phone. I was nervous. It was almost like a blind date. At one point, I looked up and saw a woman with red hair standing near a table, with her daughter. I stood up and introduced myself. I figured this must be her. She and I shook hands, and then she sat down at the table with me. I turned back and said hi to her daughter. She was so cute. She sat the table behind us.
Throughout the appointment, the tutor read over my paper from start to finish. She made corrections here and there, and gave me some things to think about and possibly how many sentences I might need to write to expand on my thoughts in certain places. I am so glad I made this decision. I wish I would have started this process last week, but I thought I was not going to need the writing Center, because of Spe, but it turns out I did need them and I just hope I had enough time. Time flew by, and I was a half hour late coming back from my lunch hour. I felt so terrible. I am never late. I never did this before.
When I arrived back to the office, I apologized to Nancy she said don’t worry about it. I immediately fired off an e-mail to Phyllis, my supervisor. I knew she wasn’t in this afternoon, but I just wanted to make her aware of the situation and how I planned to make it up during my lunch hour next week. I was hoping she would understand.
In the afternoon, I did some requests and made the corrections on my paper. I also e-mailed the tutor. We have an appointment to meet at 11am-12pm tomorrow. I talked to Nancy and I have to be here, while she is at a Department Meeting from 12pm-2pm and needs to leave her office a few minutes earlier to get set up. My appointment will be cut short, but I think I will be okay. My week is going to be a bit chaotic next week. We have prospective students coming in to visit the department. I will see what happens, but it’s going to come to a point, where I will have to turn it in eventually, and the grade that I get is the grade that I get. I will have to learn from this for the next paper.
After work, I walked to the cathedral to go meet Drew. I was ready to get out of Oakland.  When we met up, I told him how hungry I was and how I just wanted a burger. He said, I feel the same way. We drove from Oakland to Red Robin. It wasn’t a bad drive and we were so ready to eat some good food and have a couple beers.
When we arrived to Red Robin, we sat at the bar, and ordered Coors Light, and put our food order in. We chatted about England, work, and how it is almost the weekend! When our food arrived, it didn’t have a prayer. I was a bit of a glutton. I had two orders of fries and two beers. He had two beers and three orders of fries. Bottom less fries get us every time! It was such a good idea.
When we got home, I got a shower and put some pjs on, and then we watched the Office. We are on Season 4. Jim and Pam are together and officially a couple. They admitted it to the Office! After that I fell asleep. I was so tired. I have so much going on anymore. I can’t stay awake. Tomorrow is Friday.

The Choice Review

After dinner we watched the movie, the Choice. It is originally a novel by Nicholas Sparks. The movie was so good.  After I watch any movie by Nicholas Sparks. Every time I read a Nicholas Sparks book, or see once of those movies. I just want to live in South Carolina or North Carolina.  I love everything about his books, the way he paints the south.
Image result for the choice
Oh and did I mention, Tom Welling is the movie! I love Tom Welling. I think I my have watched this just to see him. Image result for the choice tom welling

New Washer & Spring Cleaning

We were up at 6am. Supposedly the delivery people said we are the second delivery today. I got a shower, got dressed, and made some coffee and watched Reign, while Drew was getting ready.
When the delivery people showed up, Drew went outside to direct them to our place. One of the delivery men came inside with Drew and then they went downstairs to the basement. The delivery man had to get an idea of how the house was set up, so when they brought the new washer in, they hooked it up and got it ready to go. The old washer, when they brought it up, the hose came loose and water dripped on our light beige carpet. I just gave Drew a look. He knew I was pissed. The guys apologized.

When they left, Drew and I went to Walmart and picked up some carpet stain remover.
When we got home, Drew sprayed the carpet and then he ran the carpet cleaner machine that we borrowed from my parents’ awhile ago. It was going to be a day of cleaning. I was so out of it, from getting up early.
In the afternoon, Drew left to go to the gym, I laid on the couch and took a nap. When I woke up it was 4:30pm, and he was on his way to pick me up so we could go grocery shopping. When we came home,  he ran the vacuum over the dry carpet and I made dinner. It was a long day.