This morning, I woke up at 5:40 am. We drove in today, instead of taking the bus. I have to meet with my group for Higher Education Administration Management class at 4:30pm today. I am semi prepared to meet up with them, but not really. All I have to do is sum up the intro of what a Director of Libraries does for a University. It isn’t due until the week we come back from Spring break. I am more concerned about the paper that is due for that class.
When we were on our way to Pitt, I told Drew how tired I was. He said, you slept for 9 hours. I said, I felt like I could sleep for longer. He laughed. When we got to Pitt,  we got coffee at the Cathedral. When Drew and I parted ways, I walked to my building and called my mom. I told her about how tired I was and she said, well you are busy girl. I sighed. I am, but it is better that way.
When I got to my building, I opened the department, put my lunch in the fridge, and sat down in my office. I started reading for grad school and printed out some articles for the meeting tonight. I was hoping it wasn’t going to last long. I have yet to look those over. I have the easy portion I think.
When Nancy came in, we started looking over the issues with the fall schedule. Things weren’t adding up in our allocation. We are trying to project who is going to receive a fellowship, and how many grad students are coming into the department, and etc. It is a mess and it is all up in the air. It’s a struggle to plan, when we you don’t have all the information yet. You almost have to play and guess with the data you have. It is a mess.
Presently, Nancy is out to lunch, and I am sitting here typing up this post. Hopefully I will have an update for you soon.
When Nancy came back, I went into the kitchen and read for grad school, while I ate lunch. While I was reading, a professor came in, the one that I used to share the office space with and he said, “How goes it Scholar?” I said, “It goes well, gentleman.” He and I shared a laugh and then he walked out of the kitchen. I really feel like I have made some friends in this department.
After lunch, I went back to my office, and worked on some requests throughout the day, talked to Nancy off and on, and then it was time to meet with my group for the leadership presentation, which only took about 15 mins, then I was on my way to meet Drew at the Cathedral.
When we were on our way to our car, we talked about what we wanted to do for dinner. I kind of wanted to get out for a bit. He felt the same way, even though it was a rainy day. We went to IHop and had Pancakes. He loves it there. I personally like Eat n Park better, but I don’t mind going to IHop. I had the cupcake pancakes. They were so sweet and so good. It is exactly what I needed for my hormones. Drew had an omelette and three buttermilk pancakes. He ate every bite. Typically he swims at lunch and this makes him even hungrier throughout the day.
After iHop, we went home. I got showered and changed into some comfortable clothes, and we watched the Office, until we went to bed. Somethings in the Office are hilarious. Somethings are not so funny, but I was battling hormones and waiting for my monthly visitor, so nothing was funny. Tomorrow is another day.

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