Jerzday Thursdays

At lunch today, I had to meet with my writing center tutor. She was coming to my office, since Nancy was out.  We read over my paper for methodology. I had to write an article evaluation. ugh, I am not a fan of this class, and the terms so it makes it hard to write the paper, when you aren’t a fan of the class. We tweaked some things around. The professor knows I am trying, so she offered to read it tomorrow to make sure I have all the points in the paper. I wanted it to all be there, but we will see.

After we were finished, and the tutor left, I went into my office. I made the corrections and then sent it off to the professor. She wanted to read it tomorrow. I was hoping I was done, if not almost done. I have to work on another paper this weekend for Higher Education Administration. I do like that class better, but actually sitting down and writing the paper is the hardest part for me.

Work went quickly, I had to be there until 5pm, since Nancy was gone. When I met up with Drew, he seemed a little tired and out of it. We both wanted a big greasy burger, so we decided on burger king, but we had to stop and get some beer first. On the way home, we stopped at the beer distributor and picked up a case of miller high life lite. We also went next door to giant eagle, and picked up tooth paste, and some chips. Then it was to burger king, then home.

Once we got home, I got our food plated, and we went into the living room and watched two episodes of the office, then I got a shower and he put his work clothes in the wash. He was going out of town soon and needed to get things ready. After my shower, I came down stairs, and we watched Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Image result for jersey shore family vacation

The first episode was a little rough. It had it’s funny points, but these people are married with kids. Well two of them are married with kids. Ronny has a baby on the way, and seems to be the same old Ron. Pauly D has a baby with a girl, but is not married and is single. Vinny is skinny now. 🙂 He has a serious girlfriend. The situation seems the most turned around. He is clean and sober now, but he is in trouble with the Federal Government for not paying his taxes. Sammy decided to not be on the show, because of her and Ron’s “toxic” relationship. Deena is married and is on the show, but seems to have chilled out a little bit. There is weird dynamic between Snooki and Jenny. Jenny seems like she is too good for Snooki. There will definitely  be some drama. One thing they all have in common, is they all look so much older now!

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