Fifty Shades of Freed Review

After dinner, Andrew and I went home and changed into comfy clothes and we watched Fifty Shades Freed. I loved it. I will miss this series. Christian Grey is so hot! Drew laughed a little. Christian Grey is so intense. Jamie Dornan was a good cast for that role.
Image result for fifty shades freedThe viewers see a softer side of Christian Grey in this movie.

In the end, when he sings to Ana. I love how it ended, but I do prefer the books over the movie. It took me some time to like Dakota Johnson. Ana is supposed to be a bit awkward and “naive” at first. Dakota was an “ok” Ana. I am not really sure who else I would pick for that role. It is probably a bit difficult part to play unless you are already a little awkward.
Of course, something happens that tries to come between their relationship, but Christian and Ana get through it in the end, and I approve.


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