Work today has been slow and steady. I have been doing a few requests here and there. I  am not really all that busy today. I do have a project I could start.  No one really noticed my hair, but they did say it definitely looks brighter. They didn’t realize I cut it short.
At lunch, I ate with Kim and Nancy they had the “O” hot dogs and fries. I ate my salad and nibbled on their fries. Now, I am typing up this post. I am hoping this day goes by fast. I am supposed to hang out with Anthony when he gets out of work tonight. We are going to go to 5801, and then to the Blue Moon. We will see where the night takes us. I am ready to go out!
When I got home, I was feeling tired and not sure if I really even wanted to go out.  A storm was on it’s way, and I was ready to just stay in for the night, but I didn’t want to cancel. I wasn’t quite sure where the night was going to take us.

After we ate dinner, I went upstairs and got a shower, and got ready to go out. I was feeling bloated and not sure what I wanted to wear. I decided on a floral jumper with my wedge sandals (they need fixed, but I figured they would do for the night)
Anthony texted me when he got home, so I packed up my make up, grabbed  a Red Bull out of the fridge, kissed Andrew goodbye, and got in my car. Andrew was going out with Zach to see Avengers: Infinity War for a second time. I drove to Anthony’s and when I arrived, I called Ray over Facebook messenger, so he could buzz me in.
When I walked into Anthony’s Ray was there to greet me at the dog with a hug. I was glad that he was coming with us to go out. We took some selfies, and listened to music before we headed out around 9:30pm. When we finally arrived at 5801, parking was an issue. We found a spot, and it was on the street. Someone must have just left. We parked, and I buckled up my shoe, and we walked inside. It was sort of dead.
We made our way to the outside bar. They had a nice set up. All the guy were so handsome, they all seemed the same type. I told the bartender to make me something sweet. The only thing they had on special was 1.50 craft beers. I told Anthony and he said, “What the hell is a craft beer?” I laughed. “We are not in Kansas anymore.” When the bartender set my drink down in front of him, It was a pretty shade of blue with a lemon and a cherry in it. I thought it looked really pretty. Anthony had a double vodka and cranberry. Ray had a Budlight and a shot.
We went back inside, and after a few sips of my drink the alcohol was sitting in my throat and it was actually really nasty. I set my drink on the bar top, and told Anthony that I was sorry, but I couldn’t drink this. He understood. I told the bartender about the drink, and Anthony ordered another double vodka and cran. I was willing to buy Anthony’s drink, since mine was terrible. The bartender didn’t charge me for his drink, or my sprite. I was happy about that.
We made our way downstairs, and stood by the bar. Anthony went to go close his tab. I talked to Ray. I said, “I can’t believe how dead this place is. He said, “Yeah, it only caters to a certain kind of gay community.” I said, “Oh, really?” He said, “Yeah, this is a twinkie and daddy bar.” I said, “Oh, I didn’t know, but I could kind of tell by looking around.” He said, “Yea for instance, the Blue Moon caters to hipsters, and bears (bigger gay men), and outcasts.” I nodded my head. If I would have known this was going to be dead, then I wouldn’t have suggested it, I felt bad.
After we left 5801, I said “never again.” They all laughed. I drove us to the Blue Moon. Anthony was already feeling all the alcohol and was saying some really funny things. It was hard to concentrate on the road, I was laughing so hard. When we arrived at the Blue Moon, I parked in the parking lot, and Anthony helped me buckle my shoe. The Blue Moon was packed, wall-to-wall with people. I couldn’t believe it. It was karaoke night. I wasn’t sure if I was really feeling this place either. It was just an off night.
At one point, two straight girls were at the microphone singing, “In the Air Tonight” the karaoke announcer said, “Are all the straight bars closed tonight? Oh my God!” It was hilarious. We all laughed. Anthony had another 2 double vodkas and cranberry. Ray had PBR. I stuck to water. My mind was just somewhere else tonight.
At around 12:30am, we left the bar and decided to call it a night. Anthony saw someone that he used to hook up with, and I shattered my phone screen. The night just had to end. Before we left, Anthony peed behind the dumpster. When he got back in the car, he said, “A stranger complimented my penis.” We all laughed. Ray asked, “Why he didn’t get his number?” He said, “Because Ray, that is not how our love story should start out. What am I going to tell our children?” I drove off towards Moon township. I dropped Ray off first as his apartment, then I dropped Anthony off. We were going to have to try this again, another time.
When I got home, Drew was still awake. He greeted me at the door, I kissed him, and walked inside. I took my shoes off, and we went upstairs.I showed him my phone and how it was shattered. I changed into some comfy clothes. I told him how it was just an off night. I didn’t have fun at all. I did laugh a lot though. He was sorry that I didn’t have a good night, but was happy that I was home safe.

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