This morning, I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I typically wake up before the alarm, but not today. I got up, got a shower, and got dressed in my Penguin’s shirt, jeans, and converse. It was a casual lazy day. Nancy was off and so was Linda. It was going to be a long day probably. I plan on playing music in my office and pretty much taking it easy. I am not sure what all I am going to accomplish today, but we will see. This evening I am going to go to the gym. I need to get back to running. Hopefully, my monthly visitor comes today!
At lunch time, Wynn came downstairs to my office and said, “Lets go to lunch, put your sign up.” I said, “but I have to stay here there is no one here.” She said, “Exactly. no one here to tell on you, put a sign up lets go.” I said, “Okay.” I put a sign up, and closed my door. We walked to the Porch.
On our way to the Porch she said, “I really want to talk to you about something, but you can’t say anything.” I said, “Okay.” She told me about her drama in her department. I remember Nancy saying something like this on Friday. I heard her and Wynn talking on the phone. I could hear bits and pieces of her conversation, but that was it. I quite frankly have forgotten about it, so it’s not like I could tell anyone if I didn’t remember.

When we arrived at the Porch, we ordered the Marguerite pizza that we always split, when we go to the Porch. She and I took a seat outside, and they brought us two iced teas. Wynn and I talked about work, and our personal lives. When pizza arrived, we ate and talked some more about drama. It was nice to get out. She told me how she is not a confrontational person, and doesn’t handle it well, when people are upset at her. She asked me how I deal with things? I said, “Maybe I am not the best person to ask about this, because I have no filter what so ever, and I don’t let people get to me, or I try not to I should say. However, it does go away, and things end up blowing over.” Wynn nodded her head and laughed a little. I said, “Pretty soon there will be something else that takes place over your disagreement and it will be over, but in the mean time I know that sick feeling in your stomach. It drives you crazy. It’s because you care.” She agreed. I  can’t believe I was giving someone advice on how to deal with confrontation.
On our way back to the office, we took the long way to the building. I didn’t want to go back it was so nice out. Wynn thanked me for listening to her and she said, ‘I know we are different personalities, but it means a lot.” I said, “How are we different?” She said, “Well you think you are Britney Spears.” I laughed so hard and so did she. I get what she is saying, but I think we both have that weird sense of humor. I don’t think I am Britney Spears. lol that is the highest form of flattery to me though. I will always be there for her to listen and to try to give her advice. She has helped me learn my position. I am grateful for her.
The rest of the day went slow. I couldn’t wait to go to the gym. After work, I locked up at 4:45pm. I know I should have stayed until 5pm, but I was over it. I didn’t care. I was ready to go home and go to the gym. I was there long enough. When we got home, I got ready to go to the gym. I changed, ate half of a peanut butter sandwich, kissed Drew and I was out the door. He was going to meet me there. We drive separately, because he takes so long.
When I arrived to the gym, it was pretty empty. The Penguins game was on at 7pm. I was nervous to see what would happen. Something told me that they didn’t have it this year, and the Capitals would win this series, but I still wanted to watch. I ran on the treadmill off and on for 30 mins. Kyle, a trainer at the Y came up and talked to me. He asked me if Drew was coming tonight? Then the next thing I know Drew is walking towards us. I said, “We were just talking about you!” he said, “my ears were burning.” Kyle told us that he is from DC and how he is cheering for the capitals, but honestly it doesn’t matter to him, because they won’t win the cup,  but it is nice to be this far. Andrew and I both agreed.
After I finished on the treadmill, I did some weight lifting and strength training. I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow. Drew did the stair master. I did legs, arms, and abs then said goodbye to Drew. I told him I would see him at home. When I got home, I unloaded the dish washer, drank a protein shake, got a shower, and turned on the Penguins game. We were tied 1-1.
When Drew came home we watched the Penguins fight in over time, but the Capitals scored wining the series. 1-2. There it went. It was over. Hockey season was over for the Penguins. I was sad. I called my dad to congratulate him. He is a long time Capitals fan, born and raised in DC. He didn’t answer. I talked to him through the video camera in their living room. I congratulated him. He said, what was the score? I said, 1-2 in over time. He said, Oh wow over time? I said, “Yes.” I was so annoyed with how he didn’t even know. He didn’t watch the game. He is superstitious he says. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?

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