Mother’s Day

This morning, my mom came and picked me up around 10:15am. We were running behind, but such is life. We stopped at Dunkin. I bought us coffee and 2 egg muffins. Then we were on our way to Bella Nails. I was going to treat her to a manicure, and I desperately needed a pedicure. I was excited to spend the day with her.
When we arrived at the nail salon, there was no one there. I was surprised it is Mother’s Day. They were able to take us right away. Alan, the owner’s husband did my mom’s manicure, and Amy the owner did my pedicure. I was so relaxed. My feet really needed some TLC. I decided on a gel french for my toes for vacation in a little less than a week away! I had a manicure scheduled for next Saturday at 1pm. I was going to get a gel french then too as well. I am so excited for my trip to England and France.
When we left the nail salon, we went back to my parents. I was able to see my pups again for a bit, then it was off to Drew’s parents. I was going to meet him at his mom and dads. He had to go pick up Aunt Tootsie and bring her to his parents for dinner. His uncle Steve and Aunt Maryann were attending dinner as well.
When we arrived at his parents, Aunt Tootsie and Drew just arrived as well. I was happy to see Drew. He said my toes looked pretty. We greeted everyone and then Steve and MaryAnn arrived. Shortly after, it was time to sit down and eat. We had hamburgers and hot dogs once again, along with sausages and macaroni salad. It was all so yummy. For desert, we had Aunt Tootsie’s lemon cake and apple pie. I had a few Stella Artois’ I wasn’t driving.
After dinner, we all sat around and chatted. Then we got up and got ready to go visit Grandma in the nursing home. Andrew’s mom left ahead of us, she wanted to stop at Giant Eagle and pick up some flowers for her. I couldn’t wait to see Grandma. It has been a while since we were able to visit her.
When we arrived at the nursing home, we kissed her and gave her a hug. We wished her happy Mother’s Day. She was sitting up eating some of the topping from the lemon cake that we all had for dessert. This woman is a fighter, so strong. We stayed and visited for an hour or two, then said goodbye. We probably won’t be able to see her again, until we get back from England.
When we arrived home, I put some laundry in the washer, got a shower, and then put some PJs on. We then went started rolling up some loose change into some wrappers. I think counting and wrapping change is relaxing. We watched movies on TV, and then it was time for bed around 10pm. I put the towels in the dryer. Tomorrow was Monday.

Author: Boujee On a Budget

Hello there, welcome to my blog! My name is Danielle. I am a daughter, a writer, a wife, a lover of literature, and music. Britney Spears is my girl crush. Paris, France is my favorite place on earth. Fitzgerald is my favorite author. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have been called high maintenance, "boujee", "someone, who has champagne taste on a beer wallet", etc. You know what I am boujee and I am embracing it, but there is no denying that I am on a budget.

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