Today, I made sure to dress a little warmer. My office was so cold yesterday. I am glad I didn’t pack away my leggings. The morning wasn’t all that eventful. The afternoon, I needed to get out a bit. I talked to Rite Aid and got some Chex mix and an iced tea. I was craving something salty. I was waiting for this period to start and it was driving me crazy.

All the physical symptoms are too much right now. I read more articles online about Rachel. By the end of the day, the media was trying to portray her as a slut.  They are calling it a crime of “passion” and “jealousy.” I think they are going to try to portray her as a slut, which isn’t right at all. Drew and I both think she was set up.

After work,  I met up with Drew and we talked about all the articles and how they are calling it a crime of passion and jealousy. This is not right at all. I feel so bad for her and for her family..
When we got home, I made dinner. Drew was off to the gym. I was going to get a shower and relax on the couch. I wanted to catch up on Teen Mom 2. Briana was going to confront Kail about Javi moving on and she shouldn’t care, who he sees. I get so wrapped up in the drama. This is what the creators of the show want, the viewers involved in the storyline, well I am hooked so they win on this one I guess. I felt so bloated and in pain. I have pain in my back and hips.

Image result for Riverdale
After Teen mom, I got wrapped up in another series on Netflix titled, Riverdale. This series has comic book characters in it, but it is a live action series with teens playing the various characters; Archie, Betty, Veronica,  Josie & the Pussycats, Jughead, and hopefully more to come.  I am liking it so far. It is pretty scandalous. There are multiple storylines within the show.  When Drew came home, I was on the third episode and he got into it as well. We have found another show to watch together!

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