Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Parliament Tour, and Tea

This morning after breakfast, we got ready to head out. We walked to Buckingham Palace, which wasn’t too, too far away from our hotel. We first passed the Guard’s museum, it was so cool to see the Beefeaters in their uniforms. They marched a little, and did a little routine.
When we arrived at Buckingham Palace, there so many people everywhere. I thought maybe there was going to be a royal outing, or what. I wasn’t sure what the hold up was, or why the reasoning for the crowd. I politely asked someone, and I almost asked if they speak English, in French. I forgot where I was for a second. The woman said, “The changing of the guard is about to happen. I thanked her and walked away.

We found a spot to try and catch a glimpse of the ceremony. I stood on a railing and leaned on Drew’s shoulders to watch the guards ride in on horses. Drew took a video of it on his phone. Once the guards entered the palace gates. We walked up to the iron gates to try to get a better view. There so many people everywhere.

The guard changing ceremony lasts a long time. We didn’t stay for the whole ceremony. We had to make sure we were going to be back in time for our parliament tour. We had some time so we walked to Hyde Park:
Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain:
Kensington Palace:
Parliament Tour:

St. Stephen’s Hall and when you first walk in, were the only places we could take photos.

There were some areas of Parliament where we could not take pictures. We were not allowed to take pictures in the Queen’s robing room; where she would prepare for the State Opening of Parliament, The Royal Gallery; where the royal procession would take place, Prince’s Chamber; part of the house of Lords,  this is where the sovereign would attend only the State Opening of Parliament. Piers Lobby; this is where the members of parliament discuss informal matters, Central Lobby; it is the crossroads between the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Members lobby, and the Common’s Chamber; this is where all the decisions are made. The sovereign can not enter the Common’s chamber.  If they would like to address parliament the sovereign’s usher would have to knock three times on the door with a black rod, and if given permission to enter, they must ask for permission on behalf of the sovereign to enter Parliament. There is such a respect for tradition here. I love it!

After the self-guided tour, we had tea in the banquet hall, overlooking the Thames
It was in this moment, that we started to feel let down about going back home to the States. We only had one more day in England, then it was home. Our tea was amazing! It wasn’t as elegant and glamorous as our tea in Bath, but still just as lovely.

When we got back to our hotel, we took a nap and then got ready to explore England go out for dinner. Drew wanted to go to a traditional England Pub. We were on a mission. On our way to the Red Lion, I saw this cute little setup, and had to take pictures with it:

The Red Lion was packed with not a place to sit, so we went and got fish and chips at a pub called the badger.  After our dinner, we tried the Red Lion again, and this time there was a spot to sit and have a drink!

At the Red Lion, there was this picture on the wall, and I read it and saw the name, Dickens! I was in the same bar as Charles Dickens! I love it. I was in literary lover’s Heaven!
While we were having drinks, in walks a couple. It was a father and daughter. They just got back from touring the Chard and seeing a show. They wanted to stop at Pub for a drink, before heading home. We offered her father, one of our chairs. He had to be in his ’80s, still enjoying a beer at Pub. I can respect that very much. We talked with them about the monarchy. They are big supporters of Charles and Camilla. One thing, I noticed there is this huge support for Charles and Camilla. They all believe in their love story. Rarely ever is there sympathy for Diana and the anguish that she went through.  My opinion on the matter is that yes it must have been terrible for Charles and Camilla to not be together, and to not be the one you love, but at the same time I can’t help but feel sympathetic for Diana and how she suffered from Bulimia all in the name of the duty. The Queen finally allowed them to be separated. Her death was tragic. I don’t know it is all so sad to me. I always thought there wasn’t a team Camilla, but there is and it is alive and well supported in England. I can’t say that I share those same feelings, but is that treason?
Well, what good is a blog, then if you can’t share your opinions on the matter, so here goes? I mean no offense to England or the English: When the Queen passes away,  I would like to see Charles abdicate the throne because the thought of Camilla as Queen turns my stomach. I would like to see William as King. He would make a much better King. My rant is over now.
After two drinks at the Red Lion, we were on our way back to the hotel, but not before some amazing pictures of Westminster at night:


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