Anthony’s Birthday

Today, is Anthony’s birthday as well as the start of Pride weekend. I want to dedicate this little blog post to my very dear and best friend Anthony. Anthony and I met in the spring of  2011 at RMU. He was in my theater class. I was in such a dark place that year. I was going through a horrible break up with my ex-fiance. I gained some weight. I was unhappy with myself and my academics last semester were suffering and I was going to have to repeat two classes, next fall. I wasn’t looking forward to that. i was losing a sense of myself.
In the past, I always enjoyed theater and being on stage. I used to take dance classes, up until I was 15 and It always filled me with such great joy and excitement.  I enrolled in theater class in the spring of 2011, determined to do something for me, and get back to me.
On my first day, I didn’t know anyone in the class. The theater teacher turned off all the lights, he set a pillar candle in the middle of the stage, lit the candle, and said, “Be careful, but find your way to the stage, and take a seat around the candle.” We all got up and made our way to the stage. People bumped into each other here and there, but once we made it o the stage. I took a seat in Indian style. He turned on the light, came back to the center of the stage and blew out the candle. He said, “The point of this exercise is to use your senses. The theater is about using your senses.”
Throughout the class, we did different warm-ups, learned some tai chi, and acted out some scenes. One time in Tai Chi, we were stretching and I was in a standing position bent over, I looked in between my legs to the person behind me. He was cute and Italian. I wondered if I should flirt or not. He didn’t really seem to notice me.  One day, I was assigned the cute Italian boy as my partner for a scene we had to act out. His name was  Anthony. In this scene, we had to act intimate with one, another. It had to be insinuated, that we were being intimate. For research purposes, and because I was curious. I asked him if he was gay? He said, “Honey I am a male in a theater class. Of course, I am gay!” I laughed.
Anthony and I have been friends ever since that day. We have been through so much together, and have been remained friends through it all. Today is his 26th Birthday. Although we may not agree with the decisions we make regarding our personal lives, we still respect each other and love each other. He is the friend I can call any hour of the night and he will talk me off the ledge. He has opened my mind to the LGBTQ community, and I have made so many friends through him from the community. I am proud to say that I am an ally.

Happy Birthday, Anthony!


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