Anthony’s Birthday Party & Pride

This morning, I woke up and had breakfast with Drew, made coffee, and then hung out and watched the Handmaid’s tale. I waited for Anthony to call me. It’s his birthday party tonight, and I know he mentioned the pool. Drew was going to go to the chiro and then to the gym. He was going to meet us at the restaurant tonight. I was going to miss him all day.
I got dressed in my swimsuit, and then I packed a bag and went to Anthony’s. When I arrived, I dropped my stuff off, and we went to go pick up Ray and take him to the pool with us. Dylan was going to meet us there. It was going to be so fun.
When we arrived at the pool, we typically lay out on the right-hand side, but Anthony wanted to lay out on the left-hand side, and it was his birthday weekend. We set out towels down, and I put some tanning oil, then went to get into the water. It was so cold. I was so glad to be back at the pool. It’s crazy to not have this much clothes on in public. Hard to believe it is summer. Dylan arrived shortly after we got settled. His shirt, said, “Sure Jan.” l had to laugh.
While we laid out in the water, we chatted about boys, work, memories, and they asked about my trip to Europe. They were glad I had a good time.  They played around in the water. I didn’t go out too far it was too cold. We stayed for a few hours and planed the rest of our day. Anthony had so much he wanted to do before dinner tonight.
When we left the pool, Dylan went home to get a shower and get ready for tonight. I dropped Ray off at home. Anthony and I went back to his house had lunch. I got a shower, and Anthony did his laundry. Then we went to Great Clips, and he got his hair cut. Then we met Dylan back at Anthony’s house, where Anthony got a shower and got ready. Then we had to go pick up Ray.
Once we got Ray, we went to the Mall. I had to try to find something with this $60 credit that we had through JCPenney’s. It was so hard to find a dress, that three gay men agreed on. They both have different styles. I grabbed a few dresses they wanted me to try and went into the fitting room. Ray and Dylan stood outside the fitting room. Anthony came back with me on his own. I didn’t even ask him. He just came back with me. It was so funny. I laughed so hard.
Well, we didn’t find a dress or anything, so I just wore what I had on for dinner. When we arrived at the strip district. I parked in a parking garage. Ray gave me $8 for the garage. We walked through pride in the streets. It was awesome to see some people swaying to the house music, some people were in costumes, and others were in normal clothes. It was cool. When we past pride in the streets, we were on our way to the restaurant, when I got a call from Drew. He said, “Turn around.” I turned around. I didn’t see him. He said, “do you see me?” He was across the street getting ready to walk across to meet us. I smiled and waved back. I hung up the phone. We waited for him to approach us so we could all walk to the restaurant together.
Once we arrived at Emporio, we had to wait for our table, so we went up to the beer terrace, that was on the second floor. We had a pre-dinner drink. Dylan and I took a selfie together. He and I have come a long way with our friendship. We met through Anthony and have had our ups and downs, but now we understand each other. I had a vodka and tonic. Drew had a Moscow Mule. We all stood around and talked. Shortly after our table was announced.
We all went downstairs and took a seat at the table. The waitress explained the menu. I switched to a beer for dinner. I am supposed to be DD. I wasn’t sure what the plans were for tonight. I couldn’t be drunk, that is for sure. Dinner was so good. The meatballs were so big, you could get them in a bowl, sub, plan, etc.  I had the traditional meatballs in a bowl with some pasta. I was basic. I didn’t feel adventurous.
After dinner, we walked through Pride. Anthony said, “Hold on I have to be next Drew. I want to see his face.” we all laughed. Drew has never been to a Pride festival before. At some points he had some look on his face, that was a little like ew gross, at some of the costumes, and etc. I looked up at him and whispered. “Hey you can’t look like that.” he laughed. He said, “I didn’t realize I had a look on my face.”
Eventually, Drew went with Anthony and Ray to the bar. Dylan and I hung out in the crowd and talked about everyone. After a while, they came back with drinks. The drinks were huge. Andrew had a beer. I couldn’t believe how big the drinks were. Andrew stayed for longer than I thought he would.  🙂 I was proud of him. He saw a few minutes of his first local drag show.
When he left I kissed him goodbye, he was walking towards the sidewalk, when he got hit on. A guy stopped him and said, “Whoa Whoa wait.” He turned to look at him. The guy looked at him and down and said, “What’s up?” Drew looked over at me and laughed. I watched the situation and I laughed. I walked up to him and took his hand. We walked to the sidewalk.  I said, “You should be good now. Please text me, when you get to your car.” He laughed and kissed me again. I walked back to my group and we waited for the ABBA tribute concert to begin.
The ABBA tribute band opened with the song everyone knows and loves, no matter if you are gay or straight, “Dancing Queen.” We danced and sang along. Anthony took videos. It was fun. Other than Dancing Queen, I am lost. I am not a huge ABBA fan. At one point, Dylan got a text from Carrie that said, “Richard is here at the Blue Moon.” Okay, since when do Carrie and Dylan text? Are they still friends? Didn’t know that they were still talking. Dylan showed the text to Anthony. Richard is Anthony’s ex, that Dylan messed around with, while he was with Anthony. It is the drama, that goes unspoken. Anthony forgave Dylan, out of convenience. Dylan is someone for Anthony to hang out with, when it is convenient for Anthony, but he doesn’t trust him. I know what you are thinking, then why have him around? Like I said before, Anthony and I are friends even if we don’t agree with the decisions one another makes.

Well, we all walked back to my car and drove to the Blue Moon. I didn’t want to go. There were other places we could go. This was a bad idea. Anthony had been drinking so much already, this was not good. I understand why Anthony wanted to “bump” into him. We all have been there, but not like this, and not now. We are celebrating his birthday!
When we walked into the Blue Moon, and immediately to the left there was this little table, that could only seat two.  There he was, Richard and his boyfriend. I looked at him. He made eye contact with me, smiled, but didn’t say anything. I think it didn’t click in his head who I was. I looked back at Anthony and smiled. Then I turned back to Richard. He recognized me, hugged me and said, “Oh my God. how are you?” I smiled and said, into his ear (the music was so loud) I said, “I am well. Anthony is here. He looked behind me and saw him. He looked at his boyfriend and said, “Oh my God. We have to go.” I looked at him and said, “Dylan too.” He looked at me like he has seen a ghost, and then behind me and turned a little and saw Dylan. He said, “Oh my God are you serious?” I said, “If you are going to continue to act like this, then it looks like you are not over him. You need to say hi to him and be the bigger person. I am sure he would say hi to you, but he hears you acting this way, then perhaps you aren’t over him….” He looked at me and said, “No you are right, but you said, the bigger person I am not even going to go there.” He laughed. He was trying to make a fat joke about Anthony. I shook my head.
Eventually, Anthony and Richard did talk. Richard introduced him to his boyfriend. Anthony told him about his job, and his apartment, and etc. Anthony has so much going for him. Richard didn’t look good at all. Dylan was at the bar getting a drink, while Anthony and Richard were talking. He turned to watch them talk. He looked at Richard, up and down. It was gross how he was looking at him, in front of Anthony like that. I think Dylan would betray Anthony again. Dylan would do it again with Richard behind Anthony’s back if Richard would have him. I just know it. It was creepy.
The Blue Moon was packed. There was a drag show tonight. We watched most of the drag show. Bambi Dearest is my favorite drag queen ever. She is the best, but she knows it, which is okay. She puts on a great show. The others not so much. It was around 12:50am when I rounded up the troops. I was getting tired. I asked Anthony if we could leave. He said he didn’t mind. He was already so drunk. I said to Dylan, “Let’s go, we are leaving.” He said, “By yourself?” I said, ”No we all are going to leave now. I am super tired.” He said, “oh okay.” We were walking to the car Anthony is crying and is emotional. He said, “I am just so happy to be gay.” Dylan is super quiet. Ray is laughing and is so drunk. This was going to be a long ride home.
Once we got to Anthony’s,  I went inside and grabbed my bag. I said, Goodbye to Dylan. Anthony walked me out, and then we were talking about the night, Richard, and Dylan. I told him I would text him when I got home. When I arrived home, I texted him that I was home safe. He thanked me for everything tonight. I got a shower, then climbed into bed with Drew. I was exhausted.

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