Sunday Matinee

I arrived at RMU by 12:30pm to set up and sell tickets for the Matinee. I hope I get to help out at the theater in the future. I really did have so much fun meeting the theater students. It brought back some memories.

Anthony and Dylan my friends that I met at RMU in theater class are coming to see the play today. When they arrived, I hugged them both and said, “this is where we first met.” I am very sentimental person.

After I finished selling tickets and the show was about to start, I walked into the theater with them. We sat in the back row. We didn’t sit in the back row during class, but it was still so cool to be there with them. The show was experiencing technical difficulties. I only stayed until intermission, then I had to go home. I wanted to see my husband and I had some homework to do for Leadership class.


Tanning Salon, Colonial Theater, & Homecoming Dance

I was able to sleep in a little, but I wanted to get up and have breakfast with Drew. I really haven’t been able to spend that much time with him since I have been so busy after work with the theater. I missed him.

After breakfast, I got a shower and got ready to head to the tanning salon. I was to work there from 11-4. Leanne’s mom already paid me and I planned on getting some reading done, while I was there.

When I arrived to the salon, I hung out with Leanne for bit, and then got to reading. I helped out around the shop, as well as painted my toes the same color as my nails, and then cleaned out Margie’s pedicure basin, and Tisha’s color bowls. I really didn’t feel like reading, now that my paper was done and all but turned in. I am going to look it over tomorrow. I just had no motivation to do anything after that paper.

While I was there, I stopped by the Better than Honey Boutique and shopped in their last chance chest. I found this really cute top. It is olive green and it has two white skulls on the boobs and rhinestones down the middle. it is so cute on and fits so nicely. Better Than Honey  - Better Than Honey

After I bought the top, I went back to the salon. I didn’t want to be gone too long, even though I was only two doors down from the tanning salon. The women will talk if I am gone too long.

When I arrived back, I got packed up it was almost time for me to leave. We only had one tanner. gone are the days where this place was full of tanners, and there would be line, those days are gone. Tanning tax killed the industry and the fact they are linking it to skin cancer. I was such an avid tanner. I could have gone in the bed today, but I decided against it.

I left the shop at 4pm. Kathie and Margie were still there doing nails, so I didn’t bother to lock up. I left the key in Leanne’s drawer and I was out the door.

On my way to Moon, I met Drew at his grandma’s. I was glad to see him and grandma. I gave her a kiss and I visited awhile with her. Around 10mins to 5pm, we left to get dinner at Mike and Tony’s. We haven’t been there yet together and we haven’t gone out on a date in awhile. It was nice to just sit together and spend time with one, another.

After dinner, I kissed Drew goodbye and I  drove to RMU and as usual parked at Nicholson and walked down the front walk way. I was on the phone with my mom and I turned behind me. I saw a cop car driving up the walkway. The RMU police car parked in the same spot as the other night and he got out. I waited for him. I said, “did you see my car?” he laughed and said, “no, a girl needs let into the admission’s office.” I said, “oh okay.” He said, “After I let you in, I can ride you up to Massey if you want?” I said, “Sure.” He asked, “If I mind going to get the money, alone?” I said, “Not at all.” I walked down to the office and got the money and then locked the door behind me. I walked back up and saw him waiting for me by the admissions office. I smiled and we walked back out to his police car. I got in the front seat. He drove me to Massey and asked what time I would be there until? I said, “until like 7:30pm, or 8pm, then to the Fitness Center for the Homecoming dance.” He said, “call me after I will drive you back to Nicholson and take you to the Fitness Center.” I said, “are you sure?” He said, “yea, just give the station a call.” I said, “Thank you.” I got out of the car and walked into Massey.

Once inside, I greeted everyone and said, “Hello!” they shouted back, “Hey!” I set up my station at the table and sold some tickets and swiped some people in. Then stayed for 5 mins after the show started. I packed up and called the RMU police office. They said that someone will be right over to take you up to Nicholson. I said, Thank you and hung up. I waited outside and there was my officer friend, driving up to Massey. I approached the car and got in the front seat. he asked, “how I did?” I said, “We did pretty good actually.” and I told him what we made in ticket sales and he smiled. After I dropped off the money in the office and locked it up, he drove me to my car to unload my tote bag. I only wanted to bring just the essentials, keys and phone.

When we arrived to the Fitness Center, he said, that he would be around if I needed a ride back to Nicholson to get my car. I said, “thank you, and be safe.” I got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of the fitness center. I introduced myself to Nancy, the admin in the development office. She remembered me from visiting John the past couple times I have been on campus. I also introduced myself to Armand the director of athletics. I used to get e-mails all the time from him as an undergrad promoting sporting events. I also met Sarah, the director of Campus Recreation. I also reconnected with a few faces that I saw as an undergrad, Nicole from Center for student success. She used to scare me as an undergrad, but not so much anymore.

After getting a tour of the facility, it smelled like a brand new building. The building is newer, and the was the first time they were holding a homecoming dance at this location. We were given assignments and told what to do. I was partnered with Sarah and Annie. Sarah and I were to monitor the dance floor and if we see something, and or smell something (weed), then we let RMU police know and they will handle it.

When the dance got on under way, I watched the couples enter the gym with their significant others, and judged their dresses. Sarah and I agreed that some of the dresses were a bit outrageous. I would never think of wearing some of the dresses I saw that night. Also, at one point my first supervisor from the Phonathon department at RMU approached me and was surprised to see me. He said, “Wow! What are you doing here?” I said, “I am an intern for John Locke. I am going full circle being back here.” He said, “Yes you are definitely going full circle.” He gave me a hug and we got caught up on all that has happened in our lives.

At around 11:30pm, I hitched a ride with Sarah up to Nicholson’s parking lot to where my car was parked. I drove home and when I arrived home, Drew had the house all clean and the living room was vacuumed. I am so grateful for him. He does so much to help out around the house. My ankle was so sore from standing in flats all evening. I needed to get a shower and get some ice on my ankle then head to bed.

Colonial Theater

After work, I dropped Drew off at home and took my car to Robert Morris University. Once I arrived, I parked in the same spot as last night and then walked to the development office in Nicholson and picked up the money, and then back out to my car. Then, I drove to Massey.

After I sold the tickets for the night, I thought about maybe asking for an RMU police officer to escort me from Nicholson parking lot to the Development office. I drove back to Nicholson to drop the money off and then I called RMU police. I asked for an escort to Nicholson and I that I was in the top parking lot across from the station. I asked if he wanted me to meet him outside the station. he said, “yea, I will be out in 2 minutes.” I hung up and walked across the street. I stood outside the police station, and Officer Chuck greeted me. He said, “I will just drive us down the walkway.” I asked him if he wanted me to get in the back or the front. He said, “You can hop in the front.” I got into the police car and we drove down the walkway of Nicholson. I thought it was pretty cool.

Once we parked, we walked into the Nicholson and he escorted me to the office and I locked the money up and we went back out to his police car. We chatted small talk as he drove me up the walkway and to the parking lot where my car was parked. He took my name, and number. He said, “call me tomorrow I will give you a ride to Massey from Nicholson and back before you need to go up to the Homecoming dance.” I told him during small talk that I was a graduate intern and I was helping out at the box office for the theater and at the homecoming dance this weekend. I thanked him for his time and got out of the car and hopped into mine. I drove home and it was another successful night.


This morning, my ankle was so sore. I was holding back tears as we were walking out the door to get into the car. I hate crutches. I am not coordinated enough for this. One really has to focus when using them.

When we arrived at Oakland, Drew parked underneath my building and made sure I got to my office okay. I am so grateful for his support. Once at my desk, he helped me get my foot propped up on a chair. I was ready to work.

Throughout the day, people asked me about my ankle and how it happened. Nancy the other admin I work with reminded me to ice and prop it up higher so it keeps the swelling down. Everyone was supportive. Nancy left around 12pm.

The day went smooth for the most part, but my day was long from over. After work, I had to report to RMU for my internship. I was helping out with the Colonial Theater. I had to sell tickets in the lobby before the show. I refused to bring my crutches to RMU.

On the way to RMU, I had to stop home and get my computer. I was going to need it for the card swiper. I had to use the card swiper to keep track of students, who were attending the play.

Once I arrived at RMU, I was walking decently and had two shoes on which was nice for a change. I parked at Nicholson lot and walked to the Student Development offices and picked up the money for the ticket sales tonight. I was nervous about how this was going to go.

Then I got in the car and drove to Massey theater and was able to park close to the walkway. I got out and carried the little money safe, my computer, and my tote bag down the walkway. I walked into the theater and introduced myself to the theater students. Hannah was the house manager, and Allison was the theater director. I also met Skylar who let me use his computer. My new Mac doesn’t have the USB ports. I forgot to bring my connector. I would remember that tomorrow.

After I got set up, students started coming in. We didn’t have too many students due to the rainy weather, but I was able to swipe their card and sell some tickets to a few people. Once the house opened and the show started I waited 5 more minutes before shutting the computer down and packing up.

When I walked back to my car, I got in and drove back to Nicholson to take the money back to the office and lock it up for the night. My ankle was sore and I was so tired at the end of the night, but I had fun and I enjoyed meeting new people. Also, I sent John Locke an e-mail of how many tickets we ripped and how many tickets I sold.


Remote Participation

Today, Drew worked from home and I took it easy. I hung out and watched television. I iced my foot. My parents came by and brought us lunch from Eat n Park and told us about their trip. They felt bad for me. It was nice to see them.

While I was laid up, I finished my homework for Leadership class. I was going to participate remotely with my group tonight and I wanted to be prepared. I e-mailed my instructor and my group members and let them know about my ankle. They all wished me well and planned to face-time me tonight during class.

In the evening, Drew went to class and I stayed home. I heated up some dinner and waited for my group to face time me. Before my group called, my father-in-law came by with some sausages, peppers, and onions in red sauce. He put it in the fridge along with some chicken salad and coleslaw. We are so spoiled.

When he left, my group called me and we talked about our paper and created a framework for our leadership model based on the author’s we read. We all had a plan to take ownership of a section by Thursday, as well as provide some quotes for various sections that we did not take ownership to. I immediately chose the section I wanted and can’t wait to start crafting the paper.

After the call, I was so annoyed. I don’t particularly care for my group, but it is what it is. I got up and got ready to go to bed. I was so tired and I felt like tomorrow was going to be a long day at work.

Bad Accident

This morning, I woke up at my parents because I was dog sitting. I sent an e-mail to Phyllis and Nancy. I told them I wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest and stay home today. I was not feeling 100%. I took the dogs out, fed them, showered, and then packed up my stuff. I felt bad for the dogs, but I had to get out of there.

When I arrived back to our house, I went inside and laid down on the couch and researched for my paper. I managed to find some good sources on first-generation colleges students. I typed up my paper and finished it. I sent it to my tutor for revision ( we have an appt on Friday.)

After I finished my paper,  I laid down some more, then decided to start bringing in things from the car, and cleaning up my office, and then I went downstairs to change the laundry when I tripped and my foot was under me. When I hit the floor, I slowly swung my leg around so my foot was out in front of me. My foot was swollen and huge. I had my phone on me so I called Drew.  I told him that I might have broken my foot. I am in so much pain. I fell taking the laundry downstairs. he said I will be right home. I got off the phone with him and called my mother-in-law. She said she was driving on the bridge and is on her way home. She said, “go to the hospital. do not go to MedExpress.” I said, “okay, Drew is on his way.” I called anyone who could take me to the hospital immediately. I called my neighbor Andy. He said he would take me in 10 mins.

I pulled myself up the stairs by arms. I could not put any weight on my foot. I army crawled to the door to unlock it and open it. When my neighbor arrived, he helped me up, but I couldn’t put weight on my left foot what so ever. He said he had to get his kids off the bus, then he would be back over. When his kids got off the bus, he helped me out of the house, and then had to carry me to his car. Once in his car, he drove me to Sewickley hospital.


At the hospital, they checked me in right away and then took me back to an examining room. A doctor came in and examined my ankle, ordered X-rays, then I was given a shot of Motrin in my behind.

While I was waiting for X-rays, Drew arrived and he sat with me. The doctor came in and told me that it was not a break, but a bad sprain. I have to ace bandage it, wrap it, and keep it elevated for the next couple of days. She gave me a doctor’s excuse for work and school. The nurse came in and gave me some crutches and then I was on my way home.


Once we got home, Drew propped me up on the couch and I sent a text with an image to the other admin I work with and told her that I would not be in the office tomorrow. She wished me well and told me to rest up. I laid up all evening and watched tv and had to ice my foot off and on. This was terrible.


In class today, our professor went over our papers. She said I have been getting a lot of e-mails about the paper. Let’s go over the difference between a topic and an idea. For example, Student Retention is too broad it is an idea. A topic would be Student Retention among minorities or some racial demographic. I looked over at my friend Julia, who is also in my class and I mouth. “Shit.” I had my paper done and it was on the overall aspect of student retention.
This morning, my tutor and I reviewed my paper and checked it for punctuation, so now I have to research again? I should have known better. At one point during the class,  we were working in our groups and discussing the readings. I turned to the professor and asked if I could speak with her during the break? She said, “yeah of course. You can walk with me to get a snack.” I said, “alright.”
When break time arrived, I walked with her down the hall to the faculty break room. I told her about my situation. I said, I finished my paper over the weekend and I have been back and forth with my tutor via text.  I wrote my paper on Student Retention, but I didn’t narrow it down. She said, “yea, you need to narrow it down.” At this point, we walked into the break room and she was getting her fat bombs out of the freezer (she is keto too). I said, okay, but here is where I am at, I spent all weekend writing my paper. I researched last weekend and wrote it this weekend. I have an internship in the evening on Thursday-Saturday and I work full-time I don’t really have the time to research again and get it to proofread.” she nodded her head. I said, “so do you think that I would be good to write about First-Generation college student retention or  retention among minorities?” She said, “I think you could find a lot out there on First-Generation college student retention. I want to know when we started looking at First-Generation student retention, not just student retention.”  I said, “Okay, I will do what I can with the time that I have.”  We walked back into the classroom, and I said, “I just wish you would have gone over that last week.” We laughed a bit and she said, “Sorry girl! I was just getting so many questions about it.” I smiled and thanked her for her time and took my seat.
The rest of the class I was annoyed and discouraged. It is so important that I do well on this first paper. At the end of class, she made an announcement, that we could do a re-write if we wanted. I thought to myself again, something that could have been mentioned earlier. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference in my anxiety, but I would be better prepared then I am now.
When I met up with Drew after class, I was so annoyed. I asked him how the class was, and he said that it went well. I told him about the situation with my paper and he felt bad for me. I told him I am not going to have the time to re-research everything again. I am going to weave it through my paper, as I can. I just need to find a couple of good sources about first-generation college students.  On the way home, I was feeling sick. I needed to take a sick day tomorrow. I was not in a good state of mind. I could rest and research, the two Rs.


This morning I woke up and had some coffee and breakfast with Drew, then it was back to work. I finished my paper and got a shower. I felt so raunchy. Drew was going to leave around 2:30pm that day to head back to our house, and I think he wanted to go to the gym too. I felt like I was ready for the tutor to make her corrections and be able to turn it in on Monday, October 1st. I just won’t have time over the weekend to do anymore. When Drew left, I snuggled with the dogs and got ready for work the next day.

Hair Appt, Nail Appt, Write, Hundred Acres Manor

I wanted to get up early and start this paper, but I figured I would just sleep in a little. I got a shower and got ready to go to my hair appt. I fed the dogs before I left and Drew left to go to the gym while I was getting my hair and nails done. I was excited to get my hair darker for the fall. I will always go back to being blonde, but it is nice to have a change.

When I arrived at the salon, Kim was running 10 mins late and that meant I was going to be late and Leanne was going to be late. I was so annoyed and I haven’t even walked into the salon yet.

When she arrived, her other appointment was right behind her. She had to cut a little girl’s hair at 9:40am. My appt was 9:30am. It was going on 10am. When she finished with the little girl, and was about to put my color on, and her 10am appt walked in the door. She was so behind. I felt bad, but I was annoyed too. While my color was sitting, Leanne started on my nails. I was getting a full set on and I was silly. I needed something I wanted nice nails. It was about to be my birthday month.

When Kim washed my hair, trimmed the front, and blew my hair dry I was done. We scheduled my next appt for Nov 1st. I paid her and we back to Leanne. While I was getting my nails finished, Leanne’s mom asked if I could work at the salon from 11-4 on Saturday? I said, sure. She’s said, are you sure you are able to? I said, “Yes, I just have to at RMU by 6pm.” She said, not a problem. I will pay you now. How does $50 sound?” I said, “Sounds even to me.” I paid Leanne 35 from the $50 her mom gave me and I still had money left over. I scheduled my next fill with Leanne on October 5th. I may have to come during the week if possible since I have to be at RMU’s homecoming on the 5th. ugh! I don’t know what time I am supposed to be there for that. Hopefully, I find out next week!

When I got home, I spent all day working on this paper. Drew was taking care of the dogs, while I wrote. I felt okay about it, but I am so nervous. I want to do well. I have been back and forth my tutor I have an appointment on Monday and on Tuesday. I may need to cancel the one on Tuesday. I need time to make the corrections that we will discuss on Monday.

In the evening we made chicken for dinner. Anthony, Dylan, and Tony were on their way over we were going to go to Hundred Acres Manor, first Haunted house of the season! We bought General Admission tickets, but when we arrived, the line was over 2 1/2 hours long!


We decided to upgrade to VIP instead for $15 dollars more a person! It beats waiting in that line, and the worst part was the guys in front of us were playing ghetto rap music on a portable speaker. ugh! so annoying.




Once you get in the VIP line there is this jack-o-lantern over headgate (I am sure there is an official name, atrium? I don’t know). It was the perfect opportunity for Dylan and me to get our annual Hundred Acres Manor picture. I look so much thinner in this one, then last year.
Once inside the Haunted house, we got right in, Antony wanted Dylan to lead, but he was going to fast and we were catching up to the group in front of us, so they nominated me to go in front. I was in front, Andrew, Tony, Anthony, and Dylan. I walk really slow in a haunted house. I want the animatronics to scare me and the actors. We paid $50 bucks lets take our time. There were definitely a few points in the haunted house where I screamed and jumped and grabbed onto the wall next to me. Drew thought it was so funny.

Also, there were a couple times where we were catching up to the group in front of us, so I had to slow down. At one point, I looked behind me. I was leading a trail of people. I was shocked. I hate how they pack you in there.

At one point, I could smell a chainsaw and I heard one earlier. I soon as we got to the chain saw part. I ran away. I don’t do chainsaws and clowns, no thank you. Once we exited the haunted house, I had to catch my breath a little. I love to be scared. I really do.

On the way back, I sat in the very back with Tony and Dylan. Anthony sat up front with Drew to navigate us back to my parents. Tony, Dylan, and Anthony were going to the Blue Moon. Drew and I was going to bed. I had such a great night.




New Freedom Card

Today, I left work at 3pm. I was on my way to RMU. Traffic was too bad probably because I left at 3. I arrived to RMU around 4:30pm. I got a visitor’s pass from RMU police and then put it in my car and walked to the Revere Center.

When I walked into the building, I couldn’t remember which way to go. I read the sign and it pointed downstairs, but when I went downstairs, I forgot the freedom card office is straight back. I stopped into another office, I think it was Student Accounts. A work study was working the front desk. He told me freedom cards are down the hall. I said, “Oh okay, thank you.” I turned and walked down to the hall and there it was on the door, “Freedom Card Office.” I walked in and approached the work study, who was sitting in a cube. I told her I was here for a freedom card, my name is Danielle. I am a graduate intern with John Locke. She said, “oh okay, he told me you were coming.” I smiled. She said, your name isn’t coming up in our system. I said, “Oh I am alumni, and it is under my maiden name.” I gave her my maiden name and there I was. She said, “She couldn’t edit my name, but she could add to it.” I said, “Okay, I guess I will be a hyphen then.”  I truthfully didn’t care. I always joke with Drew about being a hyphen and he always says no. Honestly, it is nice to see my maiden last name next to my married name. I don’t mind it.

When they created my card, they used the same picture I took for the first one when I was an undergraduate. I thought that was great. I didn’t mind it. I was going to wear the same shirt, but it was so hot outside. They also gave me a staff card. I thought that was pretty cool as well.

After I got my card printed, I reported to John Locke’s office. He was pretty busy. We got my e-mail set up, and he gave me a parking pass. He said, he didn’t have anything for me today, but we will be in touch. He asked, if I could help with the Colonial Theater and sell tickets at the Box Office, next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? I said, I can do that. I will see you then.

I left his office and called Drew and told him about working the Box office and my RMU ID. I said, can I get something at the bookstore to celebrate. he said, go for it Bub! When I went down to the bookstore, theater music was playing in the store. I liked it. I shopped around for an ID holder, an RMU lanyard, and went to the counter. A there student who graduated around the same time I did sold me the items, and then he saw my freedom card. He said, Oh I didn’t see that you were staff you get 15% percent off. Here I will return those items and you can buy them back, and I will give you 15% off. This is so sweet.  I said, “Oh but I am intern.” He said, “Doesn’t matter you have a staff ID.” I also bought a Colonial Crazies shirt. Why the hell not? I am enjoying this. I would have bought more, but I didn’t want to over do it.

When I left RMU, I took some pictures. I had this overwhelming sense of pride to be an alumnus of RMU. I feel blessed and grateful.

When I got back to my parents, I finally met Alyssa. We talked for a bit. She is helping with the dogs during the day, while I was at work. She is also my distant cousin. She was telling me how she loves Paris and how little she is. I smiled. I said, they are both good dogs, but Paris has a little personality to her. We chatted for a bit, but I had to get ready for Drew to come over.

When Drew arrived it was 7:30pm. He wasn’t feeling too well, but wanted to be here with me to help me with the dogs tomorrow, so I could work on my paper. I am nervous about sitting down and crafting it, but I should have all that I need.

In the evening, we relaxed and watched Smallville before going to bed.