Department Get Together/the Movies

After work, we had the annual departmental Beginning of the Year Get Together. It used to be a picnic in Schenley Park, but not we all meet up at a restaurant. This year it was the porch. Around 3:30pm, Nancy and I left to go to the Porch to make sure everything was in order for the food.
Once catering set up the food and took the drink orders, Nancy eventually slipped out and went back to the office. She said if I wanted to stay and mingle I could. Okay, I will have one beer. I had one beer. Snuggled Shayna’s baby for second and talked to some of the new grad students, then it was time to go back to my office to get my things and leave.
When I got back to the office, I grabbed my stuff and said goodbye to Nancy. I met Drew at the cathedral. He and I walked to the car. We were going directly from Oakland to the movies. We were going to see the Nun. I was so excited for this movie. I was hoping it was going to be so scary.
Once we arrived at the movie theater, we were so stiff after sitting in traffic we were going to have to sit for an hour or so at the movies now. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. We got our popcorn and headed into the theater. When the lights dimmed, they showed previews for the upcoming movies. All of a sudden I heard the familiar tune, it was the Halloween preview! I am so damn excited. I really am. We are taking off that day to go see the movie. I can’t wait.  I love Michael Myers and Halloween. He is my favorite villain. At the end of the preview, “I said, “YAASS!” Drew laughed.
Image result for The Nun
The Nun was so scary! There were definitely times that I jumped out of my skin it seemed. There were some parts that made me scream, as well. Sometimes it was hard to get into it because other people in the theater couldn’t stop reeling and laughing from the prior moments of suspense. I still thought it was good. I haven’t been that scared at the movies in a long time.  What it made it even more creepy is that I am Catholic and went to Catholic school all my life. They really cheeped out as a child. Not so much in high school, but they still made me uncomfortable.
After the movies, we went home and I got a shower and changed into PJs. I was so tired. I need to go to bed. I am still trying to get used to the class being in for the semester.  If I am not reading, I am in class, at work, or working on my internship. I like to stay on top of my assignments as best as I can.
When I went to bed, Drew got a call from his friend TJ he is in town for the Pitt/Penn State game tomorrow. Drew went to meet up with TJ and John. I was glad he got to see them. I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to go to bed. He wasn’t out late and climbed right into bed with me when he got home.

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