Blue Moon and Tequila Cowboy

When Anthony told me Dylan texted him, we were on the way home from dinner and shopping. I looked at Anthony and I said, “Let’s go.” he said, “Alright. He is meeting me at my house.”

Once we parked at Anthony’s we went inside his apartment complex and Dylan was already there in Anthony’s apartment. We walked into the apartment, and he asked, “So how was dinner guys?” We both laughed and said, we had a great time, and how we are both ENFJ. We labeled Dylan to be an Introvert. We were going to give him the test on the way to the Blue Moon.

Before we left, Anthony made a drink and wanted to take it in my car. I said, “No, way. you finish the drink here, or you leave it here for when you come back.” he just gave me this look like I was insane.

When we arrived at the Blue Moon, it was so packed like it was Saturday night. A woman was on stage butchering Melissa Etheridge’s song “Am I the Only One?” I used to like that song. I ordered seltzer water. We stayed for two more people to sing and then we decided to cash out and leave. Anthony wanted to go to Tequila Cowboy ( a straight night club). I was happy to go and take them. I wasn’t sure about my heels though. My feet were sore already.

Once we arrived at the North Shore, we were able to find street parking. I parked my car and we walked to Tequila Cowboy. I was walking a little slower my feet were killing me and I was in heels. Anthony was in flip flops and Dylan was in casual shoes. Dylan made sure to walk with me. Anthony was ahead a little.

When we arrived at Tequila Cowboy, they checked our IDs and there was no cover. The entrance we walked in was through the 90’s room and it was called, “Little Red Corvette.” They played 90’s hip hop and R&B. This place brings back so many memories of Barroom. I spent every weekend of my 21st year at Barroom. Barroom was connected and had three other bars attached to it. The bars had different themes and were separated by a dark hallway. Tequila Cowboy is set up familiarly to how Barroom was set up (Barroom is now a parking lot in Station Square).

When you exit the Little Red Corvette Room and walk through the hallway you enter the country room. It is bigger than the 90’s R&B room and it has a shot chair, for $4 dollars you can lay back in an old school barbershop chair and a woman will pour a bottle of liquor down your throat that equals one shot. There is also a mechanical bull, a raised platform dance floor on top of a wooden dance floor and huge round bar.

When you exit the Country room through yet another hallway, you enter the Karaoke Room titled, “Wanna Bs.” It is where all the bachelorettes sing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and many other hits that are for kissing the Single Life goodbye. There is a long bar and some tables for people who like to hear the tone-deaf drunk singers (we have all been there).  If you were to exit Wanna B’s then you would enter the lines for the bathroom.

That night, we spent our time bouncing back and forth between the country room and the 90’s R&B room. At one point I had to sit. I was getting tired, my feet, and hips were hurting. I was ready to go home.

As I sat at the bar, I couldn’t help but realize how long it has been since I have been to one of these places. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was 21 but it has been a while, and my life has changed. I probably could hang if I had the right footwear. Everyone looked so young. Todd the Bartender from saddle ridge, still bartends. He tends in the Karaoke room. I said hi to him and he gave me a high five. Other than him, I didn’t know anyone there. The population has changed. There are so many baby-faced 21 year-olds now.

We left the club at 1:30am. I had fun but I was glad to be going home to my hubs. Anthony carried me halfway to the car on his back. We looked like conjoined twins.

When I home, I showered and crawled into bed with my husband. I was happy to be home.

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