Favorite Part of My Job

There are a couple things that I absolutely love about my job. One of them is connecting with the students and answering their questions. The other is meeting Pitt athletes. The athletes that I get the opportunity to meet and take pictures with are typically Pitt Football players and Pitt basket ball players.
On Friday, I was in charge of sign ups. Some of the athletes had to sign up for a recitation change with one of the professors I work with. He passed on the responsibility to me to make sure that if the athletes came by they would sign with me. Here are some of the athletes that I got to meet. I don’t know all their names.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing 

When I ask them for a picture they are always so nice and they think it is so cool that I want a picture with them. I have a Pitt Board in my office. On the Pitt board are pictures of athletes that I met and of course Chancellor Gallagher made my Pitt board. I am all about the Blue and Gold.

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