Sick Days

Monday morning, I wrote an e-mail to my supervisor and the other admin that I work with and told them I was going to stay home sick. Andrew left work. I went back to sleep and around 9am I woke up and called my mom. She and Dad were going to pick me Wedding soup from Sarafinos in Crafton. This is my favorite place to eat wedding soup. When I lived at home, every time I was sick, I would get wedding soup from Sarafinos.
After I got out of the shower, I laid on the couch. I had to write my summaries for Student Development Theory class on Tuesday, but I didn’t want to, at least not right away. I watched the new episode of Victoria.

When my parents arrived, I got up and opened the door. I stepped aside so they could walk in the house. My dad had a McDonald’s bag with him. I was glad to see them. We sat down at the dining room table. I heated up my soup. Along with the soup, they also give you a chunk of bread and dipping oil. I hate half the bread and one bowl of soup. They brought me enough for two servings. I figured I would save the rest for later. We talked about school work, the interviews, what they were up to, and my cold. After lunch, my mom cleaned up and put my clean dishes away from the dishwasher and my dad took out the garbage. I was grateful they brought me soup and had lunch with me. When they left I went back to working on my summaries. I was able to get them done and submitted.

Before Drew came home, I got another shower and laid back on the couch. When he came home, I heated up some chicken casserole that we had last night for dinner. I heated up myself some soup. We ate dinner and he started to feel sick as well. I felt so bad that he was catching my cold.

Tuesday, I stayed home one more day. I was still so congested and not feeling 100%. I sent an e-mail again to my supervisor and the other admin I work with and told them that I was going to take one more sick day. I was still congested. Andrew left for work and I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t fall back asleep, coughing and blowing my nose. I got a shower and laid on the couch. I watched TV and watched some movies. I e-mailed my professor and told him that I wasn’t going to be in class, and I wanted to use my one absence. I told him how my interviews went and he gave me some good advice. Drew stopped at Walmart on the way home. I got a shower before he came home, and put on some cut up kielbasa and sauerkraut in a pot for dinner. When he came home, he was not feeling well at all. We ate dinner and watched Siesta Key (my guilty pleasure).  Then off to bed. I was going to go to work in the morning. I couldn’t wait to feel better.

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