After work today, I drove Drew’s car back to Moon. I had to go to the tattoo shop, then to American Eagle. When I as on my way to the tattoo shop, I have to go up this bigger hill and sometimes you have to give the car a little bit of a punch to get up the hill. Well his car started to act up some, and wouldn’t speed up. The check engine light came on, and then the symbol with the car and a windy road light. I pulled over, put my four ways on. I put the car in park, and turned the car off an on again. Then I tried to make my way up the hill. It was still doing the same thing, not being able to speed up, check engine light and the car with the windy road light. I pulled over one more time. I turned the car off and turned it on again after a couple of seconds. I tried again and thankfully I made it up the hill, but the check engine light was still on.

When I arrived to the tattoo shop, I called Drew and told him about the car. He asked if I was speeding I said, no. I wasn’t. He said, he would call the dealership tomorrow. I didn’t tell him that I punched it a little to get up the hill. I figured I will tell him just later. When I walked into the tattoo shop, I talked to Dooner the artist who did my tattoo. He took a look at it, and said, yeah, it does look a little faded. I can take you in a few minutes. I am almost done with my client. I had to fill out a form, then I took a seat on the couch in the waiting area.

A few minutes later, Dooner called me back. I laid down on the make shift like examining table, and he took a look at my tattoo. He said, “I am going to shave it a little.” Then I am going to start. When he had the tattoo gun in his hand, he asked me if I was ready? I said, “Yes, fire away.” He did go a bit heavy and made sure to get some ink in there, and it took only 15 mins. It didn’t hurt at all. He put a sticker type band aid over it with clear instructions to change this bandaid in 24 hours, then put a new one on for three days, then I should be good. He did warn me that this was going to fade a bit quicker, because of they location of the tattoo. He didn’t charge me for the touch up.

After the tattoo shop, I went home and switched cars. I grabbed my keys and got in my car. My SUV does not have Sirius XM satellite radio, so that is unfortunate. I drove to American Eagle.  I spoke with Hannah. I told her that I was there on Saturday and spoke to Sam the store manager about possibly coming in and working a shift on Sundays only. I told her that I used to work there. She said, oh okay yea, when did you work here? I said, 2013. She said, “Okay, there is no sense in going through the whole interview process, so I will send you an offer letter, with a link to complete the tax form and on boarding paperwork. Can you come in for Orientation this Sunday?” I said, “Yes, I can.” She said, “Great, it is from 10am-1pm.” I told her that I couldn’t start until the last week of April, because I am in grad School, finals will be over by then, but I am taking a Summer class, and I work full-time at Pitt.” She said, “Not a problem, just remind us on Sunday at the Orientation.”

When I got done with the Orientation, I went to the Goodwill and browsed the racks and waited for Drew to let me know he was on the bus. I got a 2 sweaters, a long sleeve top with black lace on the shoulders, a zip up, and a brown dress. You can never have too many professional dresses.

After spending $25.00 at the Goodwill, I went to go pick up Drew from the bus stop. When he got in the car, I told him that I punched his car. He laughed and said, I know, was that bothering you all day? I laughed and said, “a little.” I told him what I spent at the Goodwill, and he was cool with it.

When we got home, Drew took his car to Autozone to get the light checked. They have a little scanner. I got a shower, got dressed and went to the mailbox to get my jeans from American eagle. They had to order a size 12 in dark blue. They didn’t have them in-store. I got comfy on the couch and Drew walked in and said, that he has to take his car to the dealer, auto zone just said it something with a sensor. I apologized for his car, and he said it wasn’t my fault.


I did not sleep well last night. I woke up around 9:30am. I didn’t want to set an alarm. Drew made breakfast, and I drank some English Breakfast tea and Image result for lady j netflixwatched Lady J, another Netflix movie.

This movie was in French but had English subtitles. This lady is Marquess, who is widowed and falls in love with a Marquis who is a libertine, and seems to like any lady he sets his eyes on. the Marquess and the Marquis develop of a friendship, but it is complicated. I didn’t finish it.

After breakfast, I got a shower and then started to work on my themes paper that is due this Tuesday. My writing tutor got back to me with her comments and some things I need to fix. I have a meeting with her tomorrow, but I don’t want to have to do much more. I need at least a B on this paper. It is worth 15% of my grade. Three more assignments after this for this class, and then I am done for the semester. I do have one big paper to write for my other class, but I am waiting for to approve the outline.

After I finished my paper,  I got ready for the week. I hung out and tried to watch more of that movie, but I ended up turning it off and putting on The Grey. I needed a good Liam Neeson flick. Drew came home from the gym and we hung out and watched basketball until it was time to fix dinner.

After dinner, we cleaned up and then watched some more basketball, march madness. 🙂 I felt like this week ahead was going to be a long one.


Robert Morris University Student Activities Fair

Robert Morris University Student Activities Fair

This morning, I woke up around 8:30am. I got a shower and got dressed in “Colonial Casual.” I was helping out at the Student Activites Fair. I was going to work alongside the Assistant Dean of Students and help out at the Student Life table. I was so excited to work with her. I helped her gather somethings from her office, and we went up to Hopwood Hall.

We hung out at the table and waited for prospective students and their families to stop by on their way to the talk that John Locke (my internship supervisor, previous professor, and friend) was giving.

As students and their families came by our table, we answered their questions about Student Life at RMU. There were things I couldn’t answer because I was a commuter and transfer student. I didn’t take advantage of Student Life.

At one point, the assistant dean of students left to go check on the other events that were happening in the Hale Center. I took a seat on the window ledge and posted my pictures on social media. A man left the auditorium and walked to the water fountain and approached the seating area where I was. He asked me if I was a junior or senior? I smiled and said, “thank you, but I am actually a graduate intern. However, I did attend RMU for my bachelor’s. He took a seat on a chair. He said, “Oh okay, what did you study?” I said, “English Studies, literature, and etc.” He said, “Oh okay, How did you like it here?” I smiled and said, “I loved it, but I was a transfer and commuter student, so I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunities that RMU had to offer. I would say like my last year here I was finally getting into the groove of things. I made friendships, and developed a routine of arriving at campus early, and not leaving until like evening time, but then before you know it, you graduate, and it’s over. He smiled, and asked, “Where did you commute from?” I said, “Crafton. my family lives there still.” He said, “Oh we are from Crafton.” he told me his street name. I had friends who lived on that street. I smiled and nodded. I told him where about my parents live and he nodded. I smiled.

At one point in the conversation, he made it a point to tell me that he was there with his ex-wife and his son. It seemed like he was gauging my interest. He then said, “Alright, well I better get back in there.” I smiled and said, “Nice talking to you.” He said, “Yes, you too.” I stopped and thought for a moment did I just get hit on or was he being nice? Around 12pm, I helped break down the table and pack up the flyers and helped her carry things back to her office. I stopped into John’s office on my way out to see if he needed anything he was talking to Scott, my old boss at RMU, who used to run the Phonathon department.

Throughout the conversation, Scott remembered he wouldn’t be able to take the students to the Carnegie Museum on Saturday. I asked if he wanted me to do it? He said, “You would?” I said, “yea, what time are you thinking I am supposed to go to the KISS concert with my dad that night?” He said, “You are going to the KISS concert?” I laughed. He said, I will confirm with you, but if you could that be awesome. John interjected, “Yea, she can do that.”

When I left RMU, I went and got my nails done. I had plans to get them done next Saturday in preparation for McDonough, but if I am taking the students to the museum, then I am not going to be able to get them done. I drove to Bella Nails and was able to get right in and out.

Then I went to the Mall. I needed jeans. I went to American Eagle and bought two pair of Size 12 jeggings! I was so happy I fit into a size 12!

After the mall, I went home and Drew was unpacking groceries. I helped him put them away and then I started dinner. I was so hungry.

After dinner, I took a nap and then watched this movie called The Dirt on Netflix. It is about Motley Crue. It was good, a bit cheesy, but good. I could never live the rock star lifestyle. I would get so tired of it.

Cruel Intentions 20th Anniversary

Work was chaotic we had prospective graduate students visiting our department. After work, I drove home. Drew took off work and went over his parents to watch some March Madness games. He was on his way home so he could see me before I went out in the evening. He had plans to go to the smokestack with Mike.

When I arrived home, we hung out for a bit, then I went upstairs to get ready. I wanted to look cute. I curled my hair. It was a girl’s night. I kissed Drew goodbye, and then I got in my car and drove to the Waterfront in Homestead. It was a little snowy outside, but it wasn’t really laying thankfully the ground was too warm.

When I arrived at PF Changs at the waterfront. I saw Wynn and Jenna in a corner booth. I  walked over and hopped into the booth. I hugged them both. Wynn said, “you said, casual!” I said, “true, but this is my night out. I wanted to look cute. I am in jeans.” I laughed. We ate dumplings and lo mein. I had two goose and soda waters, and Wynn had a cocktail. Jenna didn’t drink.

While we were eating and chatting, I got a text from Drew and asked if I saw the e-mail from the chancellor of Pitt. It was about waiting for the Antwon Rose verdict. I thought it was beautifully written. A few moments later, Drew called me and said, Michael Rosfeld was found not guilty. When I got off the phone with him, Wynn got a text from her husband, and then Jenna got a text from her husband. We look towards the TVs at the bar, and they had a picture of Michael Rosfeld and it said “Not Guilty” in big letters. Where we were located was east of Pittsburgh, where this event took place. Wynn texted her husband, who is a medic and he is listening to the police scanner now. We had second thoughts about going to the movie theater. We weren’t sure if the protesters were going to shut down the roads like they have done before. We decided to go to the movie, but be ready to leave if we need to.

Right before walking into the movies, we took a selfie.  I love these girls so much. Wynn is there for me whenever I need someone to vent to at work. Jenna, she just started last year. She is the sweetest.
When we entered the theater, we got our tickets scanned and went into the theater.  I can’t tell you the last time I was at this theater. I never come out this way.

They did not have reserved seating, so we picked our seats, and I sat in the middle of Wynn and Jenna. This was Jenna’s first time seeing Cruel Intentions!

As soon as Placebo “Every You, Every Me” came on for the opening credits, Wynn and I started dancing in our seats and singing the words.

I have seen this movie a thousand times. I own it on DVD, and I watch it when it is on cable, but something about it seeing it on the big screen was amazing! Of course, it never gets old, when Ryan Philippe’s character dies. 3

At the end of the movie, Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve plays over the surround sound. Wynn an I start singing the lyrics. Poor Jenna probably thought we lost it. I had so much fun.

After the movies, we walked to our cars and said our goodbyes. I raced home. I couldn’t wait to get home to my husband, who was home from the smoke stack.

My Adoption Story

A few weeks ago my mom was cleaning out the fireproof filing cabinet in the extra bedroom and she came across my adoption papers. She asked me if I wanted them? I took them from her and said, “okay.” She said, “You can keep them here if you want, but they are yours.” I said, “Yea, I know thank you.” I flipped through the pages, and I must have read these papers a thousand times, but something struck me light lightning. The very last page is a one-page description describing the physical descriptions of my birth family. Also, there is a little one-liner about each of them. The one that stood out to me was the description of my birth father, it says:

“Your birth father was 17 years old, and just completed the 10th grade. The relationship ended right before he knew she was pregnant.”

I never really read this before, like really read it. I know now what it means to have completed the 10th grade. You are typically 16 years old, as a sophomore. When one completes the 10th grade, they are typically not 17 years old. I held back my tears. I wanted to cry in the car, or when I got home.

When I left my parents’ house, I took my adoption papers with me and I called Drew. I sobbed the whole way home. I have so many questions. I have so many things I want to find out about my birth parents, this was an awakening. I need to try, if I don’t try, then I might regret it. He completely understood and felt so bad for me. He said we can start the process baby. I support you, whatever you want to do.

When I got off the phone, we sat at the table and talked about it and I showed him the one-page summary. He was shocked at what I discovered as well. He asked if I still had the form that the archives unit sent me? I said, “I think it is upstairs in the filing cabinet.” He said, “Do you want to fill it out and get started?” I said, “Yea, I think I need to. If I don’t, I will regret it.”

This past Thursday, we did a power clean of our house, and I found the form from the archives unit. I took a deep breath and noticed that I filled it out with old information. I planned to call them tomorrow to get an updated form.

Friday, we had off work due to Spring break. I called the archives unit and they sent me new forms and answered some of my questions. I printed out the new forms and filled them out. Some of the paperwork has to be completed by a notary, but it is going to cost $750.00 for one birth parent. When we are ready to send in the payment information, I will go to Triple-A and get it notarized. I feel so much better about starting this process and I am completely okay with whatever the outcome is, but I feel like I do not try then I will regret it and I don’t want to regret anything. The rest of the day, I was kind of in my head and I listened to counting crows as I waited for Drew to come back from the grocery store.
After we put groceries away, he asked how I was doing? and I said, well I am kind of in my head today, but I did manage to get some homework done. I did get the one-page outline done for my legal paper. Well done for now at least. He was glad of that. I still had some more homework to do over the weekend, such as start my 5-page paper for student development theory, and my toolbox summaries as well. I told him that part of me feels as though this is the adoption process is the last thing I need on my mind right now, but that is how I seem to do things. I am either all in or all out. I am going to be okay. I am going to make it work. I want to make sure I blog about it every step of the way and really live in each moment.

CLA Committee

CLA Committee

After work today, I went back to RMU. My internship supervisor teaches a class on Wednesday nights, so he wanted me to go in his place. I was so nervous. I  wasn’t sure what this was all about it. I  had dinner with Drew in the cafeteria before the meeting. I stopped down to the Center for Student Success to see Dr. Spradley. I wanted to introduce him to Drew. They shook hands and Dr. Spradley asked Drew to give him a 30-second run down of his story. Drew said, “wow okay.” He gave his 30 seconds run down and Dr. Spradley invited us into his office for some tea. I told him I was on my way to the CLA, but I wanted to pop in and see if you were around so I could introduce you to Drew.” He said, “that is one of the things I love about you.” He is getting ready to leave and wanted to know if I was still interested in speaking with him at the workshop, Titled “Communicating your Vision.” I said, “Yes, of course.” He said, “Great, I am going to send you some information next week. We can get started on building it out and fleshing out what we are going to say.” Drew asked, “would it be okay if I could attend the event and be there to support her and watch her speak.” Dr. Spradley, looked at Drew and said, “Of course, but better yet…” He turned to me and said, “Do you want him there?” I smiled, and said, “of course.” he said, “Great, that is admirable that you both support each other.” He asked me if I wanted to quarterback and be the only speaker. I said, “no, this was my first time, public speaking.” He said, “I don’t believe it, but we can co-quarterback it.” That way when the next one comes around you will be ready.

Colonial Leadership Academy. Colonial Leadership Academy is a program for student-athletes who are interested in developing their leadership abilities. They focus more on after athletics instead of their role in their sport. The CLA hosts speaker events and workshops in different leadership topics. The student-athletes have to apply to get into the academy, in the past, they have accepted everyone who applied because they want to be there. The student-athletes, who applied for this are the students who are exceptional.

After we left Dr. Spradley’s office, we walked to Hopwood Hall where my meeting was going to take place. He kissed me before he left. I walked into the auditorium and there were two people sitting in the back of the room. I approached them and asked if this was the CLA? They said, “Yes.” I said, “I’m Danielle, John Locke’s graduate intern.” I smiled and shook their hands. I met Nelle and Danny.

Before the presentation got underway, Nelle and Dan gave me a rundown of the CLA. The Colonial Leadership Academy is a program for student-athletes who are interested in developing their leadership abilities. They focus more on after athletics instead of their role in their sport. The CLA hosts speaker events and workshops in different leadership topics. The student-athletes have to apply to get into the academy. In the past, they have accepted everyone who applied because they want to be there. The student-athletes, who applied for this are the students who are exceptional.

This is so cool. Student-athletes are my research interest. I was glad to be apart of this. Nelle told me they are looking for two more speakers to come and speak about leadership at the end of March, and early April. I reached out to my advisor in the program and my friend Alicia. Hopefully, they will be able to come and present.

After I get situated in my career, this would be something I would like to do is speak about leadership. I feel like I have somethings I could say now, but I am not sure if it is exactly what they are looking for, but I will keep documenting for when it is my time.

After the CLA, I went home to my husband and spent the rest of the evening hanging out relaxing. I am so grateful for Drew and how supportive he is.  I feel so loved.



McDonough Meeting

After work today,  I went to RMU for the McDonough meeting. John wasn’t going to be there. I was on my own today. He gave me some pointers. I had a good feeling about it. I was ready to go.

When I arrived at RMU, we were meeting in the Yorktown building. Yorktown is new to the campus. It used to be a hotel. I made my way to the cafe and got a chicken sandwich no bun with a side of broccoli. I am trying to eat cleaner again and get back into ketosis. It is a slow process. My schedule is so crazy.

After I got my dinner, I went upstairs to the lounge. It was empty. Eventually, all the participants showed up and we ironed out their narratives and created a script and a run of the show. I spent an hour with them going over everything and hearing their stories. We decided that we would meet on Monday in a classroom and they would practice running through their narratives in the front of the room as if they were at the conference. Once we see how this goes, we will schedule another practice session with other visitors from the campus to receive more feedback for them to perfect their narratives before the conference on April 5th.

When I got home, I got a shower and got ready to watch Siesta Key. It is my guilty pleasure. I am thinking Juliette and Alex are dunzo, but I want to see what other drama happens. I am addicted.