After work today, I drove Drew’s car back to Moon. I had to go to the tattoo shop, then to American Eagle. When I as on my way to the tattoo shop, I have to go up this bigger hill and sometimes you have to give the car a little bit of a punch to get up the hill. Well his car started to act up some, and wouldn’t speed up. The check engine light came on, and then the symbol with the car and a windy road light. I pulled over, put my four ways on. I put the car in park, and turned the car off an on again. Then I tried to make my way up the hill. It was still doing the same thing, not being able to speed up, check engine light and the car with the windy road light. I pulled over one more time. I turned the car off and turned it on again after a couple of seconds. I tried again and thankfully I made it up the hill, but the check engine light was still on.

When I arrived to the tattoo shop, I called Drew and told him about the car. He asked if I was speeding I said, no. I wasn’t. He said, he would call the dealership tomorrow. I didn’t tell him that I punched it a little to get up the hill. I figured I will tell him just later. When I walked into the tattoo shop, I talked to Dooner the artist who did my tattoo. He took a look at it, and said, yeah, it does look a little faded. I can take you in a few minutes. I am almost done with my client. I had to fill out a form, then I took a seat on the couch in the waiting area.

A few minutes later, Dooner called me back. I laid down on the make shift like examining table, and he took a look at my tattoo. He said, “I am going to shave it a little.” Then I am going to start. When he had the tattoo gun in his hand, he asked me if I was ready? I said, “Yes, fire away.” He did go a bit heavy and made sure to get some ink in there, and it took only 15 mins. It didn’t hurt at all. He put a sticker type band aid over it with clear instructions to change this bandaid in 24 hours, then put a new one on for three days, then I should be good. He did warn me that this was going to fade a bit quicker, because of they location of the tattoo. He didn’t charge me for the touch up.

After the tattoo shop, I went home and switched cars. I grabbed my keys and got in my car. My SUV does not have Sirius XM satellite radio, so that is unfortunate. I drove to American Eagle.  I spoke with Hannah. I told her that I was there on Saturday and spoke to Sam the store manager about possibly coming in and working a shift on Sundays only. I told her that I used to work there. She said, oh okay yea, when did you work here? I said, 2013. She said, “Okay, there is no sense in going through the whole interview process, so I will send you an offer letter, with a link to complete the tax form and on boarding paperwork. Can you come in for Orientation this Sunday?” I said, “Yes, I can.” She said, “Great, it is from 10am-1pm.” I told her that I couldn’t start until the last week of April, because I am in grad School, finals will be over by then, but I am taking a Summer class, and I work full-time at Pitt.” She said, “Not a problem, just remind us on Sunday at the Orientation.”

When I got done with the Orientation, I went to the Goodwill and browsed the racks and waited for Drew to let me know he was on the bus. I got a 2 sweaters, a long sleeve top with black lace on the shoulders, a zip up, and a brown dress. You can never have too many professional dresses.

After spending $25.00 at the Goodwill, I went to go pick up Drew from the bus stop. When he got in the car, I told him that I punched his car. He laughed and said, I know, was that bothering you all day? I laughed and said, “a little.” I told him what I spent at the Goodwill, and he was cool with it.

When we got home, Drew took his car to Autozone to get the light checked. They have a little scanner. I got a shower, got dressed and went to the mailbox to get my jeans from American eagle. They had to order a size 12 in dark blue. They didn’t have them in-store. I got comfy on the couch and Drew walked in and said, that he has to take his car to the dealer, auto zone just said it something with a sensor. I apologized for his car, and he said it wasn’t my fault.

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