This morning, I tried to make it to work. I was on the way to Oakland, but I just kept coughing, a nasty productive cough. This was my last day of antibiotics. I emailed work and told them that I wasn’t going to come in. I was going to head to the doctors since today was my last day of antibiotics.

When we got to Pitt, Drew went to work and I took the car and went to my parents.  I didn’t want to drive all the way back to Moon just yet. I snuggled my dogs and called the Doctors. I made a 2:30pm appointment. I was glad they could get me in last minute. I haven’t been to my PCP in over a year, which I guess is a good thing, but I am due for my annual.

Around 11:30am, I went home and laid on the couch until it was time to go to the Doctors. I watched reruns of Laguna Beach. I loved that show.

When I arrived to the Doctors, she scolded me for not making my annual and waiting so long to come see her. They got my records from MedExpress. She told me that they only way to reset my system is to take a steroid. I told her they make me fat. She laughed and said, she will put me on a low dose for only three days. I said, “okay.” She gave me a breathing treatment which felt so good in my chest. She said, I was wheezing and wasn’t able to catch full breath. She ordered me an inhaler, as well. She told me to come back tomorrow for a breathing treatment if I wanted and to schedule my annual once I am better. She diagnosed me with bronchitis. I am not to return to work until Monday, May 6th! I was shocked. She told me to do nothing but rest and eat chicken noodle soup.

When I left the examining room, I was handed my excuse to be out of work. All I had to do now was go home and relax. Once, I was in the car, I called my boss and left her a voicemail. I updated my out-of-office e-mail. I called Drew and told him the news. He felt so bad for me and asked me if there is anything I need. I asked him to please stop on the way home to get my prescriptions.

When I got home, I laid down on the couch and waited for Drew to arrive home. He left work around 3:30pm and stopped home to get my prescriptions and pick up dinner. He bought chicken, a frozen pizza, and more soup for me. I am so grateful for him. We rested and he watched reruns of The Hills with me.



Sunday, I woke up increasingly worse. I was so congested and worse. I probably shouldn’t have gone to the wedding, but I did. I laid around all day, coughed, and blew my nose.

Monday, I still wasn’t 100% I e-mailed work in the morning and said I was going to take another sick day. I stayed on the couch and watched movies from the 2000’s Valentine and Josie and the Pussycats.



This morning, I had a such a rough night last night, but I needed to get to RMU for the transfer student event. My ear didn’t hurt as bad. The antibiotic was working. I didn’t tell John and Maureen that I was sick. I wanted to follow through with this event. The transfer students are important to me. I was one of them.

When I arrived to RMU, I parked outside student life, and went to Romo’s and got a bagel and some hot tea. I got back in the car and drove to Wheatley Center. I ate my bagel on the way. I got out of my car and pulled the suitcase of my trunk, that contained handouts and take-a-aways from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities Department. I shut the trunk door and walked into the Wheatley Center.

So the Wheatley Center, just opened at the end of my last semester at RMU. I never really spent time there. When you first enter, there is this giant area with an open welcoming space. There were tables set up for different departments on campus. I set up next to the UPMC my health network, there was so much irony in this. I put the handouts on the table and made it look pretty. I took a picture and sent it to Maureen. She thanked me for being there today.

Throughout the event, I kept blowing my nose, and drinking water. Next to me, was Residence Life. Anna a girl from my Master’s program was at the table. She and I talked for a bit. Anna, Diana, and myself just finished a group project together and we got an A on the presentation, an A- on the paper, and an overall A in the class. We talked about our grade and Max’s comments. I was proud of our group.

Ugh I hate being sick. The nurse at the table next to me on my right said that I should go to Walmart, and show my ID at the pharmacy and ask for Sudafed. It is the behind the counter stuff, so it is pretty powerful. I took her up on her suggestion.

After the event was over, it was around 11:30am. I got the table packed up and put all the handouts in my suitcase and I was the first one out the door. I drove to Walmart and picked up the Sudafed and a few other things. I felt well enough to perhaps go to the wedding reception that evening for Ashley and Andrew.

When I got home, I rested for awhile and then we got ready to go to the reception. Now I probably shouldn’t have went, but I was feeling like I could make it. I put on a brown dress with some beige pink heels.

When we got to the Marriott, we walked inside and started talking to some of Drew’s cousins. It was good to see them. We only seem to see them at events like weddings, funerals, bridal showers, and baby showers.

Finally the ballroom was open and we could go inside, the photographer took a picture of Drew and I in front of a board that had the seating chart listed. We were at table 3. We were at the same table as his cousins, his brother, and sister-in-law. We haven’t seen them since Christmas Day. It was good to hear how Waffles is doing now that he is home safe.

There was an antipasto station, and an iced tea, and sangria station. Dinner was served around 7pm. They had chicken, ravioli, salad, sliced meat, vegetables. Dinner was so good. Dancing started around 8:30pm or 9pm. I danced with the bride to the Cupid Shuffle, and then Drew and I danced together. I also danced with Aunt Paula. I was doing so well. I thought I was getting better.

We left around 10pm or 11pm and went to my inlaws where Tommy and Megan were staying the night. I wanted to see Waffles. I was so happy to see him. I almost teared up. Waffles went missing a month or two ago in Erie. He was found 3 days later and has been home since. Those three days were so rough on Drew and I. When I saw Waffles, I hugged him and kissed his nose. I let him knock me down and tackle me. I have to admit I was fighting back tears. I also made sure to show Butters some love, but he just wants you to throw the ball.
IMG_1433.jpeg I cropped myself out of this picture, because it was a terrible picture of me, but there he is Waffles!










I also snapped this picture of Butters and Waffles. We are so happy that he is home safe back with is brother, Butters.



After the CLA I came home, and felt a pain in my left ear and my eyes were so itchy and watery. I was so exhausted. I felt like I was getting an ear infection and possibly getting sick. I wasn’t sure what was happening.

When I woke up this morning, it felt as if someone was stabbing the middle of my ear. I wrote an e-mail to Nancy and Phyllis and told them that I was taking a sick day to go to medexpress. I was having extreme ear pain and needed to go to medexpress. I knew it was poor timing because the Sociology Commencement was today. However, everything was done for it. The certificates were made, and things were complete. All someone had to do was hand out the certificates. I didn’t think it was going to be a major deal and no one plans to get sick.

At MedExpress they diagnosed me with an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection, as well as a sore throat. The doctor prescribed me Prednisone and a Z pack. I got both filled there instead of waiting at Giant Eagle. I was hesitant to take the prednisone because it will make me gain weight like crazy!

When I got home, I took the first dose and started my Z pack. I was hoping to fill better as soon as possible. I am on the go type person. I can’t just lay around I hate it. I called my mother in law and she says that I probably have just ran myself into the wall with how busy I have been. I did just finish up another semester of grad school (waiting for the grade from my one class), while doing an internship, and working full time. I have been so busy truly, but at the same time. I needed to take care of myself and I will admit I put self care on the back burner sometimes.

In the evening, Drew came home, and we spent the evening just relaxing. He felt bad that I was sick and had an ear infection. He made me soup and grilled cheese for dinner. He is always there for me.

Before we went to bed, I was watching Dirty Dancing and I had such a headache, but I wanted to wait and take Advil before I went to bed. I wasn’t sure when I was going to bed, so I didn’t take anything. Well the headache turned into a migraine,and it was the most intense migraine I ever had. Drew helped me upstairs and into the bathroom where I threw up everything in my body. I have never had migraine that bad.

The Last CLA Event of the Semester

After work today, I changed out of my Pitt t-shirt and zip up and into a dress for the last CLA event of the semester at RMU. The Third Years were presenting their leadership project.

The event was catered Nelle ordered tacos for dinner with all the fixings along with chips. I definitely had a taco and some nachos.

There were four presentations. Girls Softball worked on a fundraising imitative called Home Run Derby for Adoption Connections. They had a power point presentation of their project and what they learned when organizing the project. At the end, I asked them questions such as what will you do differently next time? etc. All the presentations were really good.

After the presentations, the seniors received the CLA sashes and they left the room.  I met with Nelle and Dan and we set aside a time to talk about a Leadership Summit that they want to help organize. It will be a day long event on campus. We just don’t have the details ironed out yet. I am excited to be a part of this and it involves athletes which is definitely a research interest of mine.

When I got home, Andrew had already vacuumed and brought up towels from the basement that he already folded. He is so helpful! I am truly so grateful for him. I received a text from my group, and said it said the grade for the paper and presentation was posted. I turned on my computer and logged into Courseweb. We got an A on the paper and an A on the presentation. My grade in the class is a solid A! I was so happy! Now I just need to get my grade from Legal Aspects of Higher Education. I am not too worried about that class, but I am anxiously awaiting the grade!



Last Grad Class of the Semester

Today, I attended the volunteer luncheon at the Petersen events center for the Ph.D. Commencement Ceremony. I walked to the Pete with Brian, who is also a graduate admin. Once we arrived into the Pete, we took the escalator up to the second floor, and then got into the elevator to go up to the campus view club. They had lunch for us. I ate Chicken Florentine, a little mushroom ravioli with a salad. We sat a table with someone from the Grad Dean’s office. This was her first time volunteering. This was my second time volunteering and Brian’s 3rd. I helped out at couple events for Pitt, so it was cool to connect with the friends I have in the Office of Special Events. 🙂

After lunch, we had to report to our designated areas for training. Stacy, from Special Events, recognized me and gave me a hug. She thanked me for volunteering and was so happy to see my name on the list of volunteers. 🙂 Stacy explained our position and how we are to report to our stations at 4:15pm. The lunch or early dinner would be served at 3pm. I was in the same position as last year. I was working with the person from the Grad Dean’s office and was responsible for lining up the Arts and Sciences graduates. It is cool to be apart of.

After training, I went back to the office. I had my last Student Development Theory class tonight. My group was going to meet me in my office at 4pm to go over our presentation and make sure we were good to go to class tonight. I was ready to get the semester over with and go home.

After finalizing our presentation, we went up to class. I walked into the classroom and sat next to my friend Julia. I looked at the board. They were playing hangman. I laughed a little. You could tell everyone was so over the semester and ready for summer.

Our professor, Max walked in and saw the hangman and it said, “We Love Student Stories.” Max had this smile on his face and he was laughing. I snapped a quick picture of him in frontIMG_1373.jpeg of the board.

When it came time to present our student stories, my group went first. I wanted to be done. He liked our presentation and two people had questions for us including Max. He asked about our model and he said, we did a great job! I am so glad to be done.

After our presentation, 5 more groups presented and then he wished us a happy summer! I am excited to see my grade.

In the fall, I will see Max for Internship. I am looking forward to next semester, but I am excited to relax for the summer!


This morning we got up and had coffee and got ready to go to his parents. My parents were meeting us over there. I was so excited to have our family together for Easter. We didn’t go to church, perhaps next year.

When we arrived at his parents’, I stayed back to help, and Drew went to go pick up his great aunt Tootsie. I had two more cups of coffee, but I was still so sleepy. The weather was kind of dreary too. It wasn’t as nice as yesterday.

Aunt Tootsie and Drew arrived before my parents, and we ate dinner about 2:30pm. There was ham, kielbasa, baked pineapple, potatoes, green bean casserole (we made it and brought it over), stuffed cabbage, and deviled eggs. There was so much food.

After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law. She is 59. She doesn’t look 59 at all. It was nice to have everyone together around the table.