Post 3 Day Weekend

The next work day after having a three day weekend tends to feel like Monday, even though it was Tuesday!

I met with my advisor today during my lunch break to discuss a project that I volunteered to assist with. We are conducting a Market Assessment Opportunity. I am helping her collect raw data. There are two other women on the project. I have learned so much about group work from her class, and I even identified some of my bad habits when it comes to working in groups. I did well today. Group work can be difficult.

After the project meeting, my advisor and I met one-on-one about an opportunity that arrived via email on Friday. She said she would write a recommendation letter for me, before I was asked to interview. I hope I get this position. It would be such a great opportunity. We talked about my progress in the program, and an incident that occurred last semester. She was glad to hear all is well. We talked about my current job, and about a few people we know.

When I arrived back at my desk, I worked on some requests. Overall it was an easy day.

After work, I thought we had a CLA meeting planned at RMU. I was going to be late arriving so I sent an email to Nelle and Danny while we were stuck in traffic. They asked if we could reschedule for tomorrow. I said that would work. Once I got off the phone with them, I sent an email to my supervisor and CCed her supervisor. I hope they let me leave early again tomorrow.

This evening, when we got home, we cooked a keto chicken dish, along with some side dish left overs from Memorial Day. After dinner, we cleaned up, and I got a shower, then we watched Downton Abbey. I am getting him into the show. He likes it so far. I am rewatching it for the movie in September. I can’t wait!



This evening, we met Samuel for the first time. Samuel is Ben and Tricia’s second son. Ben and Tricia are our friends. Ben went to Grove City with Drew. Tricia is a sweet heart. Our men are so alike. Ben was in our wedding as a groomsmen.

Eventually, Drew got to hold Sam. TbffB%ZOS664M7er0LFlMwHe looks so good with a baby in his arms. It made my ovaries bounce with excitement. Seeing Drew hold Sam made me so excited for our future. He is going to be a great dad. Although he is nervous to hold other people’s children he looks like a natural and will be such a good dad one day.



Jackson is Ben and Tricia’s oldest. He is into his toys and his mom. He won’t sit with anyone other than Mom. He is so cute. Eventually I got a picture with Drew and the boys.


Guys Night

This morning, I went to the gym and worked out. I had to push myself to go. I wanted to hang out all day. It was the start of a long weekend and I was in no mood to go to the gym.

When I arrived to the gym, the treadmill section as packed which totally throw off my routine. I got on the elliptical, until the treadmill section emptied. I only stayed on the elliptical for 4 mins. I hopped off, and wiped the machine down and grabbed my things and approached an empty treadmill.

I was finishing up my High Intensity Interval training, when a woman came up next to me on my right hand side and made a face. It was my friend Erin! I was so happy to see her. She hopped on the gazelle machine that was next to me. I can’t tell you the last time I saw Erin. She told me that she is buying a house, her and her girlfriend have been together for 2 years, and that things are going well. I gave her my updated number and told her about graduate school and how busy that has kept me. She said, she understood she watched her sister go through it. We promised to get together for drinks and she wants to have Drew and I over when they move into their new home in November. 🙂

After talking with Erin, I did the strength training machines and then it was time for me to go home. I went home and started to organize the garage and get rid of somethings. We use our garage as storage unit, because neither one of our cars fit into the garage. I found some memorabilia of my high school years and even some things from CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County). Drew came home from the chiropractor, and helped me take things to the garbage. I took my memorabilia into the house, and set it in the basement.

Afterwards, I  got a shower, and then we got ready to go to Walmart. One would thing Walmart on Memorial Day weekend would be a mistake, but it actually wasn’t too packed. I had to pick up a veggie tray for Monday, we were going to his Aunt and Uncle’s for a cookout, and I needed to make macaroni salad for Ben and Tricia’s tomorrow. We were going over to meet Samuel, their youngest.

When we got home, we put our things away, and then left to go meet Drew’s friend TJ and John at Wings Suds and Spuds. When we arrived, TJ and John were on their way. At one point, in walked this guy who was tan, but not naturally tan, like sunless tanner type tan with a v-neck (I think it was grey), white ankle length sweat pants, white shoes, and for some reason he reminded me of Miami Vice. He had a brown beaded bracelet on and a flashy watch. When he smiled, his teeth looked so white and so bright, because he was tan. The hostess sat him at a table for 7. He kept looking back at me and Drew. I caught him a few times trying to make eye contact with me.

Finally, TJ and John walked in. We hugged and said, hi! Then the tan guy with the white ankle pants, approached us and said hi to TJ and John. TJ introduced the tan guy. His name is Jeff. Jeff introduced himself to Drew and I. Tan Jeff said he went to Rhema. Rhema is a christian school. Drew, John, and Tan Jeff apparently all went to Rhema together. It dawned on me then that Tan Jeff was a part of our table for 7.

At the table, we ordered drinks, wings, and fries.  At first, we talked about Waffles, Tommy and Megan’s dog (Tommy is Drew’s brother), who went missing, but was found. Tan Jeff was unfamiliar with the story. John asked me to tell Tan Jeff the story of Waffles. As I was telling the story, Tan Jeff looked as though he didn’t really care, but he listened anyway and at the end, said that is cool.

At one point, I was lost in the sea of guy talk; Drake is the new Spike Lee, Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger; will he stay or won’t he, and a little bit of Pitt sports. I just kept eating my wings and nodding my head.

After most of us were finished eating, Tan Jeff said his goodbyes, he was off to meet up with a girl.  TJ teased him and said, but I am not finished eating, and you are leaving. Tan Jeff said his fair-wells and was out the door.

When we all got up to leave, I said, goodbye to TJ and John. We walked outside to the car, Drew and I shared a laugh at the expense of Tan Jeff. We drove home and sat outside for a little while before heading to bed.

All-in-all I survived wing night with the guys.

Finally Friday

This morning, we stopped at Starbucks before heading to the office. Our office is going to close at 3pm today in observance of Memorial Day weekend. I am so glad! I am so excited to get back to my parents, pack up, and head back to Moon!

Right before lunch, an e-mail came through from the School of Education. They are looking for Graduate Assistants and to send applications by June 2nd. I called and inquired about it. The Director said alot of people leave their full-time position and take a GSA position, because the stipend amount evens out to more than they are getting paid at their current jobs. She also said, as a  GSA I would be doing substantive work and etc. She asked what I want to do in the future? I told her either a transfer/adult education coordinator, or perhaps a student activities and leadership development coordinator. She said, that they are working on an entrepreneurial academy here in the department and etc. We talked about dress code, and the department. I feel confident about it. She said, as a GSA we would pay your tuition and give you a stipend. I said, oh okay. She said, would you consider moving to a full-time student? I said, “Yes, I would definitely want to do that then.” She said, “Okay, perfect.” She gave me some advice. She said she will take a look at my resume and they are going to schedule interviews after the second of June.

After I got off of the phone with her, I opened my office door and saw my supervisor’s, supervisor in the departmental coordinator’s office going over lunch plans. I asked her if I could steal her away when she was done. After she finished discussing her lunch plans, she entered my office and I shut the door. I told her about the GSA position and how I applied for it. She said, would you be doing that in addition to your job? I said, “No I would be doing that in place of my job. I would leave my job for the GSA position.” She said, “Okay, I think you would be great in that department and you would be gaining real experience for what you want to do in the future.” She gave me her support. I opened the door and she went back to her office.

A few minutes later, the departmental coordinator and I went to get the hoagies for lunch. When we arrived back at the office, we grabbed plates and forks, then sat outside in the sun to eat lunch. It  was good honest and fun lunch.

What started out as a really shitty week turned into a really nice week with an awesome opportunity ahead.

Now, I am anxiously awaiting three o’clock to arrive so we can leave and get ready for Memorial Day weekend!

Date Night

After work today, Drew left early with me at 3pm. We drove to Crafton. Traffic in the Southside was horrendous. It took us forever to get to my parents.

Once we arrived, I let the dogs out. They were so excited to see us. Then, we went back inside and I fed them. Then I went and got a shower and put on some relaxing clothes. I was getting to the point that I missed our house, our routine, and our bed. I am ready to go back home. I will miss the dogs though.

Once I was out of the shower, and Drew went up to change I fell asleep on the couch with the dogs. When he came downstairs, he said, “Are you ready to go to dinner?” We always go to this place called the Hop House, when we dog sit together. It is a hole in the wall bar and restaurant. I said, “Yes, I am.” He said,” are you sure? Or do you want to stay home?” I said, “No I want to get out a bit.” I let the dogs out one more time before we left.

When we arrived at the hop house, it wasn’t packed it was close to 5:30pm. We sat at the bar and I ordered a Coors Light it is has been a long time since I had a beer. Drew and I talked about the week and about work. We were both on the same page. We were both so tired and ready to go back to our house.

After dinner, we went back to my parents and let the dogs out and sat outside with them for a few minutes, before going back inside. We watched an episode of Downton Abbey. I am getting him ready for the movie in September!

A Night Out

A Night Out

On my way home from Robert Morris University, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced coffee, no classic syrup, a shot of espresso with cream. I needed my espresso. When I got home I kissed my husband, got a shower, and got changed. I kissed my husband one more time, then I was out the door to go to Anthony’s.

There was so much going on in Pittsburgh; Garth Brooks concert, open carry rally, etc. I knew traffic was going to be a nightmare, but I grew up in Crafton and now how to get around traffic. I took the parkway 376 to the Greentree exit. Everyone that was in front of me seemed to be staying straight and heading towards Downtown Pittsburgh. I then took the back way to the West End, which didn’t have any traffic at all, then I hoped on 51 to Mount Washington. It was a piece of cake. I called Anthony when I was 2 mins away. He met me outside. I parked and we hugged it has been too long since we hung out just us.

When we entered his apartment, Dylan was on the couch. I said, hi to him. Then I sat at the table and did my make up while, we got caught up on the latest drama.

Once we were ready, we got in Anthony’s car and I played the usual tunes the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, etc. We parked in the parking lot next to the Shiloh Grill.  We went there together several times before I got married and moved out of Crafton. I turned Anthony onto this place. Image result for the shiloh grill

They have this item on the menu called, “The Britney Spears.” they are chicken tenders. We had to order them because we love Britney Spears and there is so much going on about her in the media right now. We just want her to know that we support her are ready for her when she is ready.

These are the Britney Spears chicken tenders. They come with two dipping sauces. It was a cute presentation. I had to show you all. Anthony and I split the tenders.

At dinner, we talked about the latest gossip, what was going on at work, his dating life, my internship, work stuff, and what the plan was for tonight. At dinner, Dylan really didn’t say too much.

Also, at at dinner Anthony had this drink called a Happy Ending. It is a cucumber spritzer. It was good. I had a Moscow mule.

After dinner, we checked out the Night Market in Market Square. I was already getting tired. There were some cute things at the Night Market, but nothing I couldn’t live without. We walked past the PPG place on the way back to the car and there were children jumping in and out of this water fountain where the ice rink typically is in the winter time. Summer was coming!

Once we got back to Anthony’s we hung out it was still a bit too early to go out. I knew once I sat on the couch I was going to fall asleep and not want to go out. Anthony got a shower and Dylan and I watched Titanic together. We always recite the lines when we are together. Anthony makes fun of our love for Titanic. He took a snap chat video of us just sitting in the same pose watching the movie.

Around 10:30pm, Dylan left to go home. Anthony and I got in my car and we made our way to the Southside. I haven’t been out to the south side in so long. I drove down East Carson and tried to find spot to park, which is half the battle. Luckily it didn’t take me too long to find one. I parked and we got out of the car and made our way on foot to go up East Carson. All the sudden, a younger man approached Anthony and me and said, “So where are you guys going tonight?” I laughed and looked at Anthony and he laughed. We just kept on walking.  Anthony said, “that was so weird.” We walked into the bar called, “Jimmy D’s.” Anthony has never been there before. I have I won Mardi Gras Queen here back in 2010. When I told Anthony, I won Mardi Gras Queen he was like, “You won Mardi Gras Queen?” and laughed. I said, “yes, I did.” I tossed my hair off my shoulders to be sassy. We walked upstairs and there was no one on the dance floor yet. Once we  approached the bar and saw a sign that says, “Cash Only.” I said, “Oh Cash Only.” Anthony laughed. The bar tender said, “yea, but we have an ATM.” He pointed in the direction of the ATM. I looked back at the ATM and then back at the bartender and then at Anthony. I said, “No thank you.” Anthony and I walked away and down the stairs. Anthony said, “You have an ATM, so does PNC, but I don’t get there to get a drink.” I laughed.

We made our way towards Foxtail (the old Diesel) then we saw this baby in a thing that has wheels on it, and you put the baby in the middle. I don’t know the name of this thing, but lets call it a walker. The baby was cruising around on the sidewalk and almost out in the middle of the street. Anthony  grabbed my arm and started laughing. he said, “Let’s go this way.” We walked in the other direction towards 18th Street. We went to the Tiki Lounge. I asked, if there was a cover? the bouncer said, “1 dollar.” I laughed and said, “I don’t have cash.”  He said, “I am just kidding.” We showed them our IDs and walked in to the bar. The Tiki Lounge has an island theme to it and typically is packed. There were people sitting at the bar, and at tables along the side. I looked back at Anthony. He said, lets go straight back. I walked to the back, and saw only two men on the dance floor just eyeing us up. I looked back at Anthony and pointed towards the front. He laughed and said, “Yea back to the front.” We walked out of the Tiki Lounge and back up towards Nakama where we saw the baby in the stroller.

Across the street we heard some decent music at this one bar. I said, “Lets go over there.” we had to cross the street first. We crossed quickly and entered Bar Louie. This was a multi level bar. We got a drink at the first level of the bar. Then explored the different levels. We walked up the stairs and there some people dancing around the electronic jukebox on the wall. We stood by the wall and watched all the newly 21 year olds. The guys in their khaki board shorts and t-shirts. Anthony and I shared looks and laughed. Things have changed a bit since we were newly 21, or perhaps we were just getting older.

Anthony told me he said, “I saw so many guys checking you out.” I said, “really?” He said, “Yea, especially when we were downstairs.” I just don’t notice it really anymore. I have been married for 3 years.

After we finished our drink, we moved onto the next bar. We walked back across the street to Foxtail. Foxtail used to be Diesel. Diesel has so many memories for me. I blacked out there once (thank God I was safe), past moments with someone from my past, etc. I went here several times with my friends when I was 21. There was no cover. When we walked into Foxtail, the layout of Diesel was the same, but it was less millenial techno club, it was packed. There were some nights where Diesel wasn’t packed.  The neon blue lights with black decor that was once Diesel was gone. Foxtail had a wooden look to it. The DJ booth was still placed above the dance floor. Platforms for dancing and for security to peace keep still existed. I do miss the old Diesel look and the memories that it held, but nothing lasts forever.

The dark creepy hall way still existed with the bathrooms off to the left. The dance floor was packed. The music was blaring. We got a drink. I had one double titos and soda water. Anthony had the same. He bought this round. We went to the dance floor and it took a minute to get into it again and it back at it, but we were dancing and looking around. It was different. It took a minute to get assistance from the Titos to help the dancing and for it to feel normal again.

Two double vodka and sodas, and (one single shot of Titos and soda water later). We were dancing on the dance floor and having so much fun. We would move around to make sure no one creepy would try to dance with us. At one point Anthony spotted a guy with highlights. He said, “I see high lights!!” We laughed. I love going to gay bars with him, but I like dragging him to straight bars too! We have so much fun together. I really needed this time with him. I needed to cut loose and that I did. When I went to the rest room, I was swaying. I knew then I couldn’t drive, so I called my parents. 31 and I call my parents to bail me out of situations. 🙂 My mom was happy that I called and said, it’s 1:30am we will call you when we are close.

When I exited the restroom, I told Anthony and he said, “okay.” I said, “lets go dance!” We went back out to the dance floor and danced until my parents called me. At one point, my mom said,  we are here where are you?” I told Anthony my parents were here. He said, “okay lets walk to the car.” I stumbled out of Foxtail and gave Anthony the phone so he could talk to my mom. We walked to the car and parents met us there. I gave my mom my keys. Anthony called Drew, my husband and told him that my mom came to get us, and she is going to drive Danielle back to their house and drop him off at home. He was happy we were safe. Anthony said, “She needed this ya know cut loose a little.” I am sure Drew agreed, but was happy I was safe.

After my mom dropped Anthony off at home, she took me home. I walked into the door of my parents and my mom made me an egg sandwich. My dad was sitting his chair and looked at me while I ate and said, “Are we a little old to be doing this?” I sneered at him. I said, I am always the grown up and taking care of everyone. I was responsible.” He laughed a little.

After I ate my egg sandwich, my mom gave me some pjs, and a tooth brush. I brushed my teeth, changed, and went to bed. I was hoping to not have a hang over the next morning.


Incoming Student Event

Incoming Student Event

By the middle of the week I was feeling much better and back to myself. No more nasty post nasal drip. Today, I helped at RMU’s Incoming Student Event. This was the last Incoming Student Event on the books for me. I truly love this event. It is one of my favorites.

When I arrived, I dragged the suitcase of promotional materials into Nicholson. I was talking on the phone to Anthony about tonight. We were going to get dinner at the Shiloh Inn and then head out that night to a bar or a club. We were either going to the Blue Moon, or to a straight bar or a night club. We never know where the night will take us, but we were excited to get out and catch up it has been too long. I noticed that Romo’s and the Cafe were not open. I was in desperate need of espresso. I set the suitcase by the Student Life table, and then took the windy stairs down to the office of Student Life. I went into the Assistant Dean of student’s section. She wasn’t due there until 12:30pm. I saw the trifolds for Greek life and some pillow cases that we gave away at the last event. I grabbed the  Greek Life Trifold, and the pillow cases. On my way out of the office I said, hi to the Dean of Students.

When I got back to the Student Life table outside of the Admissions office. I opened the trifold carrier and it was just the Greek life trifold not the student life trifold. I was confused. I also saw the Greek Life table cloth. I set up the Office of Greek Life’s table for Scott (my previous supervisor, when I was an undergrad at RMU). I then started to set up the Office of Student Life table. I focused on the items I had and I thought I would get the trifold later. I noticed some students and their families were starting to make their way to where we were located and we weren’t set up yet. When I was finished setting up the Student Life table, I went back down to the Office of Student Life this time I went to the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office. Maureen was there gathering some stuff to take up to the table. I don’t know why I didn’t think to check in here for our trifold. I helped her bring things up to the table. We had a little wheel barrel full of stuff and she had our trifold.

Eventually, we got everything ready to go and then there was influx of people. We talked about move in day, orientation, and the events leading up to orientation. I talked to this one student and her mother. The student was leaving for Paris over the summer for three weeks. I was so jealous. I asked her parlez vous francais? She didn’t even look at me. She kept looking at her phone and said, “alittle bit.” her mom laughed and I smiled. I said, “My husband I were there last May. We loved it!” Her mom asked me where we stayed? and I said, “9th arrondissement. We were a metro stop away from the Moulin Rouge.” Her mom thought it was fascinating her daughter not so much. Her mom told me that she using this app to help her learn a little bit of French. I said, “Oh Duolingo.” She said, “yea that is the one.” I said, “Yea I use it too. It’s pretty cool.” I said, “If you are familiar with basic French language and you make an attempt to try to speak it. You will be okay.” I smiled and when they turned to leave. I said, “Bon Voyage.” The mother laughed the daughter not so much. The traffic of students and their parents were dying down. It was almost time to pack up and leave.