Leanne’s 40th Birthday

After work, we went home for a bit and changed and then got in the car and drove to the fire hall where they were having Leanne’s Birthday party. It was nice that it was local for us, but truthfully I would have driven anywhere to celebrate her birthday. When we arrived, I saw some of her friends standing outside talking and gathering. I have seen them many times before at other events. Some I have known for many years. We said hi, and then Dan came outside, Leanne’s husband. He gave me a hug and shook Drew’s hand. He told us that she was inside. I kind of cocked my head to the side a bit. This was supposed to be a surprise right? I walked past Dan and inside and saw Leanne standing there talking to some members of her family. I approached her and said, “Surprise!” She said, “oh I knew about it.” I smiled and gave her a hug. I said, “Happy Birthday!” She said, “Thank you!” I asked her who is taking care of gifts, so I know where to put my card. Shes said, “ask Tracey.” I said, “Okay.” I don’t know if she being distant, or just overwhelmed with the event. I went in search of Tracy. I handed my card to Tracy and got two drinks out of the cooler one for me and one for Drew. They had White Claw and that is my favorite.

I found Drew still outside talking. I gave him a beer and I cracked open my can of White Claw. I said, “Leanne is inside, you should go say hi to her.” He said, “Okay, I will be in.” I went back inside and took a seat at a table with Jenna, Patrice and Jess. I have known Jess and Jenna for awhile. I have only seen Patrice a couple times. We never really talked, just said hi and goodbye. I don’t know her, as well as my other friends.  Jenna and I talked about student loans and her nursing program.

Then Drew came up behind me, and I stood up and turned my back to see him. I smiled and then saw Leanne’s mom and Uncle Joe walk in, I said hi to them and we ended up sitting at table with Leanne’s family. Leanne was off talking to people throughout the night.

At one point, I took pictures of her and her family. I also got a selfie with Maci. She is so big now. When I first saw her and gave her a hug, I cried a little. She asked me why I was crying? I said, you are just so big.  I love her so much.
Image may contain: 2 people, including Danielle Hornyak, people smiling, closeup

It is crazy how time flies.  When I lived closer to them at my parents, before I got married, I would be over Leanne and Dan’s hanging with Maci almost every day. Its a little different now that I don’t live close to them anymore. My life has changed a bit. I am married (almost three years), work full-time, attend grad school, and working towards my 300 hours of internship time at RMU. I love my schedule. I don’t mind the chaos, but sometimes I do miss living close to Leanne, Dan, and Maci, but things have changed a little bit for me.

Around 10:30pm, we said our goodbyes and were getting ready to leave. I said, goodbye to Leanne and she said, “You should come around more, so the next time you see Maci she isn’t as tall as me.” I smiled and said, “I know. I do need to come around more.” I turned to say goodbye to Dan. Dan said, “Yea, you went and got your number changed and didn’t tell anyone.” I said, “Oh, I did get my number changed.” He said, “I just invited some random person to the party, who has your old number.” I laughed a little. He said, “Yea, you wait three months before you give it to her.” He pointed to Leanne. “She is your best friend.” I look over at Leanne. She isn’t saying anything. Dan just goes on and on then turns his back and walks outside. I took a deep breath and looked back at Drew and he looked at me. I looked at Leanne and approached her said, “Is he really mad at me over not updating you with my number right away?” She said, “No probably not you know how he is.” I said, “Are you mad at me?” She said, “I was hurt and confused. I wanted you to see what I was doing to the bridesmaid’s dress that I wore to your wedding. I am making it a bit different.” I said, “Well I want to see it. I did reach out to you.” She said, “Yeah, I know I was confused who was asking me about Maci’s birthday because I didn’t know your new number.” I nodded and said, “I am sorry, but it wasn’t personal.” I thought to myself are we really doing this?

When I went outside, I approached Dan and he told me how she was upset and hurt. I nodded and said, “You know I treat Maci as if she was my own, and we have been friends for years. I thought we were better friends than this.” He said, “Yea, but you guys are best friends.” I said, “Dan I wish I had time to be upset about things like this.” I was so over it. Drew didn’t say much he let me do the talking. When the conversation was over and we said our goodbyes, we got in the car and went home.

When we got home, I was upset a little. I mean how petty!? I got a shower, dressed in some comfy clothes then we sat outside for a bit. I talked to Drew. I said, “I am spread thin it wasn’t personal. I didn’t intentionally want to hurt her by not giving her my new number. The people I updated right away were people that I work with, and that I do my internship, you, my mom, and dad. It just slipped my mind. I hate mass texts. This is just silly.” He said, I agree. I hoped to feel better in the morning.



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