A Peaceful Weekend

What was a week of whirlwind emotions ups, downs, and everywhere inbetween. After work, Andrew and I went to Primanti’s. We ordered pizza and beer and celebrated the end of the week, another possible opportunity, and the end of my summer class. At dinner, over pizza and beer, I realized that I still needed to respond to two discussion posts. Of course, dinner felt rushed, so he could get me home to get my posts submitted. I was annoyed with myself that I forgot, but I felt like I was still going to be okay.

After dinner, I went home and immediately turned on my computer and posted two responses. Now they weren’t the greatest responses, but they were complete. I was done with my summer class. So summer for me officially started that weekend.  After I submitted my posts, I got Andrew caught up on The Hills: New Beginnings, and I was ready for bed at 9pm.

Saturday, we went to Dr. Bailey’s and it felt like I really needed to be adjusted. He was excited for me to hear about this new opportunity, and how great it would look on my resume. After our adjustment, we had breakfast at Eat n Park, then it was off to the pool. I was ready to relax.

We left the pool around 2pm, then we went to Bath and Body Works and got some fall soaps and a couple fall car scents, grocery shopping for dinner that night. We were going to make tacos and guacamole and just relax.

That evening, we tried to find a stream for Dazed and Confused. I never saw it before, but we couldn’t find one. I tried watching Caddyshack, but I couldn’t get into it, so we decided to play Mario Party until it was time for bed.

On Sunday, this morning, we made breakfast, then went to the pool. The past couple of days have been so relaxing. I haven’t been so relaxed. I knew the decision about that position, and now I am peacefully moving on from that anxiety and now I am focusing on the next opportunity.

When we got home, showered, he went grocery shopping for the week, I did some laundry, prepped dinner.

After dinner, we went to see Grandma and brought her some banana bread and a small decaf coffee, then went to Walmart, and then home to watch the HBO series Divorce. We needed to catch up on it.  Also, I am actually excited to head into work tomorrow.




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