Sam’s Club

After work today, Drew and I went to Sam’s Club. We have a membership to Sam’s. I much prefer Costco, but the membership to Sam’s was a gift. It is only Drew and myself, so we don’t really have the need for the membership, but we stock up on things such as Deodrant, Dove Soap, and we bought teeth whiteners this trip as well. I do love buying the essentials in bulk, so you don’t run out of it quickly (paper towels, toilet paper, feminine products). I could just wander up and down the aisles and look at everything.

The only problem with places like Sam’s and Costco is that they are packed on the weekends. It is best to go on the weekdays. Also, sometimes the prices are better than the prices in the grocery stores, or even Walmart. You have to be careful with somethings. Some things are cheaper in the grocery stores, and at Walmart.

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